How to avoid problems during the construction of a country house?

05.01.2011 17:00
Required in a row on a suburban area - a guarantee that the buyer everything will be easy. We need only to make money on the agreed schedule - and your home will grow by itself. Builders are working, and tough and incorruptible officers of technical control vendor watch, that work was carried out in strict accordance with the technology and proper quality ... Such an idyllic picture painted by those who are most sites with contract markets.

But people involved in the process on the other hand, say that the problems are there. What are they and how to avoid them - these questions are studied magazine columnist

Communication: The EU will not help you

Hardly anyone would argue with the fact that a modern gated development is impossible without communication - roads, electricity, gas and water. Advertising-selling sites assures that all these "blessings of civilization" are available. But in fact, when the town was just going to build, it is a field, marked pegs, and the seller promises only to bring communications. That is, pay for them the buyer must, as a rule, right now - and then fail. And the question arises: will summarize it? And what if not?

The biggest "optimists" among building companies insist that problems can not be in principle. "Construction of a cottage settlement with contract includes a guaranteed summing up of all communications and guaranteed delivery dates into operation - categorical Victor Syukov, deputy director of building and investment company Alltek Development. - It is the duty developer: to coordinate and bring all of the promised utilities. Problems with them in good faith will not allow the developer - it directly affects his reputation. "

Other experts were more cautious. According to them, summing up the delay with communication come in - someone said about this phenomenon as "often", others - as "infrequent". "The developer may thwart possible for 1-2 seasons, - says Alexei Gusev, Commercial Director of Country Project". - But there are more egregious cases. For example, in one village in the Kiev highway gas there for 5 years.

The reasons for this disgrace called two. First - the insufficient pace of sales. It is obvious that the price paid by the buyer in the village area, a certain percentage goes to the communication. And it is equally obvious that as long as these customers there is a sufficient number of fund nothing. That is, the developer, care about their reputation, should be financed from its own resources (time promised!), But the realities of our market show that not many of them, these "baking".

The second reason - not everything here depends on the builder. Build a road you can own, drilled artesian wells - the same, but the connection to electricity and gas needed to coordinate with the "external forces". Particularly severe situation is exactly the gas: working with the gasman, according Ekaterina Orlova, a deputy general director of AES-Development ", the process time consuming, the problem is not clearly regulated and without warranty.

"It is quite unpredictable behavior of the monopoly on the part of the commissioning of electricity and gas supply - adds Valery Mishchenko, chairman of the board of directors Kaskad Family. - Problems arise when suddenly preliminary study of the land shows one situation with the gas and power supply, but in practice, for example, a year after the start of the project, it became clear that the supply center, which hoped to join the developer, is overloaded and power there would be only after completion of reconstruction of the corresponding substation or gas distribution hub. But again, this kind of problem - it is professionalism, or rather, lack thereof by the relevant market players. "

Last point very well confirmed by the experience of one of our "agent" (the friend who built a house in the cottage). We call this person Timur. According to him, in the village, which has existed for more than 10 years (!) And where the gas has been summed up, a group of newly-built homes do not connect during the year: developers and gasman could not something to negotiate. People had to get out - to solve the problem by using electrical heating, which in operation is much more expensive.

The situation is reminiscent of the "gas war" between Russia and Ukraine two years ago, suffered by the countries of Europe - with the only difference is that freezing then rushed to help a variety of policies. Particularly frequently mentioned in the press EU Energy Commissioner with weird name for a Russian ear Piebalgs. But residents of cottage settlements on such powerful support can not count.

Construction: Soon tale affects

A second very serious problem is timing - specifically, their failure to comply with the builder. "Delays in construction - a common phenomenon, so that even experienced professionals who are building is not the first day, provide a more time", - said Natalia Kartavtseva, Director of the suburban real estate company «Vesco Group» (Development).

What to do then the buyer? Firstly, as the old joke, relax and enjoy. Failure to comply with the builders of terms - this is a perpetual phenomenon (the doubters can see the old Soviet newsreel "wick" - it was full of stories about how the party ordered to November 7, a section chief and foreman Tyapov blunders frustrate the most important task). So do not plan their lives based on what you just promise in the office of the vendor - for example, sell to a certain time, their city apartment, hoping to move into the finished cottage. "I think that the average time claimed by developers at the start of the project can be multiplied by two, - says Alexey Gusev (" Summer Project ").

The second point - "tie" the schedule of your payments the developer not the calendar, but to actually quitting. "In our village I have seen how people from inexperience to enter into contracts, where their payments were to become available to certain dates, - says Denis - still one of our" agent ", who bought the land in the cottage with a mandatory contract. - It turns out that the "late" working developer does not meet (there was no such item in the contract), but the buyer is obliged to pay on schedule. At the site just dug foundation hole, but money should lay out for interior design at home. "

Quality: All the familiar faces!

Heroes of Our Rashi "Ravshan and Dzhamshut well known. True, in a telecast field of their activities are mostly urban buildings. But in the suburban real estate, say insiders, all basically the same.

Special note for the gentlemen, overly concerned with issues of tolerance: we are not talking about what nationality these jobs and where they came from, and do not discuss how funny they interpret, and are talking only about the level of their skill. Alas, this level is usually not so hot!

But "all the modern technology of housing construction, which entered the market over the past 30-40 years, require very careful preparation of specialists who work and create a home as incorrect assembly building on the technology could lead to pervasive problems - warns us Valery Mishchenko ( Kaskad Family). - For example, in the case of wood-frame technology, incorrectly padded isolation can lead to the fact that the insulation will rot, leading to the destruction of homes within the next year or two. "

"This issue is, - said Andrey Ignatov, CEO of Estate Investments". - The market is very much subcontracting proposals for construction of low-skilled staff. Most acutely the situation in the economy class segment, where the main determining factor is the acquisition price and quality requirements overshadowed.

At issue are two modifications. The first can be characterized as "curves hands" - ie, everything is done neumeyuchi. Andrey Ignatov tells of a case where the internal heating pipes have been laid outside the houses of the heater. Naturally, the first serious frosts and freezes all out of order - along with gas boilers.

The second sub-option - "savings", that is the desire of contractors to do everything cheaper. "Signed a contract to be done in this sense as specific as possible - we recommend 'agent' Denis. - If it is assumed that the builders will buy you a tile - need to clearly discuss, what would it be a tile. Otherwise surely bring the cheapest - but with an expensive check. The same applies to plumbers, engineering equipment and everything else. "

Also, Denis continues, we must carefully monitor the progress of work, especially paying attention to those moments where something close. "In one place we will not follow when installing insulation - he admits. - Builders sewed up the wall without our presence. As a result, in two rooms of our house in the winter cold. Rather, they "saved" and sold the heater. But now it is impossible to understand exactly where it happened: the wind is walking inside the walls of the house. In the room he erupts in one place, but where not reported to the heater, we can not determine. "

Money: add necessary!

The problem of the third - additional charges. If we look strictly theoretically, the total amount that the buyer should pay is determined at the time of sale and further changes will not be reimbursed. "When purchasing a plot of contracting the subsequent increase in pay for the site and build a house that should not happen, - said Julia Severinenko, CEO ZemAktiv. - Because the land is acquired under a contract of sale with one-stage payment. A building is also conducted under a contract that specifies a project (with complete descriptions, sizes, materials, etc.) and its value. "

That's the way it is, but the requirements of "pay" - after all not so rare for our market. Especially considering the fact that during the sales benefit the developer to differentiate from the competition (or at least do not vary disadvantageous), and then bring the project to completion. "Usually pay request for the connection of networks, for the conversion of temporary roads in the road normal quality, - said Andrey Ignatov (Estate Investments"). - Credits - from several dozen to several hundred thousand. When network failure can not simply bring to the house and the road left as is. "

Natalia Kartavtseva («Vesco Group») tells about one of probability. The proposed project, the buyer may be invalid thickness of walls, insulation is not provided or is not included in the cost of finishing and waterproofing. Do all of this is necessary - and so will pay extra.

What should I do? Instructions for the future homeowner
Let us try to formulate a simple thesis, which will help the buyer avoid disappointment.

First - to carefully examine the proposed contract is signed. Some developers, however, pushing for his impeccable business reputation - but, as practice shows, not to trust it's not worth it. Wiser still to study the documents. Analyzing the contract, it is worth remembering that any inaccuracy (the timing, price, quality of work, etc.) may be used against you.

Second - make sure the builder's ability to fulfill promises. "Look at the real presence of nearby communications - the Council Alexey Kudryavtsev, director of marketing management company" Volga problem. " - If at the entrance to the village there is gas distribution point - hence, the gas is physically and laying of pipes will not last for years. The same with electricity: if in the village have already been installed poles, the probability that the electricity will be a problem - is minimal. "

Third - do not chase the cheap. Its reverse side will surely prove to pay any claim or stop work.

Fourth - the tight control of construction progress and quality. Quality control department builder - that's great, but think for a moment, from whom they receive a salary. So check to either their own (which involves its own presence on the site at least once a week and sometimes more often - for example, when closing the wall), or bring it to an independent expert.

Vladimir Abgaforov
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