Designing a country house

29.08.2010 07:25
Articles about the construction | Designing a country house Designing a country house - not an easy job, tedious, necessary and far beyond the simple layout of the house. This is the first and perhaps the basic stage of construction. Because of the observance of all technical issues "on paper" and adjust "on the ground, taking into account climatic features of the area and, of course, your own reasons, will determine whether the project will be an existing cottage cozy and comfortable country house.

First, you will need to decide to which project to choose the house. Development of individual project for the cottage is preferable. Using the services of skilled professionals you have every right to rely on your dreams (only on your home, of course, but not life at all) in reality. The second option - the use of the finished project that professional architects and designers can easily adapt to your needs, taking into account all expressed wishes. Do not need to implement its own project at home one-to-one, if you hear strong recommendations for its change of expert construction company. Conversely, if workers are happy to take your project in turn, should think about the level of their professional qualities.

As noted, a plan at home - only a fraction of the whole - house project. Another part of - the whole arrangement of the surrounding area of the future of wooden houses. This variety of communication and sewerage, water and electricity supply, technical and other structures, approaches and entrances to the house, etc..

At the design stage homes to account wind patterns and terrain, on what basis the decision on possible options for the spatial orientation of the building. Detailed planning area, developed a landscape design on the basis of the existing terrain and surrounding landscape, all intended steps to gardening and beautification areas.

Designing the house itself, ie, the building itself, also a long process and requires the highest qualifications. The competent architect spends on the calculation of design, taking into account the distribution of all loads on the bearing elements, the month 2-3. The draft wooden house must be taken into account the phenomenon of longitudinal and transverse "shrinkage" of logs that subsequently formed cracks and gaps, which on completion, it is simply impossible to reach.

Particular attention should be paid to the building foundation. Then hurry and the more it found itself before approving a project home company, which claimed its construction, not worth it. After a thorough calculation of wooden construction and due to its lightness, it becomes possible to use the basement columnar or band-form, which significantly reduces the financial cost of construction as a whole.

An equally important point - the right choice of form at home. A common (and popular!) Mistake is to use in a plain "rock approach" when the house is irregular in outline and a large number of angles. This is justified in the highlands, where it is necessary to adjust to the existing topography. But in other cases - only increases the surface heat transfer, and therefore requires additional costs to ensure proper insulation. For the same reason should not design a house long.

The result of design is to obtain the necessary documentation for the construction of the house:

* Conceptual design;
* Architectural project;
* Set of technological blueprints for the subsequent assembly;
* Set of drawings and documentation for engineering systems;
* Specifications necessary for the construction elements.

In conclusion, we note that this article is for informational purposes and provides an overview of the design of a country house and its features in the case of a project of wooden houses. So here we have not dealt with such things as comparisons of different tree species and technologies in construction of wooden houses.
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