How to build a house with minimal financial cost?

30.07.2011 00:30
Articles about the construction | How to build a house with minimal financial cost? Today, the family of Mary Shutak Bukovina lives in a two-story house for 19000 in. e.

The dream of almost every person, especially youth, not having their own homes - to build a house with minimal cost. It would seem now to combine these conflicting things almost impossible. After all consumables, as well as work, growing in geometrical progression. But we forget about the experience of past generations who did not use concrete, rebar and plaster construction, and environmental use of natural materials.

Hearing of the House of Straw, immediately recalled the tale of the Three Little Pigs and? The result of literary gilts. Also come to mind have long been known adobe houses, which in our area thousands. However, in reality, the name corresponds to the point.

- I guarantee you, my house will stand for a hundred years and nothing will happen to him - sure Shutak Maria, the owner and developer of the first Ukrainian home made of straw. - The U.S. is the school, built in 1897 out of straw and which still operates as a museum.

Worldwide, more than three thousand houses of straw actively exploited

Technology and is really quite simple. Laying the foundation on which to save concrete and rebar, as the construction itself is very easy. Form a wooden frame, which fill the blocks of pressed straw.

- We call this technology "megasamannoy" - Mary laughs. - However, in contrast to the adobe, which should be built of clay and straw blocks, dry them, put a few people here are much simpler. We built it for 10 months. And this is from foundations.

Straw bales can be purchased from any farmer who has a special trailer for the tractor, which picks up and compresses the straw. One bale size 90H50H35 cm is in season 5 hryvnia, and for the construction of two-story house they should be just over 300.

Building Tips

1. The size of straw blocks - see 90H50H35

2. The cost of finishing work at home - less than 19 000 have. e.

3. Outside the blocks plastered with clay.

4. House area - 190 square meters. m

5. Materials - eco-friendly.

6. In the one-story house can not use a wooden frame.

7. Heated dwelling conventional stoves.

Its cost can be significantly reduced.

The search for environmental and energy technologies in the home of Mrs. Shutak started with a large heat loss in the ordinary brick house. Sought a way out how to reduce gas consumption, while increasing the heat capacity at home. First, remember about the technology itself, but it proved too time-consuming and require substantial expenditure of clay. Helped the European experience, where the houses are built of straw for a long time.

- We have made an addition to our house of straw in it and even at 27 degrees below zero did not freeze anything - shares his experience Shutak Maria.

Subsequently decided to build a monastery in Chernivtsi, spending it at least 19 thousand dollars. Given the traditional technologies, the cost is much less at home.

- In a wooden frame put straw blocks, with exterior and interior clay, - said Vasily Nitsovich husband of Mary. - Clay - fine material preservative and keeps the straw much longer traditional cement. Constructed from adobe blocks and longer, and costly. In addition, adobe walls retain heat worse.

If you had to buy blocks of straw from the farmer, the clay used in their own yard. Now, in a pit where clay is mined, the couple settled down is no small cellar.

The lion's share of funds spent on construction went on painting and decorating, heating, water, etc.. If you do not take into account the costs of such kinds of work, the value of the house at all tiny, about 5-6 thousand.

Building a one-story house, you can do without the wooden frame at all and it will cost much less.

As we learned today in Germany on such standards and designed homes, in their expert evaluation, 3 inches of clay, which is coated with blocks, enough for 90 minutes to resist fire.

Water and mouse - the "experts" for straw

There is quite a logical question, if this does not threaten the building moisture and rodents, because in the end you can only stay as a pig near a heap of straw.

- Mice do not start, they generally do not like to chew on straw. It must gnaw 3 cm of clay and plaster - says the owner of the house. - Is it that they can run into the door. We have a concrete house on the fourth floor fell.

Relative humidity, the outside wall is plastered on half-meter concrete solution on the grid iron and it is reliably protected.

- This is the so-called waterproofing barrier to any destruction or damage, - said Vasily Nitsovich. 
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