Five pieces of furniture that you should never have in your apartment

02.01.2019 00:15
Articles about the construction | Five pieces of furniture that you should never have in your apartment Grandma's carpet, a vase "under China" and a four-poster bed. We talk about the five pieces of furniture that are best never to have in the apartment. Carpet on the wall or on the floor

Why not: old carpets accumulate dust in themselves - neither the vacuum cleaner nor the wet cleaning of the carpet will remove it to the end. Dust is a source of allergic reactions, asthma, and lung diseases. In addition, in the carpets live so-called. "Dust mites": microorganisms that feed on skin particles, dirt, food debris. They can also provoke the occurrence of various diseases and allergies, especially in children.

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The old carpet on the floor is bad, but even worse - the old carpet on the wall next to the bed. In Soviet times, carpets hung here to eliminate the cold walls. But in fact - they placed the main dust collector in the house right by the bed.

Vase "under China" and ethnics

Why not: pseudo-Chinese vases and vases imitating colonial ethnic style come to our homes most often for two reasons. The first is that they are given to us by friends and relatives, relying on their own taste (“Beautiful! And fashionable!”). The second is that we acquire them ourselves: often on tours or in furniture stores, succumbing to nostalgia for distant countries. Let's be frank: these vases look bad and almost always fall out of the general interior. They are often made of cheap plastic, they take up a lot of space, the pattern is erased from them over time, and they collect dust. Get rid of them immediately! Instead of cheap fakes, look for real porcelain and glass vases at flea markets and antiques shops.

Landscapes from hunting and still lifes "under the Dutch"

Why not: with medium-sized officials like to decorate their cabinets with such pictures and reproductions. In their opinion, the pastoral picture "antique", and even framed in a bulky gilded frame, speaks of the wealth of the owner. This is not true! All that such a picture says is about the lack of taste. In the apartment she will collect dust and clutter up all the visual impressions. Home is better to choose abstract paintings. And if you really want to hang the “classics” on the wall, choose for it the most austerely strict frame.

Canopy beds

Why not: another way to turn your home into decoration for the budget version of the series “The Magnificent Age”. A four-poster bed takes up twice the space: as a rule, shelves and lamps cannot be hung above it. The canopy itself - collects dust almost faster than a carpet. Thus, we get another hotbed of infections and allergies. Thirdly, the canopy itself is often made from "heavy", dense materials like brocade. Visually, it looks like a mausoleum has been installed in your room.

Stuffed animals

Why not: even if your husband is an avid hunter, do not settle for it! Bared faces of animals, stuffed birds and horns sticking out of the wall are more suitable for a country holiday house, rather than a city apartment. The reasons for not having stuffed animals in the house are the same: lack of cleanliness and repulsive appearance.
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