Fashion trends in landscape design

10.09.2010 04:48
Articles about the construction | Fashion trends in landscape design Today a lot of attention when choosing a landscaping garden is not on the inferred bred plants, and wild-growing ornamental grasses and plants. So, aerobatics in landscape design is a combination of geometric shapes of flower beds with a mysterious ripples cereals, as well as modern high-tech garden of steel and glass structures with cattail thickets and bamboo.

In a fashion imitation of the old kind and the best of times, an abandoned garden, as well as the eternal motif close to the pristine nature (although this will cost you real cheap, as many wild plants are listed as endangered, and "neglect" is worth a lot).
Current fashion trends tend to be natural and a return to the traditions of genuine Russian nobleman's mansion, with its green roof, birch trees, ponds, hedges and blooming lilac bushes. Do not hand over their positions and Oriental motifs to their peace and tranquility. But the motives of the Italian and Moorish gardens will add elegance and nobility of the copies of antique and Renaissance statues of majestic. Pay attention to the functional (gazebos, bridges, benches) and decorative (sculpture, vases and flower pots, planters) elements of the garden. Do not forget about our "little brothers - are equipped for bird feeders, baths and cozy birdhouse. A second birth experiences and the fashion for such a highly decorative item as a sundial. Another link in the creation of landscape design has become a fashionable green sculpture, which can have a kind of ideal clipped evergreen dwarf trees and shrubs, and can be represented as ground cover perennials, raised on the frame of metal.

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In drawing conclusions, we can say that fashion trends today are rather democratic, that allows designers to not only express their imagination, but also to realize the ideas and dreams of the owner of a mini-garden. Or maybe just your project will be a revolution in the fashion world of landscape design, thus creating a new order of the day!
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