Frame house: all the pros and cons

21.01.2019 00:45
Articles about the construction | Frame house: all the pros and cons Frame houses have high energy efficiency and a relatively low price, and the question of durability directly depends on the quality of the material and the performance of work.


The main material for the frame is coniferous lumber chamber drying, the outer walls are covered with OSB, DSP - these materials are durable and are not exposed to the effects of rodents and bacteria. Exterior finish is carried out with plastic panels, wooden clapboard, facing brick. Insulation is mineral wool, enclosed on both sides in a vapor barrier membrane. Interior decoration allows the use of sheet materials, plastering, or lining.

How to build

Basically, a frame house is erected on screw piles, at the request of the customer it is allowed to build a basement floor - this will require a complete, monolithic strip foundation. The frame is mounted with panels manufactured at the factory, or in place, in a horizontal position, sheathed from the outside with roughing materials and padded insulation. The panels are fastened with nails or screws using steel mounting strips.

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• Energy efficiency - 20 cm of mineral wool are equivalent to 80 centimeters of aerated concrete blocks, or a brick wall 3.5 meters thick. This allows you to save considerable money on heating, and in the summer heat to maintain a comfortable temperature in the house.
• Rapid construction: a two-storey house for 2 months "turnkey" - quite realistic deadlines.
• Low cost.
• Lightweight design
• Durability. It can be compared to wooden buildings.
• Ability to apply different styles of home decoration: from the simplest wooden to high-tech.

• Low resistance to mechanical damage (vandal resistance), which is not the case with a brick house.
• Cheap materials used by an unscrupulous contractor may be harmful to health.
• The durability and safety of the house directly depends on the level of professionalism of the workers.

When insulating the house should use safe materials. Board with natural shrinkage shrinks, so the frame connections will become unreliable. In this case, use only material from the drying chamber. There is no doubt about the technology - in Europe there are still houses built 200 years ago using this method, and in Ukraine you can find quite a few Soviet buildings that are livable at the moment.
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