Energy-efficient materials required labeling of

16.05.2012 09:35
Articles about the construction | Energy-efficient materials required labeling of With an annual increase in energy prices, the owners of private homes and cottages are increasingly looking at how to reduce heat loss and heating costs, without depriving yourself of comfort.

In order to increase the rate enegoeffektivnosti, we first need to define it correctly. Independently calculate the index of energy efficiency at home is difficult, since we must consider many factors. Therefore, private homeowners have to seek the advice of the experts.

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In order to facilitate customer choice of energy efficient materials, applicable to buildings with close to zero energy consumption, need for labeling of insulation as building elements that determine its efficiency. It must relate to fencing, windows and other structures that affect the energy efficiency of homes in general. This marking will consciously choose materials and construction technologies for future building energy efficiency. It will help homeowners and private developers to make the right choice of materials to meet the challenges of energy-efficient construction.

The marking must be developed on the basis of modern government standards. For example, in Europe, introduced the principle of marking buildings, the same mechanism will be implemented in Ukraine. Marking the same product, which determines the rate of energy efficiency of buildings is still under development. Many countries are now well along this path, so the exchange of views on how to solve this problem is important and interesting. This much was said at a conference in Carcassonne (France), organized by company "Knauf Insulation" in March 2012, which brought together leading experts in Europe to discuss issues of SCP construction.

Ukrainian specialists are not lagging behind in Europe. During the 2012 standards will be offered on energy labeling of window constructions, insulation materials and building envelopes.

These markings will be advisory in nature, as the whole market has developed on the principle of voluntary certification. Manufacturers of the above materials and structures for marking will need to pass tests proving energy efficiency characteristics of the offered products. If the materials and design do provide the necessary specifications, the manufacturer would be interested to get the labeling and inform the consumer.

Gennady Farenyuk Chief Scientific and Technical Centre for Energy Efficient Construction, the Ministry of Regional Development, Construction and Housing and Communal Services of Ukraine
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