House with food from the earth and sun

05.12.2011 00:15
Articles about the construction | House with food from the earth and sun In the Rostov region has its first energy-efficient house area of ​​72 square meters. meters, which was built using the latest scientific developments. Rooms are equipped with motion sensors and a ventilation system, and is used to heat energy of the earth and the sun, according to

On the roof of a cottage solar collector is installed in the rooms - the panel controls and indicators. Hot water and heating and summer air-conditioning and even provides a heat pump. The biggest psychological problem for the residents of this high-tech house - forget what the ventilator, as it now functions assigned to the new technology. Fresh air enters the house on the internal ventilation system, temperature can be adjusted.

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It is expected that such experimental platforms will appear across the country, and before introducing energy efficient technologies everywhere, they need to "break in". It is also worth to the extent possible to reduce hardware costs, since the issue price is quite high.
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