How to arrange the interior in a small apartment

22.03.2011 00:15
Articles about the construction | How to arrange the interior in a small apartment Even if the acquisition of small-sized housing is a necessary measure, the space in the apartment can be arranged so as to make it as comfortable and functional. There are several fairly simple steps, you can use to neutralize the disadvantages of a small area of your home.

Small compact studio apartments are fairly common in Europe, so interior designers, furniture manufacturers and home furnishings has accumulated substantial experience in terms of arrangement of these apartments. Nevertheless, the Russian mentality procedure differs from the West. It is expressed, including that for the Russian people is still an unusual style of minimalism, popular in Europe. And even if initially done in a minimalist interior solutions soon become inevitable happens cluttering the room. Typically, over time, apartment converted warehouse just a necessary and unnecessary things, while in Europe are often completely updated interior every few years, and the all unnecessary mercilessly thrown out or hear.

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Thus, the first rule in the regeneration of small-sized apartment - it's getting rid of all unnecessary, useless things, as well as replacement of existing interior for multi-functional. Very simple examples: a sofa bed, desk, which can also serve as a dining or a special partition that can be adapted to store various items.

Buying stuff for my new apartment, and in the future if space is limited, it is better not based on fashion trends, and proceeding from their real needs. It makes no sense to buy a fancy stereo system, if it is used only during the parties several times a year. Second, is the maximum clear space. You should not get carried away souvenirs and various decorative objects, on the contrary, things are better removed from the eye and put in a special compact boxes or baskets.

Also, in order that the room seemed more visually, you can use a special color and texture, and lighting effects.

It is known that warm pastel shades in the interior visually expand the space. Also suitable bright wallpaper with fine, not too colorful pattern - while the use of dark, bright, large parts of ornament has the opposite effect. The vertical pattern on the wallpaper "lifts" ceilings, while the edges define a certain threshold.

Effective use of mirrored wall panels and generally brilliant materials in interior design. Mirrors, as well as many glossy surfaces - plastics, glass, metal - everything that makes the apartment seem bigger. Achieve the same effect and help wardrobes with mirrored walls.

You can also think about development opportunities for vertical space: niche, different protrusions of the walls. This is where a little involved, especially in older homes. On the walls you can arrange the shelves, niches - shelving, built-in cabinets, etc.

The use of light - is a separate issue. It's better if you can agree on the layout of light sources with a specialist, or at least with a consultant from the store, because literate structure lighting can give the room is literally a new life. With the help of special lighting can be both zoned space and to focus on the necessary details. Smart lighting shiny surfaces, such as mirror or glassware, crystal transforms the entire apartment and visually it is much bigger.

As for equipping small apartments furnished and equipped, there will have to spend some time searching. Your goal - furniture-transformer, as well as special multi-function interior specifically designed to save space, for example, special computer desk with shelves.

repair vannoyChto regard to the organization bathroom, which is usually in small apartments quite tiny, you can combine it with a toilet and put the shower - or, if you like take a bath, choose a combined "sedentary" option.

Kitchen should also find a special compact appliances. If you are single and spend a little time at the stove, it is worth considering whether to do a kitchen full complement? Also, for arranging this zone may be useful retractable various boards, countertops, and foldable furniture, which, after use of hides, for example, in a special niche.

Thus, construction of a small apartment can be a creative process that requires you to use all your ingenuity and imagination. Using simple techniques, you can visually expand the room and clear the space - so that the room was comfortable. Portal wish you a successful repair!
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