Dutch architects built the house, like a dune

23.11.2013 00:30
Articles about the construction | Dutch architects built the house, like a dune The Netherlands has built an unusual building, repeating form dunes, among which it is located. Authorship of the project belongs to a married couple of architects who are and will be staying in the house, according to the portal "Inostrannik." Representatives of the Dutch studio «Min2 Architects» several years worked on the idea of ​​building their own homes . After years of work and the creation of hundreds of projects for other couple decided to build an unusual house for themselves .

Unique natural building was erected on the North Sea coast in the picturesque town Bergane . Founders of the project did not retreat from the principles on which all the buildings are the most integrated into the surrounding space. Their own homes is no exception and has incorporated the most successful developments in many years . The concept follows the natural shape of the built dunes , which was erected near the house .

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Given the characteristics of the area , the building had to be made ​​stable - this applied in the construction of concrete foundation blocks . For home decorating creators used natural materials .

Decoration of the building with several bedrooms became loft with panoramic windows, which offer stunning views of the surrounding landscape . Original design ideas touched and interior design of the house - here there is a bed, room with a table , and tree trunks used instead of supporting columns.
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