How do I calculate how much it will cost you a wooden house?

03.11.2010 10:16
Articles about the construction | How do I calculate how much it will cost you a wooden house? In order to calculate the real value of your future wooden house, you'd have to make the project completely and does not assume the total cost of the house, and separate material costs and cost of the works separately.

An important factor that affects the value of the house - there is an architectural project. The more complex the project, the need for more skilled engineering drawings, and therefore the cost will rise.

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Development of the project, including heating, ventilation, plumbing, electricity and sanitation will cost approximately 120 USD. per square meters.

Assume that you have fully made the project, and you want to calculate the approximate amount required for construction of logs with a diameter 160-260mm. To do this, multiply the area of your home, such as 180 meters. by a factor:

1) 0,7-0,8 for wooden houses (1-storey with no attic):

* 180 square meters. m * 0.7 = 126 cubic meters and 180 square meters. m * 0.8 = 144 cubic meters

2) 0,5-0,6 for wooden houses (1-storey with attic):

* 180 square meters. m * 0,5 = 90 cubic meters and 180 square meters. m * 0,6 = 108 cubic meters

When buying a round timber, its standard length will be 6 meters. On logs over 6 feet in length margin would be, on average - 50%. The exact amount of material required will be known after it is made of a working draft.

The cost of additional building materials needed for construction (nails, staples, boards, etc.) will make 160 UAH. 1 cu. m. of logs.

The cost of delivery of materials - different, in the range of 260-300 USD. per 1 cubic meter The assembly of logs on the site will cost 600 - 800 UAH. for 1 cu. m. To calculate the cost of the roof, multiply the area of the floor that covers the roof, by a factor of 1.8 - 2.

1) for wooden houses (1-storey with no attic), area of 180 square meters. m.:

* 180 square meters. m * 1,8 = 324 square meters. meters and 180 square meters. m * 2 = 360 square meters. m

2) for wooden houses (2 storey) area of 180 square meters. m and with an area of floor under the roof of 80 square meters:

* 80 square meters. m * 1,8 = 144 square meters. meters and 80 square meters. m * 2 = 160 square meters. m

Average price made turnkey roof is 800-1000 square. m. The exact area of the roof will be known only after the establishment of a working draft roof.
If we analyze the supply of construction companies, the approximate price of finished wooden houses will be as follows:

* A house made of wood (Round logs): walls, floors interstorey, rough floors, consumables, installation - 1750 UAH. per square. m
* House Wooden Bolts (Round logs): the foundation, the base material of wood (walls, floors interstorey), roofing, rough floors, doors, interior trim, windows, painting, grinding, electrical, antiseptic wood supplies - 4500 UAH. per square. m

If you are interested in an approximate average cost of production of wooden houses, it has the following form. Quite primitive value of a wooden house made of logs on a turnkey basis (foundation, logs, floors, ceilings, roof, windows, doors, utilities) - 4 580 UAH. per square. m. (price as of 6/26/2009).
In a wooden house is supported by a healthy climate, natural beauty, creating warmth and comfort.
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