Hammock - the most intimate sign of summer vacation

22.06.2012 16:30
Articles about the construction | Hammock - the most intimate sign of summer vacation The good old hammock and really old. South American Indians slept in a "hanging beds" long before Columbus was treacherously revealed their secrets Europe pleasant pastime. But today it is hard to imagine a more vivid and telling element of life in nature. Besides the actual paintings are an integral part of the hammock slings. They go through it the entire length, maintaining the form and with the help of their own hammock is attached to the supports. In the European models of strained fabric still on the bar, automatically straightening out the hammock. Again with the filing of the Europeans appeared so-called quilted hammocks: cotton or synthetic pillows stuffed with a soft filler.

Another innovation of the Old World - stands for hammocks. The reasons are clear again: we do not live in the jungle, and where you want to hang a hammock, do not always find two suitable trees.

In Brazil, local people still talk about themselves that they were born in the hammocks, and they still die. No wonder there is almost the highest number of hammocks in the world. Typically, this involved a small family-owned businesses. Cotton or cotton wool with the addition of woven fabric and processed by hand - as a result of the canvas gives a very durable, able to withstand up to 300 kg. The main decoration of the hammock - fringe. To a large extent the length and complexity of its fringe pattern is determined by the final cost of the product. Even within Brazil, it reaches $ 1,000.

Have left hammock without attention and best designers. Patricia Urquiola for the company came up with Moroco hammock made of soft leather, Angela Missoni, together with Riva 1920 strengthened the fabric of one of his company prints on both the bars a la the fun for the Venetian gondola, and Adam Cornish hammock constructed of plywood: plates are connected by flexible rubber cords, due to which the wooden hammock under the weight of the human body adapts to its contours.

In short, the hammock rich past and promising future. Choose your favorite color, your favorite size (in some it is quite possible to spend time as a family) - and forward to a meeting with nature.

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