How to choose wicker furniture?

20.03.2011 16:20
Articles about the construction | How to choose wicker furniture? Let's play in the association? A quiet summer evening, cozy porch, a favorite book ... What would you supplement this series? I think half of our readers, not saying a word, he replied: wicker rocking chair.

And indeed, wicker furniture as if designed specifically to be an integral part of country life, to help us relax and forget about the hustle and bustle of the city. And if so, then why on the eve of the summer not to decorate the interior of his country house several masterpieces from the "Braids"?

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Wicker furniture is now experiencing the peak of its popularity. Explanations that abound. First, unlike traditional furniture, coming off the assembly line, "twist" is often man-made and therefore guarantees the uniqueness of its owner. Secondly, it is natural and hygienic, extremely easy to clean and easily overwinter in unheated rooms. Perhaps the only thing that scared chairs and tables, woven from vines, so it's extreme temperatures and abundant moisture, so they do not place near radiators, and long to keep pouring rain. And, thirdly, wicker furniture, thanks to its low weight, mobility. Done with the help of permutation - a pleasure!

By the way, it would be a great mistake to assume that the range of wicker furniture limited to, a rocking chair. Not at all! This is just the tip of the iceberg, so to speak, the business card of any production of "Braids." And, as a rule, buying a seat to the country and rasprobovali all his dignity, people are buying later in his country residence just wicker furniture. Special demand, of course, enjoy such a truly suburban genres as cheap dining sets, coffee tables, upholstered furniture. In second place - bookcases and chests of drawers, which due to its open-work texture is not visually cluttering the room, but it can accommodate all the necessary things.

Range of materials that are now used to create wicker furniture, is striking in its diversity: from the sticks and ropes to the metal strips. Where interlocking is impossible, and the soul of the designer asks open-work, it is often replaced with an elegant grid. And yet the most popular and undoubtedly the most artistic expression is a traditional "twist" of rattan or willow twigs.

If we talk about the technology of manufacturing of wicker furniture, it is simple enough. First the frame, then he braided thinner twigs or stems (depending on material), and individual parts are glued or fastened with metal straps. In order that the joints do not catch the eye of its heterogeneity, they hide under the braid. However, lately becoming more popular furniture, in the form of a braid is combined with other materials, such as chromium metal (the legs of chairs), solid wood (cabinet enclosure or the base of beds), glass (cover coffee or dining table).

No less fashionable today is colored "twist", and it is not about the nuances of toning natural material, and use the most that neither is of bright colors, even blue, burgundy and even orange. However, without fear of being branded a conservative, adding from itself, so that active tone is often, if not killed, then mute the beauty and texture of natural wicker, so I personally recommend our customers prefer a more natural color options.

Naturally, an exception is furniture that you plan to buy specially for the garden. In this case, is really better to give preference to "braid" of modern polymeric materials. As a framework for this furniture used aluminum or steel tubing, braided multi-colored plastic cords. According to their ecology, though she concedes rattan and willow, but for practicality and durability will give them a hundred points ahead, that is the case with the use of furniture in the street, perhaps, is a key factor.

In conclusion, a few tips for those going to buy wicker furniture and wants to properly take care of it. The first thing that you should pay attention to when choosing seats and chairs in the store, so it's on the way to connect power design details and the joints (ideally they should be generally invisible). Regardless of what the criss-crossing products (skin, bark, rattan or wicker), braid should be durable and accurate, otherwise your handmade typefaces quickly rasshataetsya and will be traumatic.

Also worth checking the quality of the stems (cracks and inclusions of black on them should not be!) And coloring. The latter simply has to be uniform and monotonous, and the upper bound varnished, otherwise your furniture very quickly acquire a "leopard" color. But take care of "Braids" easy and not burdensome. If it's in the house, it is enough from time to time with a damp cloth. If the furniture dwells mostly on the street, do not be lazy once a year to process her boiled linseed oil - a simple and effective tool, equally well as repelling moisture, and various insects.

With proper care wicker furniture can serve their masters twenty, even thirty years. Someone might say that it is not too much, but I will object to them: "wicker" does not pretend to be the antiques, and certainly at least once in 30 years to update the interior could be.

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