How to fix a failed plan with the help of mirrors

04.01.2015 01:00
Articles about the construction | How to fix a failed plan with the help of mirrors The owners of the new apartments of 68 square meters. m frankly got a bad layout. Narrow, elongated room inside the house designers have identified only two windows. The designer had to work hard to make "case" in a convenient residential interior. There are apartments that make think hard about what to do: sell or remodel. The presented project was no exception. At the request of zakazchitsa designer Catherine Shevchuk turned awkward elongated space area of 68 square meters. m with two windows into a full two-bedroom apartment. Bedroom and children receive natural light, but the studio room with kitchen, dining room, living room and hallway, was cut off from the windows. This problem was solved by several decorating techniques, where the main violin played a mirror.

Through the Looking Glass

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Mirrors are long magnifying glass for any interior. They appear like a rabbit out of a hat magician when it is necessary to visually expand a small space. To avoid the illusion corridor, reflections and narcissism, designer curtains closed shiny surfaces, why they have become more like draped windows and a touch of theatricality given situation. To enhance the effect in the area of the kitchen made false window with LED lighting along the contour of the frame, designed to create the appearance of natural light. In the bedroom mirror conceal large corner cabinet. Mirrored wall in the bathroom pushes the boundaries of the narrow room. Even on the door in the children hanging mirror cloth. In short, make-up can improve in every corner of the interior.

The style and decor

Stylistically, it is impossible to link the interior to any direction, but rather decorating. Due to the overall color solutions are crossed contemporary cuisine with classic chairs, concise mirror framed curtains on forged eaves. Leitmotif was asked turquoise high plinth, selected as an accent for a relaxing beige space. During the implementation of turquoise "won the" living room wall, bathroom, furniture upholstery and many decorative items. "Waking up early in the morning, I decided to add a turquoise color in the wax that covers the decorative plaster mustard. Zakazchitsa coordinated the already existing wall," - says the designer Catherine Shevchuk.

Planning decision

The original open-plan disposed to experiment. Loggia attached at the first stage, dismantling the side wall and sill ledge built of concrete blocks. External walls and floor additionally insulated. The front door was moved to the right, to make room for surround wardrobe. Storage made a dressing room and a small pantry.

All dimensions are counted centimeter. For example, the doors leading to the bedroom and nursery, pressed to the side walls and to each other as much as it was technically possible to have a good rose lower kitchen cabinets.

The starting point in the planning of the bathroom itself became bowl bath. Area calculated accurately by its width. Along one wall lined up as if on parade toilet and bidet. And along the other long established and narrow shell as canoeing, which has long sought from suppliers. In a niche for washing machine and shelves hidden door leading to utilities and cranes.


Kids Room solved functionally. For girl and boy isolated on jobs and organized their own mini-bedrooms, which have spread vertically and horizontally. Bed boy framed in the form of the sofa, upholstered in turquoise fabric and looks like a corner office with a library shelf. Bunk bed maiden closed curtains. Under beds, behind mirrored doors, hidden small wardrobe.

In the interior there are many unique items created especially for him. All, without exception, curtains hanging on forged eaves. In the bedroom, tops in the form of a ripe pomegranate in order to maintain the fertility theme hand painted above the entrance to the dressing room and the stucco nightlight in the headboard. Kitchen apron lined with glazed tiles manually. Her coloring is a generalized color palette of fabrics, finishes and decorative elements. Many lights have undergone revision. The bathroom them completely dismantled and replaced some glass beads turquoise beads.


Ekaterina Svanidze, a partner studio Architectural Design DVEKATI:

- The style of the apartment is not close to me in spirit. Eye-catching two distinct disadvantage. In terms of decorative techniques and decoration looks controversial decision to use a bright accent moldings, which is divided into short segments uneven doorways, furniture. The idea of the designer is clear - as a decorative element, this plinth is good, it is interesting colors and shapes, but in this context, its use does not seem a good solution, the structure of the space is not allowed to turn this decorative technique in advantage. In planning solution can compete with the placement of a poolside dining from the group viewed the front door, it can cause discomfort, a feeling of insecurity among people at the table. When planning your space better provide an isolated area hallway.

Michael Yeghiyan, head of the architectural bureau "Tor-Ard":

- Mirrors, of course, a universal tool in the hands of the designer, but is it worth to use it everywhere? Could be limited to a bathroom and an imitation of the window in the kitchen. Planning, in my opinion, to get a decent, but not quite clear how organized ventilation in the apartment, if there is enough fresh air for such a large enclosed volume.
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