House, «floating» in the tropics, has appeared in Brazil

22.03.2011 00:01
Articles about the construction | House, «floating» in the tropics, has appeared in Brazil At the heart of the rainforest in the rural areas of Brazil built the house, which was given the name «BR House». The authors of the project are the architects bureau «Marcio Kogan». The new facility complements the modest surrounding landscape.

Individual elements of the house - massive support - reminiscent of the trunks of trees. Dense vegetation in the design of the object in conjunction with glass walls gives the impression that the house - a piece of wood. However, this does not mean that the house loses its individuality and natural background.

Get inside the building only through the second floor. This unusual decision was made by architects. They are located on the upper level, all main rooms. The first floor is available for office space. Thus, experts have the impression that the house "floats" in the airspace.

The interior of the house is designed in a minimalist style. No visual barriers within the rooms do not exist. This further allows the house to integrate into the surrounding natural space.
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