Grow your eco-sofa

30.10.2011 16:00
Articles about the construction | Grow your eco-sofa Experts Nucleo Design Solutions invented an original method of constructing furniture - they decided to just grow it. Following the current eco-trends today, furniture from Nucleo Design Solutions is an improvised designer, folding, and sowed that you can get a comfortable chair or sofa is green.
In the ready-made frame size is 125 by 60 (armchair) or 145 (three) inches. Across the surface of the furniture are container to be filled with soil - will require a total of 0.34 cu. meters of land. The following is to sow the ground and wait for grass to grow.
By the way, set constructor Sod Sofas are the seeds of 6 different varieties of grass. Similarly, following the instructions in the manual and zaseivaya sofa on marked areas, you will receive a furniture plant with non-uniform "pattern." By design seating can be creative, zaseivaya their surface not only grass, but with different colors, for example, clover.
True, furniture Sod Sofas requires constant care, sun and moisture, and therefore its fate - to decorate a patio or a local area on the site.

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But amid the threat of global warming, greenhouse effect and the problem of the heap is not biodegradable garbage, lawn furniture so much plastic is preferable to "monsters".
Perhaps in the near future, the project adapted and designed for indoor use. After all, if you think about Sod Sofas furniture in addition to its beauty, comfort and originality can produce oxygen. ... And how much oxygen is produced today, your furniture?

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