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15.11.2010 12:50
Elite house outside the city - what it represents, and what the latest fashion trends for its construction?

The project is an elite country house is totally different from the construction of model projects of country houses.

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Here, as in any creative process, much depends on understanding the customer, architect and builders. However, not enough to invest a large sum in a prestigious area and allocate considerable capital to design and build. Importantly - to show imagination in developing the plan of the elite country house and accurately understand what you expect.

The choice of material
Elite house can be constructed from any material. Despite this, it is better to give preference to natural materials with elements of the custom-made for a specific customer. Though for every rule there are exceptions: for example, in a complex, multi-layered roof may be hard to go natural tile, but well suited for something more plastic. For the construction of luxury holiday home you need to select quality, reliable and environmentally safe material.

Basic requirements
The first section defines elitism at home, where he will stand. The landscape around shall meet the aesthetic needs of future tenants.

The area where the house will be built, must be flawless in terms of ecology and environment should be different social homogeneity.

Gas, water, electricity, sewage system, convenient access and communications - from phone to a dedicated line high speed internet access - are required. The house should be equipped with engineering equipment brands. It should also be warm, cozy and comfortable as a luxury city apartment.

Specialists suburban real estate market forecast that soon every house will be its own infrastructure, but the security system and some objects (eg, playground, fitness room) are shared.

Prevention of life-support systems, timely repair, security and surveillance system - a mandatory requirement. Facade glazing and the roof must be washed, and land - have well-groomed appearance.

Fashion trends of projects of country houses
Today in the suburban building is clearly seen laconic architectural facades. Often the focus is aimed at the building that faces the courtyard, not the front part.

The architects are paying more attention to features of the site. Since not all the beautiful homes have large areas, it is important to find the optimal shape and location of the house.

Patio and large covered balconies allow owners in any weather with the comfort found in the fresh air.

Large windows in a residential area. Sometimes, instead of windows put the sliding glass doors from floor to ceiling panoramic windows, or elite, which would be closer to nature. Modern window profiles will solve the problem of keeping warm in the house for any amount of windows.

In the most expensive and elite suburban homes use wood as an element of decor, and not as a supporting structure. However, in countries with similar climates such as Canada, USA and Germany, most of the housing market are environmentally friendly and durable (due to new technologies impregnation) wooden house. Domestic luxury sector is just beginning to pay attention to the wooden structure.

Among the new elite country houses many modern, although many architects already refuse oversaturated fronts and the formation of external shape for convenience under the plan a country house.

It became fashionable to emphasize the "naturalness" home due to a combination of elements of wood, natural or artificial stone, textured plaster, painted in calm tones.

Roofs are becoming flatter. High-quality design of the roof with a small slope of the roof will not let her fall through a layer of snow. Gentle and even flat roofs allow fuller use of the attic space and increase the area in the plans of country houses, to change the silhouette of the building.

All necessary facilities combined in one building. For example, a garage, gazebo, bath house for protection or not workers are placed throughout the site and under one roof.

Despite the abundance of new trends in demand are the classic form. The main requirement - that they were not replicas XVIII-XIX centuries, and modern classics.

Construct and equip an elite house in the country - an important thing, if you care about their image, and the savings here to anything. So choose for themselves the best employees and materials.
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