How to choose a contractor to build?

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Each country site owner sooner or later confronted with the fact that their hands for the building is not enough. What to do in this case - ask for help from relatives, acquaintances, friends, or hire an outside contractor?<br /><br />Naturally, for many simple operations it is possible to do on their own, occasionally bringing to help relatives and friends. But what if you need to build a summer house, but neither you nor your friends will not have, nor the experience nor the time to make such a construction feat?<br /><br />It is at this point, many vacationers decide to use the services of outside firms. And that's about the right approach in selecting such companies and we'll talk.<br /><br />Thus, the decision is made, the budget allocated for the construction and it is time to look for a contractor. Below I've listed the most common ways of finding a contractor for construction work:<br /><br />* Through friends;<br />* Through advertisements in newspapers;<br />* A declaration on the construction site (on the pillars in the garden community, for example);<br />* Through the Internet.<br /><br />Each of these search paths has both its advantages and disadvantages. I will not dwell on their listing for the simple reason that it is in fact not so important. More important for us as for our customers - the type of contractor.<br />Types of contractors<br /><br />At the moment, there was an interesting situation with contracts in the construction market - despite the huge amount of the construction market, it in essence remains a largely spontaneous. And it is with the spontaneity we face when choosing a contractor.<br /><strong><br />What is he, a typical contractor?</strong><br /><br />* The contractor, an individual ("shabashniks, the so-called" tadzhikstroy "neighbor Uncle Vasya, etc.) - I would recommend choosing a contractor is very deliberate and a very limited scope of work. This is because such a performer, as a rule, can not (and will not) bear legal responsibility for the quality of their work. Roughly speaking: did and freedom - and to look for it later. Although in this type of performers have a certain advantage - relative to other low-cost prices for work. So if you need to dig a trench under the foundation, peretaskat a bunch of land from one end to another site, load / unload - this type of artist is just for you.<br />* An individual entrepreneur (foreman with the team). Slightly better than the first type, but, frankly, are not the fountain. Why? Is easily explained - it is like a minimum suspension of the first type - theoretically legal responsibility a little more, actually - anything can happen. Should be chosen only after a comprehensive study of the feedback from at least three sources.<br />* Firm. The most suitable option for recruitment of a wide kind of construction work. Has its own charter, accounting, several crew, office - all of this to us as the suffering to build, just a plus.<br /><strong><br />Gathering information</strong><br /><br />Thus, we begin the selection of candidates for construction works. If you limit the choice of first or second type of contractor - well, the decision has been taken and the following recommendations, perhaps, will help you a little. However, if you want to enter into a contract with the company, try before signing to do the following: Look for information about the company on the Internet.<br /><br />Will help you any feedback - both positive and negative. In the end, everything in our world is subjective, and you can always make a point. But trust me - any feedback on the company, found the net - that's a plus. Plus, for you as a potential client.<br /><br />How to read reviews? For the positive feedback is any information "in plus", for example, "crate under the siding is done well," or "frame collected quickly and accurately." The downside is any negative feedback, such as "battens brought bad, all covered with mold." Selection criteria, I hope, clear.<br /><br />Thus, information is collected, estimated number of positive and negative feedback. After that, choose a simple mathematical example - for each positive response the company to charge one point, but for the negative - subtract 3. If the resulting number is less than zero - think carefully, and whether to communicate with the firm?<br /><br />The big plus for the reputation of the firm (and any other type of artist) will also serve as a long-standing practice in the region. In other words, if you see that a dozen homes in your partnership built this company over the past few years, and the owners of such houses in general are happy - this is a big plus.<br /><br />The big drawback is, oddly enough, may be over-advertised brand companies - on everyone's lips, as they say. Believe me, if a firm spends on advertising N rubles - that does not mean that the quality of her work will be on the level. It means exactly what the cost of works will be on N rubles more. Advertising should pay for something! Well - all counted unworthy of the candidates screened, it is time to sign the contract.<br />Signing contract<br /><br />Before signing the contract strictly recommend not to hurry! If several candidates - take each of them samples of contracts home and read at your leisure. Contract - this is not the case when you can "skip without looking - and then go sideways can! Let me just say that the best option for understanding the contract provides for a consultation visit to the lawyer - the other options simply should not be! However, in practice it happens rarely. What should I look for when signing the contract?<br /><br />First, the obligations of the parties. This means that you should be well assured that all the requirements of the contract on its part (for example, providing access to the object construction). Note - I'm talking about the customer, not the artist, because demand from other strict compliance with the treaty, the most disturbing it, how much in vain - this is very bad.<br /><br />Second, pay attention to the paragraph describing the timing of execution of works. In good agreement should be listed as deadlines, and the penalty for their failures to the fault of either party. If suddenly the contract was not an item on a penalty - you can ask the customer to enter into this agreement. If you will give up - never mind, the Law on Consumer Protection on your side, but you hear another little less of this firm.<br /><br />Third, examine the financial side. It must be clear and without ambiguity states that will be followed. For example, the "Employer contributes 50% of th prepayment of the total value of construction work. In the period of two working weeks Contractor shall deliver the materials (a list of materials in Appendix 1) to an object. " Once again: ambiguity should not be! The best option permits ambiguity has been and remains only one - a hike to the lawyer.<br /><br />Fourth - if any monetary settlements with the firm (prepayment, the final payment, interim payments) - required a check! It's like in the store - no check - everything is bad (but not fatally). Remember - any document proving your relationship with the firm (including financial) - a plus in case of complications (God forbid!).<br />In conclusion,<br /><br />Well - the company chosen, a contract concluded with the money left. Like and you can breathe freely, but no matter how true! I forgot to reveal to you a little secret of successful development. The secret to this is simply called - personal control. Believe me, whatever the contractor - he does someone else's uncle, not his. And always better to be present at the time of laying the cornerstone, what then blame the stone, then put the curve!<br /><br />Good luck on building<br /><a href=" "> </a><br />
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