How to ensure a sustainable mobile communications in the country?

30.09.2010 19:50
Today cell phones have become so familiar to most of us accessory that many times not even imagine what might that he might remain for some time without your favorite "toys". Psychologists have even talked about the existence of a real dependence on cell phones, such unhealthy cravings for alcohol, smoking or gambling. And yet, it is not everywhere yet there is an opportunity to use mobile phones. It is not merely about some distant from the centers of civilization places. Often, even close to the city because of the topographic features a steady signal of the network may be lost. If you arrive by car, then these problems are solved using fixed external antenna or amplifier. What to do if your villa is situated in a valley or a hill? In this case, it is likely that the cell phone can be used as a minicomputer, photo and video camera, digital voice recorder and navigator. But to fulfill its most important function - to provide communications, in doing so he will not.

The easiest way to solve the problem - it is set on building an external antenna. This antenna can be as circular as well as directed. In order to connect the antenna with a cell phone using a special adapter with a corresponding connector. In a similar fashion, it is true, and its shortcomings. Not all modern phones are able to connect such a connector. And, most importantly, it is rather inconvenient. After all, have to speak only from a certain point, and a mobile phone, thus, becomes stationary. In addition, use both an external antenna can only one person. Of course, if there is a problem, then found and how to solve it.

In many situations, the best is to use the repeater. Just as in the first version, on the roof or a special antenna mast installed, with better utilize the. During installation, choose a direction in which the indicators of the field will show the maximum value of electromagnetic tension. This is not necessarily a direct line to the nearest base station. Because the signal can bounce off buildings, uneven terrain, etc. It is better, of course, to entrust the installation of equipment specialists who are able to identify and optimal direction, and the most successful location of the antenna.

External antenna transmits a signal to the inner, which is installed in the room. At the same convenience of this method is that the signal is distributed throughout the building, and there is no need to "cling" to a certain point. And, of course, very important that the repeater can provide a conversation of several people simultaneously. Is this method and some disadvantages. This is usually not very large coverage area the signal. If you want to link a large area, you can use more powerful and expensive repeaters. Well, for a little "hacienda" is quite enough and economical repeater with an external antenna.
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