How to choose the color of the walls

21.03.2012 00:15
Articles about the construction | How to choose the color of the walls Throughout life, we often have to make repairs. For the younger generation is becoming the norm: many rent apartments that require minor repairs. New buildings often give up without finishing. And the apartment, purchased in the secondary market, just want to draw to your liking.

Stylish colors

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Colors define many things in the design of the room. Color creates a common background, the mood of the home. The materials used in the decoration of walls, can be very different: someone like the wallpaper, someone painted the walls, but the deciding factor will always be the color.

Color, in turn, is - it's not just taste, but also a certain style. On the combination of style and color designer Helen Teplitskaya told: "There is the concept of" fashion style ", but the style is dictated by a certain color. Thus, we can talk about fashion for a particular color. "

So, if it becomes fashionable style "French Provence", the trend will be the color corresponding to the style of: lavender, beige, ecru (ivory with a drop of purple), light blue, light green, all the "faded" colors, "salt "colors - the effect of aging, communication with the sea and wind, blue and white flowers, red and white flowers.

If the mode is English classicism - in this style can be issued a bedroom, an office - that this style requires its own colors: blue vedvudzhsky (blue with a drop of red), a warm blue, combined with cherry wood color. Other color variants of this style can be all shades of gray (gray-green, gray and purple, gray and beige) and white.

Deco brings a lot of dark brown, purple, ivory, black, silver.

The fashion for Rococo style entails the use of very sophisticated color combinations, modulations nyuansnye pastel purple, blue, all the modulations of gray from dark to light (think of Italy!).

Fashion on the color

There are other factors affecting the color of the house, and it's not always just the preferences of its owners! Can affect even the national traditions and, of course, echoes the world of fashion.

"Russia - the part of the world's space for us is characterized by global trends. Many designers travel the world, learn, live and work in different countries, so in Russia, all the global trends are reflected, but the trend in the annex to this or that country can vary, since each country has its own architectural features, "- says Helen Teplitskaia.

For example, in France, apartments are more spacious, more light, the windows in the floor, the house has a smaller number of floors - all require the use in the design of interior spaces of certain colors. In Russia, the volume of other apartments. In Italy, the space is even more jammed than we do. All that is required to consider embedding a particular fashion style living space. You can also talk about the different national traditions - for Russia is, first of all, kitchen conversations. Consequently, the kitchen should be established very warm comfortable environment, which requires an appropriate design.

The effect on the layout and design, including color, render, and relations within the family. For many countries, traditional - resettled grown children. Therefore, in England, America, children's room - this is a children's room. In Russia alone, wealthy individuals can buy an entire floor - and there will be a house for himself and for parents and grown children. In Italy, every family has a separate apartment, and if the house is too small, it being finished, parked him more and more room. All these traditions are reflected in the style and color.

Tips designer

To understand all the intricacies and the right choice and personal preferences, it is necessary to know and "ABC Color". Here are the basic options that can be used in the interior of the apartment:

White - the clarity, cleanliness, spaciousness. It is convenient to use the color of snow wallpaper for rooms in small apartments - such materials are visually presented with a little extra space.

Pink - softness, femininity, softness. Color pleasant and versatile - suitable for the bedroom, and for children, where the growing girl, and to study creative girl.

Red - Passion, love, and eccentricity. Fire and red shades are perfect for marital bedroom. They create an explicit erotic mood. Darker colors - cherry, pomegranate - looks expensive and impressive. Good for classical interiors look great in apartments in the old fund and Stalin's homes with high ceilings.

Blue - the coolness, intelligence. Ideal for office: these colors stimulate thinking. The owner of a blue cabinet takes business decisions calmly, without rushing to judgment, is less aggressive than the owners of the workspace, carried out in warm colors. In the wall-paper of a color texture is important: Many manufacturers produce materials heavenly hue, decorated with all kinds of sequins. However, this design enhances the feeling of cold and undesirable for the Russian interior. By choosing the blue, prefer matte surfaces without unnecessary glittering figures.

Yellow - a positive, joy, joy. Best suited for children. Kids, especially those who grow up in the northern cities, happy to play in the sun room. The walls are yellow in color have a positive psychological effect: they make up for the lack of visual sun. In addition, the yellow wallpaper in the living room look nice.

Brown - earthiness, severity, conservatism. Much depends on the shade - for example, the color of "coffee with milk" generates a feeling of protection, and chocolate is expensive and at the same time soothing. The interiors of terracotta shade (with a small amount of red), in addition to a sense of peace, give extra energy.

Black - depression, sadness. If you are a fan of black and really want the wallpaper in dark colors, order a version of the picture - free black deaf can cause irreversible mental disorders and to introduce a person into a protracted depression.

Green - the creation, development and friendship. A great color for almost any room, he looks in the office, and in the bedroom and living room. Gives a sense of peace. However, we must remember that a great variety of green shades, and they apply both to warm and cool tones to. Cool mint in the office will set you on the business and at the same time a creative way, and a warm pine bedroom relax after a busy day.

Some practical advice for the selection of wallpaper:
- Choose a dull tone - something that seems pale and dull in the store will look great on your walls and will not cause irritation. While wallpaper bright, flashy colors will soon want to break the walls, no matter how genuine they may be;
- Give preference to the warm hues. Blue or silver can be very attractive, but they create a feeling of cold, and our Russian climate is not conducive to what to look for a feeling;
- Small patterns can visually expand your space, as well as a very bright wallpaper;
- Smooth silk wallpaper with effect of creating a sense of polish, room status, and various three-dimensional texture - a feeling of comfort;
- If you kleite wallpaper yourself, please pay special attention to the characteristics of the docking wallpaper sheets. The simpler - the better. Believe me, the need to pick up sheets on the image, to adjust and trim them take a lot of your time;
- And finally, listen to your needs - if you've always wanted a burgundy bedroom, but at the same time think that beige "is suitable for everything" - is to change the view and create the interior of your dreams!

And it is always important to be able to listen to yourself and understand what interior you want to live, do not be afraid to experiment and find something.

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