How to choose the interior doors

26.04.2012 00:15
Articles about the construction | How to choose the interior doors As a rule, undertaking repairs in the apartment, the owners are thinking about decoration and beautiful furniture, but a necessary element of any such accommodation, as interior doors, remember the last. And, of course, buy them already in a hurry, focusing only on their appearance.

However, it is interior doors are the final touch to the apartment, completing her image - and it is important that this "bar" not only looked good, but over time, at least, not crunched.

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Plenty of room for creativity
First of all, it is necessary to formulate the basic requirements for doors and determine what should be the design of the door, price range and options for opening the doors.

Let's start with the most enjoyable part of the selection of any interior - its design and color. Here, in general, there is nothing you can not stop, but it must be remembered that all the interior doors in the apartment must be the same. In this note - if you are inexorably drawn to the interior doors with glass inserts, this solution is not suitable for bathroom and toilet.

With regard to materials, the most common, of course, the model out of wood. Of course, a solid array of durable and beautiful, but if the situation does not accept the apartment of luxury, can opt for a model of the inexpensive varieties of wood, trimmed the top veneer.

Note that the interior doors of the array can vary greatly in price. It depends not only on the manufacturer, but also on the type of wood used. The oak door is more expensive than doors made of pine.

A simpler option would be the doors of MDF - besides, they are very durable, practical, and not subject to deformation when the humidity. So what are the doors and suitable for bathroom and kitchen, and living quarters.

Inexpensive and door are having a hollow structure - mazonitovye. They are usually sold in the store just primed and can be painted to your liking and taste. These doors need to a very careful treatment, since the upper layer is very easy to damage, they have poor sound insulation, however, have a major advantage - a little weight.

Plastic is also quite acceptable, if that allows you to design an apartment. In addition, the doors of the plastic is easy to take care that Housewives could be the most powerful argument.

The doors are different
Types of doors made to choose, depending on the area of ​​the premises - the owners of apartments is a small area to think about the sliding doors, but the owners of more spacious premises can not limit yourself. So, what types of doors we can see in the interior:

- Classic swing. The ones that just open-close. It is hinged doors most familiar plan living and work space, suitable for all types of premises.

- Ergonomic sliding doors, or rather, the partition. It is these doors are optimal for those in need every inch of the apartment. Sliding doors do not open, and quietly and easily pushed aside, as in the closet. This means that such a door no one hurt, no one hit on the forehead, and never in my life is not a loud slap on the draft.

- Folding door, turning a slight movement of hands in the accordion. They are made from durable, but also plastic materials.

- Tumbler (pendulum) doors in homes are very rare. Their main task - to ensure the free passage of pedestrian flow. That is why the door frames are often installed in office and commercial premises.

Great stuff
Note that the interior door - is not only the door leaf. You have to think about the box, FLEXINVEST BANK, threshold, casing and so on.

At the exhibition in the salons of the samples of firms that sell interior doors, kit, consisting of leaf, boxes, frames, and thresholds FLEXINVEST BANK, corresponds, as a rule, very low price - a price only a leaf. Since the total surface of the box, and FLEXINVEST BANK casings are often less than the fabric itself, and the cost of construction of trim affects the most, the purchase of goods in the collection could lead you to the bank. This should be considered when planning a purchase.

To be sure of interior doors, always check your passport when you buy products - they must be specified State Standards and building codes, according to which the manufactured structure. Although the procedure of mandatory certification of manufacturers of interior doors may or may not take place. Buyer does not need to know numbers of guests and their content - the very existence of minimizing the risk to buy "artisanal" products.

What to expect
The cost of interior doors is dependent on several factors that you should consider before going to the store - country of manufacture, material, size, decoration and so on.

Domestic interior doors are usually cheaper than foreign analogues. A door from the array, of course, more expensive than the others.

The minimum price per unit (door leaf, box, trim) is about $ 300.

Glazed doors decorate the interior and make the room more light and elegant, but more expensive. Basically, the price of such doors shall be calculated from the type of glasses - they are ordinary and hardened, transparent and opaque, mirrored, and even colored, patterned and decorative accents.
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