Do I need a project for construction of private homes?

02.10.2010 11:03
Articles about the construction | Do I need a project for construction of private homes? Judging by active buying plots without a contract, Moscow expects a wave of private construction. And this is hardly the construction will be led by architects, or at least knowledgeable foremen. Is it worth to buyers of land to build houses without the project, whether it is possible and what effects may result in a building?

Traced in black ink drawing ...
Design and construction of individual houses (if the house is no higher than three storeys and is designed for single-family residence) under the law is not subject to almost no regulation. This means that anyone even slightly familiar with the basics of design, can draw a preliminary design of the house, which would be sufficient to obtain a building permit (see annex).

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Undoubtedly, this fact is very beneficial for those who bought the land without a contract and is now going to build a house on the site. Build a house on their own will be cheaper by 30-40 percent compared to its counterpart, but has already purchased in finished form. However, for those interest savings would have to work hard and find a store of knowledge.

First of all you need to understand reality is to build a house without a plan or still with the project would be less troublesome. Without the project, you can build a small country house, and most easily cope with this challenge by those who grew up in the village. Experience rural life they will tell you what would be most beneficial for the construction of a small house, especially if it is erected only for a summer residence and is not necessary to strike him a full set of city communications, including gas central heating. Key caveats from the experts: view layout in projects to explore innovative solutions for energy-saving technologies.

If the house is supposed to permanent residence and it is planned to create full-fledged convenience, the project is best, or order, or buy. Head of Marketing UK "Absolute Management Shishkina Anna explains:" Developers do not propose projects and their architects buyers plots without a contract. Plots without a contract - it's mostly ekonomsegment or lower business class. Architect in this segment does not fit. When the market offers ready-made projects, for example, pre-fabricated houses in the villages of Westphalia and the Chekhov-life, such plots and are positioned as sites with contract. " An expert points out that today the trend of the market are pre-fabricated houses: "They look good from the outside, built a few weeks, they are designed to change the internal layout. And the big plus - cheap. House of 100-120 square meters. meters will cost the consumer, 5 million rubles. taking into account the interior. Major construction technology: Canadian and German. House on the Canadian technology is going to court, according to German - to arrive at a site in best finish. There is still manufacturing technology - cellular concrete. It is good because it does not require a warming house. "

Becoming a architect
At first glance, have no problem with the projects of houses there: just look at sites like or, Where for 20-30 thousand rubles. offered standard house designs. Many believe that they exactly consist of front of the house and its lay-out - but what else is needed?

But - attention! The fact that there is presented, often only an image of the house, and the technical details, dimensions and materials are described precisely in the documentation package, which is sent to the buyer only after payment. However, most typical solution has to bind to the terrain, and here it turns out that much to redo it.

To avoid mistakes when choosing a project, going on about the emotions, it is necessary to comply with the technology that comply with the architects. The resulting document should include "Architectural Section (AR), which will describe the general data at home, are drawn floor plans, elevations, sections, roof plan. There should be information about the jumpers (statement jumpers), the specification of doors and windows are marked dymoventilyatsionnye channels.

In the constructive section "(CR) floor plans are consistent with the plan of the foundation (s), and immediately above specifications, the elements of the foundation, roof system, floors, construction of concrete the pool (if available), parts and components, as well as information about the design of truss system.

And the most difficult to design - "Engineering Section" (IR). He describes the internal engineering networks, indicating how and where electricity and water are introduced into the house. Here we describe the details of the heating system, water supply, electricity and sewage. Project for gas (heating with it) is made separately, using specialized services. Separate component of projects for low-voltage systems: TV antenna, the Internet, security systems and home automation system. "

Steps to home
The first step, which should make every future owner - to make the functional scheme of the house, having determined that it should be. What features should be in your house? What facilities? Actually, the architect of the first thing a customer specifies this information. A list of questions: what facilities are needed, as they should be arranged for the convenience of living? What is the ceiling height? What facilities would be desirable to have at home?

Second step: to understand the existing market structures of individual houses and see what options the house will be more important for you to evaluate energy efficiency at home. This step, when will explore what innovative solutions are offered in this area, not making a choice. Simply to raise their level of qualification. This will greatly help make decisions about which the home owner will not be sorry, when it will live in this house.

The third step - order a study of geodesy and topography of the site (these studies do specialized companies, and each of them worth about $ 3.2 million). These studies generally better to do before deciding to purchase the site: what if there is an underground stream or water lens, but as the saying goes ... Without such studies it is better not to make a decision about the construction, otherwise the house could go cracked almost immediately after construction. It happens that the geodesic properties of the site determine the type of foundation and even the technology at home. surveyor in the helmet

Fourth step: at a time when you realize that the foundation you can and what should be the weight of the house, can already be determined with the technology on which will be building. Private houses can be divided into categories based on the material of the walls. Specialists distinguish the following types: "stone" (the walls - foam blocks, bricks, monolithic, composite materials such as "Teplostena"), wood (logs, timber, laminated veneer lumber) and frame (timber-frame (known as the Canadian technology), as well as purchasing In recent years the popularity of LSTC (light steel thin-walled structure).
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