How to choose a sofa?

26.10.2012 01:15
Articles about the construction | How to choose a sofa? You want to buy a new sofa? His appearance - it is not important in one of the main subjects of the interior of your living room ... Here are some tips on how to choose the couch where nice sit / lie, and that he has served as long as possible.

1. Lifestyle

When choosing a sofa is important to understand how you will use it. Notice how you sit on the couch - or reclining with a straight back (like a table). Depends on this choice of sofa.

If the sofa is used as a couch, and you like to lie down in the evening watching TV, you will approach a soft, shapeless sofa with lots of pillows. If you are sitting on the couch with your back straight, need a hard sofa, with dense vertical pillows and possibly with wooden armrests.

2. Comfort

When the furniture store you ask the seller, "What most comfortable sofa?", Most likely, it will show you a sofa that can not be sold ... Remember that the concept of comfort is subjective. "Live" with a sofa you have purchased long, so rely on your sense of comfort, not a consultant at the store.

3. Couch

The back of the sofa can be either a solid or a composite of several vertical pillows. Composite back sofa gives more casual look.

On the other hand, it is not always essential. Any sofa can be covered with a blanket or quilt, then he "played" in the interior of a new way.

If you choose a sofa with integral back, remember that covers pillows need to be periodically cleaned and washed. Wash blankets can be washed, even in the washing machine.

To clean the sofa without covers, invite experts on the ads (you can find on the Internet).

4. Frame

The basis of the sofa - the frame - usually made of beech or birch. This is a similar type of wood, are durable and reliable. To use a frame or an array, or make it out of the parts. Array, of course, more expensive. But and last longer.

The most durable - frames made of oak. But these sofas are expensive.
Metal frames used at home, you probably should not, such sofas suitable for most office.

In any case, the sofa frame will last longer if you use it carefully (do not jump!).

5. Spring or foam

Basic fillers "sidushek" sofa are either spring or foam.

It is a mistake to believe that the spring sofas better. For spring "stuffing" to a large sofa and a massive base, which does not fit into a small sofa, if you need based on the interior. In addition, over time, the springs can "climb out." Spring sofas may be suitable for people with a bad back, which doctors recommend sitting on hard surfaces.

On the other hand foam - it is synthetic, and many do not accept in their apartments. Synthetic stuffing too soft.

The optimum choice is a sofa with a combination of several layers of synthetic fillers: inside a solid base of polyurethane, above - a soft material.

Also sofas fill the more expensive and resilient material - latex.

6. Upholstery

Leather sofas many consider unsuitable for home interior. On the other hand, the skin - one of the most durable materials and unpretentious.

However, the quality of consumer plastics are constantly rising, particularly now you can buy a sofa upholstered in microfiber.

One of the most expensive natural materials for the upholstery - chenille - considered an elite level with the skin.

Sofas upholstered in tapestry - the best option. Its structure, other than a natural and synthetic fibers are, moreover, it is covered with water-repellent.

It is important that the sofa was a zipper on the upholstery or with removable cover - for washing and airing of "internal".

7. Machinery

If you plan to use the sofa as a bed, it should be folding. The most familiar to any mechanism sofa - "fold-book." It's a classic. Among the shortcomings - two people will sleep right next, you must constantly push off the wall.

"Evroknizhka" or "click-clack" - just a kind of "couch-books" (back has a few provisions for fixing).

"French Book" - to break this sofa must be pulled over the seat with the legs. The legs should be strong, and sometimes they have a tendency gave way.

Drawout mechanism gives more space for sleeping. However, this sofa is suitable for a large room - unfolded it takes up a lot of space.

"Accordion" - a kind of draw-out mechanism. Reliable. This is the best option.

8. Dumka

Dumka - this cheek pads - essential helpers in creating comfort. Scattered pillows on the sofa gives it elegance and comfort.

Modern synthetic pillow fillers, such as polystyrene beads or holofayber, require a more "hard" layout man on the couch. Pillows from natural - down - softer, they as if fails. Down - can be an irritant to people with allergies.

In any case, after the purchase of the sofa cushions should occasionally whipping and shaking. Then they will last longer and retain their original shape.

9. Trends

Interior designers advise to buy sofas neutral colors and pastel shades. This sofa can drape pillows or capes. Your sofa will always have "the court" in any interior. In addition, a "simple" couch you can always order a new cover.

10. Placement in the room

Many designers are advised to begin work on the appearance of the room by placing a very large subject, which is often just a sofa. To him try to trim the rest. To assess how the sofa will look in the room, put newspapers on the floor of his empty contours. Remember to provide for his size unfolded - Do you have enough space.

Suitable for small rooms corner sofas.

Important! Before buying, measure the width and height of all doorways through which the movers will bring your couch. It's a shame when a good couch just will not work to your front door.
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