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Articles about the construction | House with intelligence American author Ray Bradbury in 1950 in all the details painted a concept of "smart home" in his story "Will gentle rain", and now the idea of ​​science fiction became reality. That hides the "smart home"?
The most famous intellectual housing was and is Bill Gates' house, where the entrance, each guest will receive a special email id as an icon that connects to all the information services of the building. With the help of sensors determine the location of the visitor. Man, move around the house, he chose accompany videos and music in the evening and at night - light wave is formed automatically turn on and fading lights.

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Tendencies of the West gradually cover and our country. "The popularity of modern control engineering systems at home is growing every year - says Konstantin Matvienko, sales manager of the company« HMPS Home », integrator and supplier of equipment for the creation of projects" Smart House ". - If just 2-3 years ago, the orders for the automation of private residential properties have been isolated, the year 2012 we have developed more than 50 projects. Most likely, this number will grow. "

But while the intelligent building management is not too common, so many homeowners do not even realize what opportunities does the current level of development of the technology.

The term "smart home" is understood housing, automated for convenience and comfort of people with high-tech devices. Such a system is able to recognize specific situations occurring in the room and automatically respond to them, and all the controls are connected to each other and work in the same complex. In smart home residents do not need to use dozens of switches or remote controls for lighting, ventilation and air-conditioning. Suffice it once to select a scenario, according to which the work is to be built all the equipment. Housing will respond to time of day, weather, condition of man in space, lighting, temperature, thus providing comfort for the whole family.

One of the most popular ways to implement the concept of intelligent building technology is a KNX. The essence of her work is that connected to the network (the device) can communicate via a common data path (in other words - the tire). "Today KNX - an open global standard, which is supported by more than 300 manufacturers worldwide. This technology is a logical development of the requirements for engineering systems of buildings, - the dinar Sharifullin, an engineer by product group ABB i-bus KNX ABB, the leading power equipment and solutions for power and automation. - On the basis of established Intelligent Installation Systems ABB i-bus KNX, an important feature of which is the complete interaction of all the elements included in this product range. In practice this means that, without reviewing the overall plan and not shifting the wiring again, you can make changes and expand the system. Thus, an intelligent network can be modified over the years. "

In order to transform an ordinary home into an intelligent, according to KNX technology will require the following elements:

- Sensors (Sensors and Controls) - wall panels and switches, sensors of physical quantities (temperature, humidity, etc.), thermostats, motion sensors and presence timers. They are responsible for the registration of certain external events, the occurrence of which should cause a feedback system. For example, the sensor detects the temperature increase on the network and sends a control command to the air conditioning;

- Actuators (also called activators) - Lighting controls (dimmers), relay modules, controls, blinds, radiators, etc. They change their status (on / off, open / closed) according to the commands coming from the sensors, thus controlling various electrical equipment;

- System devices - power supplies, controllers, interface and logic modules, tire compounds, etc. They are mounted in a separate control cabinet and provide the possibility of building and operating the network as a whole KNX.

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One of the main advantages of the "smart home" is a centralized management of all engineering systems. As a "control" for the home can be a keypad, resembling in appearance the switch. "Every key is responsible for the management of a device, equipment (or the whole group) or activates a sequence of actions. There are developments (eg Control Panel Busch-PriOn), which can be equipped with optional TFT-LCD 3.5 "and turning control. The first displays all current information about running programs that run in the house, and turning the easily select the desired function from the menu. With it, you can configure different systems - lighting, blinds, air-conditioning, multimedia. The user interface menu is very simple and clear even to a child, in addition each functional section has its own color, carrying meaning. Yellow, like the sun - light control, orange like a flame - temperature control, blue as the sky - mode blinds purple - for other scenarios, such as the inclusion of music "- says Dinar Sharifullin.

Control panels are becoming an integral part of the interior, and sometimes a key element of that bringing in the spirit of the high-tech environment. "Often, preference is given to products with a slim design, made in the" classic "color - black or white, but sometimes the client wants to see the unusual color solutions, with different for each room. To be sure, modern palette helps manufacturers to implement even the most unexpected wishes. For example, select the device, made of materials that simulate glass or precious stones, "- says Yulia Hamidov, designer studio" Mirabelle ".

Keyboard elements are selected based on the tasks to be performed by the system of "smart home". "Home automation can be built by components - choose only those features that are really needed. For example, to combine air conditioning and heating or combined lighting and raise / lower the blinds. Accordingly, in the first case, you can put the thermostat and rocker element, with which you can give the signal for the heating or cooling unit. And the second - the light sensor and at least two keys to control one "responsible" for artificial lighting, and the second - a natural ", - says Olga Yevseyev, Engineer," Strata-Unity ", offers innovative technological solutions for home and business .

Appropriate to include in the "smart home" those devices that often have to manage: light fixtures, appliances, climate control, multi-media equipment, etc.


Comfortable indoor climate - is a balance of temperature and humidity. Technical means by which to achieve that, now widely available, and the task of "smart home" - synchronize their work and in each case, choose the best script on / off devices. For example, higher temperatures can be achieved by radiators, electric heaters and even air conditioners. "Today, Split systems are not only for cooling air, but also for heating, - emphasizes Vladimir Murashko, General Director of" Euroclimate-Region. " - There are models that are efficiently heated in the winter. For example, a series of air conditioners GREE Change Arctic, which, thanks to design solutions capable of operating in the heating mode of air at temperatures up to-250C. " With so many intelligent system will help you choose the most effective and economical option.

When you turn on the air conditioner (one or more) in the "smart home" management will be performed automatically without human intervention. For example, you can configure a scenario in which a hot season split system will be activated automatically when the ambient temperature of a certain size, or begin a cooling cycle, for example, 15 minutes before the return of residents to work. In order to achieve such automated, will not need a separate control, air conditioning will be connected to the control center of all engineering systems at home.

A similar scenario can be asked to work in other art climate control system: for example, individual heating. In winter, the boiler will not work all day, and cycles, which will greatly save on utility bills. "The room thermostat constantly measures the ambient air temperature and compares it to a comfortable setting that will expose the user, and then delivers a control signal to turn on / off the cooling / heating unit. Busch-PriOn system creates for each room individual scheme heating. Once is enough to make the necessary settings to the device, and the temperature is automatically adjusted, "- says Dinar Sharifullin.


There are many ways to incorporate lighting in the room, the simplest of them - press the switch. But often to create a special atmosphere requires multiple light sources and, therefore, a number of switches. It is necessary not only to find enough space for elements, but also organically "write" them in the interior of the room.

The control panel of the "smart home" can easily solve the problem of creating different lighting scenes, as in one elegant modular element combines multiple programmable switches and the necessary sensors. Automatic control of lighting in the following way: the person using the menu it creates the necessary script, according to which, for example, at dusk, and the presence of ambient light sensors installed in the room, a signal to activate the chandeliers and lamps. Once is enough to make this program to the device, and it will run automatically every day (if you wish, you can change the script.) Also, depending on the light level intellectual elements regulate the brightness (intensity) for lamps, thus saving energy.


A special place among other intelligent systems in the structure of the "smart home" is the so-called "multi-room" (from the English. - "Suite"). Its unique features is the simultaneous distribution of video and audio over the entire housing area. "Multiroom" eliminates the need to install in the rooms, the kitchen and other rooms complete "kit" of video and audio equipment - TV, DVD-player, media player, receiver. With the control panel equipment, in any part of home and at any time you can enjoy your music and video. In a private home installation of "multi" allows you to output video and audio outside a residential area, for example, speakers, and screens can be installed in a garage, basement or attic.

To organize "multiroom" network you need to install all the necessary equipment (CD-players, DVD-players, receivers, etc.) in a separate auxiliary facilities. From this "technological pantry" depart wires that connect to the speakers and monitors, located in different parts of the apartment or house. "Manipulate" multiroom "made using the remote control or touch panel. The latter option more functionality: for example, using the panel Busch-Comfort Panel can control the video and audio, graphics, or sound to leave messages for family members, check email, watch stock news, find out the weather forecast. Such a panel along with Busch PriOn used for instrument control and engineering systems, included in the system of "smart home" - says Dinar Sharifullin.

Finally, imagine the following situation: early morning in a house instead of intrusive alarm began to play nice music. By themselves, opened the curtains, letting sunlight into the room. Replaced by the cool night air conditioner operation for the morning - warmer. The kitchen and bathroom floor heating is automatically turned on. Make a cup of coffee flavored drink. The owner of housing is still in bed, waking up ... And all this thanks to the concept of modern intelligent home, where all systems compatible with the individual ideas of beauty and comfort.

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