From plastic to wood - trends of the modern window fashion

15.11.2012 09:30
Articles about the construction | From plastic to wood - trends of the modern window fashion Window industry actively demonstrates its development. The popularity of Windows from PVC, продержавшаяся more than 10 years on Ukrainian market, is gradually becoming a thing of the past. Modern consumers are concerned about their health when choosing Windows seek for beauty and ecological compatibility. In Europe, the plastic Windows are used mainly in industrial premises. For housing Europeans choose wooden and aluminum window design. For example, in Norway, Sweden and Finland, the volumes of sales of Windows made of wood account for about 70 percent.

However, many customers still do not see the advantages of a modern wooden window. Surprisingly, many built a beautiful country houses made of ecologically pure materials with the set up, the plastic Windows. Such an unwarranted dissonance causes more opposition than praise.

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Analysis of consumer demand of the Russian market for window products conducted by experts of the company'est-a-Tet: «Clients, as a rule, choose wooden double-glazed Windows for several reasons:

1) Tree, in the greater density than plastic, better keep warm.

2) Wooden frames are considered to be more environmentally friendly, they «breathe».

3) Wooden double-glazed Windows are considered a luxury item.

4) Many customers like the smell and texture of the wood», - says Tatiana Rozhkov, Director of the Department «Design and repair of» Est-a-Tet.

Window manufacturers in the Russian market many, but their main specialization is production of plastic Windows. As such, a person who produces quality window from a tree, - the unit.

Today the wooden Windows were mainly distributed at the sites of low-rise construction, as are considered to be an attribute of suburban life, but now they are beginning to conquer the market of urban real estate.

«Wooden Windows are made of almost any configuration from rectangular to complex geometric and arched structures. In connection with it, and are suitable for different types of housing. Non-standard forms of window constructions are often used in individual projects of country houses. This is the great advantage of wooden евроокон - can be almost any design, as well as the use of any of glass», - comments Alexander Shashkov, Director of the woodworking plant «Decon».

Architect Vladimir Скадин says: «Window changed as in the General proportions, so and in detail. Impact on the Windows and a national tradition, and the geography of the place. The development of technology has had an effect on the evolution of the Windows. True connoisseurs of beauty, taste and of healthy way of life always give preference to the tree!».

Wooden window is a real trend of the modern market, which meets all requirements of the customer, starting with multifunctionality, small production time and ending with a wide variety of products, their aesthetic beauty. Unlike plastic - wooden Windows have a number of advantages. When used properly, they can last for many decades and even centuries. They simply repair in case of mechanical damage, if you want you can easily change the appearance - paint in any color. And most of all - each product can be individual, giving uniqueness of the object as a whole.

The window «under the old»- one of the topical directions of development of the market. «It is curious, when erased the line between art and craft, when touched to the story. Restoration projects provide great opportunities for creativity. Imagine that you need to make the window according to the drawings of past centuries, and thus it should not look like a remake. Today this trend is very topical among architects and designers, creating houses and whole locks for the customer. To do this, we began to form the whole collection of «old» Windows», - says Alexander Shashkov.

The demand for wooden Windows is growing and among the major developers. There are companies, preferring by the environmentally-friendly materials. Eco-friendliness, beauty, power and thermal efficiency of wooden constructions, long life, these factors play a final role in the choice of Windows made of wood.
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