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06.01.2011 15:50
Articles about the construction | Decorating Home for Christmas Christmas Fashion changes every year. Basic, traditional solutions, of course, remain unchanged (which is Christmas without a Christmas tree?), But appears a lot. Their novelties manufacturers of Christmas tree decorations and other accessories to accompany any of the holidays shows for the eleven months prior to the event itself. So, on Christmas fashion audience learns for the first time at the beginning of the year, or more precisely, in the last week of January - at the exhibition «Christmas world» in Frankfurt. In European countries, the Christmas campaign begins long before December 25. Europeans are beginning to decorate their houses are already in early November. And on Christmas wreaths first of four candles are lit normally 24 or 25 November. And then the amount of jewelry only increases, reaching its peak for the holiday.

According to centuries-old tradition of colors of Christmas includes two primary colors - red and green. That is to say, the style of Traditional. As for the latest trends, then this year's trendsetters (trendsetter) chose various shades of green. The most topical pale green, close to the color of young leaves of linden trees. In addition, the Dutch florists, the acknowledged masters of making flower arrangements, recommend multicolored, bright colors and flowers, rich colors. The Dutch play today izumrudnosinim, managing to use it in all conceivable combinations.

Christmas (or Christmas), the track can be done by hand. In line with fashion trends, florists offering such an option. If the interior is in neutral tones, is to use the classic styles - red and green. Or with the same pale-green, very trendy this season. And one of the colors should be more. To compile songs take a sprig of pine (she, unlike ate not showered), red or green candle (short and thick will look better), pine or spruce cones, painted with gold paint, green or gray moss. In this "bouquet" can be added and traditional puansetiyu (Christmas star) - a plant with red leaves. However, first it is necessary to put the time into the warm water that flowed out the juice. All details of the composition beautifully placed on a meter long piece of abaca, a natural palm fiber. Fasten the ornaments on the abacus obtained only from those who possess skills. At the Christmas table look nice fresh flowers - white lilies, roses (small amounts), lily of the valley.

Christmas - a wonderful time, full of happiness, joy and love.

So why not make it even and beautiful?

Recently, in our homes began to return tradition of decorating their home for Christmas bouquets, compositions of fir limbs, various wreaths, figurines house, Santa Claus and simply red candles. Of course, you could buy in the store, but not better to do it themselves in the pre-Christmas evening the whole family, together with their children?

One of the most popular decorations around the world on Christmas Day is considered a Christmas wreath. Himself a wreath - its shape - symbolizes the wheel of life, without beginning or end, in the pagan times used to decorate the holidays. He made of fir limbs, twisted into a tight bundle of straw, decorated with a "different difference" - small toys, imitations of the tiny gift packages, dried flowers, cinnamon sticks. You can make a wreath, completely composed of densely glued to the straw bundle almonds, peeled halves of walnuts and hazelnuts and decorated here and there branches of oats.

These ornaments are hung on a door or wall. Can be done entirely "oatmeal" wreath. To do this you need a metal thick enough hard wire, four dwarf candlesticks, bowls (preferably metal), dried stems (bunches), oats, cinnamon sticks and beautiful ribbon. Make a small neat and beautiful bunches of oats and uniformly fasten (tie) them to the twisted wire into the ring. Then insert the "oatmeal" wreath candle holders and decorate with bows to the track of the tapes and cinnamon sticks - for the smell ...

Amazingly beautiful on the table and indeed in the house look candles, but especially nice when they stand in the candlesticks, made their own hands. Even if you do not particularly "handmade", then you will not be difficult to make a candle-tree, which would require only thin strips. The most important thing in home decoration - not to hamper their imagination.

Float the Christmas tinsel and colored balls, cones and green pine legs, beautiful ribbon and trim material, which certainly a lot in your home. If you wanted to decorate the house covered with snow with fir legs - do not think that this is only a dream.

At Christmas all things are possible: take the branch and drop it into hot, very strong salt solution. Leave a node in a salt solution overnight. In the morning remove the node from the water and drain. Water evaporates, and the needles will remain white salt crystals, similar to snow. Tie the spruce branches - and "snow", and just green - in the long garlands, decorate their balls, Christmas tree tinsel and confetti and hang over the windows, doorways, or simply beautiful lay on the table.

If you live in your own home, then think about what can be decorated and the front door - for example, a wreath of fir limbs, dry grass and beautiful ribbons. To do this, take a thick wire and bend it into a ring. You have a ready framework for the future of the wreath. Now prepare a small bunches of dried grass (stalks should not exceed 10-12 centimeters) and attach them with a bright ribbon or cord to undetectable wire frame. Then translated into the wire legs and decorate fir wreath with red ribbons. It should be noted that the beautiful ribbons of tape - remarkably easy to manufacture and surprisingly beautiful decoration for the Christmas at home.

The traditional colors for Christmas are red bow, or a combination of red, gold and green. The most beautiful bow is made of strips as follows: If you want, you can make some of these bows, one other smaller (but no more than three) and then combine them into a beautiful outlet, carefully sewn together inside out. This bow is packed with grace, even in a plain white paper, gift, put under the tree.

We draw your attention to the fact that a beautifully designed gift, even inexpensive, but decorated with a bow, or Christmas rose, delight your family and friends and create a festive mood. You can pack a gift in unexpected ways - for example, in an old shirt, a husband or father - just like that, with such a unique and luxurious bow at the top. Gifts must be able to give - to present so that it gave pleasure not only you but also the one to whom you give a gift. At Christmas and New Year's gifts taken place under the tree, and you should not assume that this custom of child's play.

Holy days of Christmas - a time of joy and jubilation, a time when photographers in miracles, when all the world like each other. In these days like never nice to feel like a kid. You like to be loved? Of course. But then do not hesitate to show that you love. Be attentive to their friends and relatives, friends and acquaintances. Do not forget to give them a call or send a postcard.
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