Country house: create a «smart» house

07.09.2011 00:15
Articles about the construction | Country house: create a «smart» house Nanotechnology, space stations, supercomputers, and ... "smart" house. Yes, modern technology came in the most conservative area of ​​our lives - the area the household. Of course, if it would not be helpful in the sense of increasing the quality and comfort of our lives, such innovation would never have become so popular in the market for the automation of human habitation. So what is this smart house?

Just need to mention that nothing fantastic or super-mystical here. The structure of the PCS, many of us imagine a fairly accurate because the impact lesson curriculum, and in some people and a university course on computer-aided manufacturing technologies. In the first approximation is:
local system of sensors at each site has its own production;

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number of controllers that control such micro-systems, and control their condition;
central control system that reacts to the changes of the system as a whole.

A further step in the development of such structures was the introduction of feedback mechanisms, the impact of the change of the system, up to the installation and implementation robotehnicheskih systems. About a little more than a decade ago for the operation of such computer-aided manufacturing was necessary to keep the entire structural unit with highly qualified engineers and technical staff, which was carried out on-line monitoring and maintenance of sensors, controllers and communication systems PCS.

But the movement of scientific and technological progress inexorably, and for some time the situation changed. So, today's hardware monitoring and automation (such as wireless sensor for water leak, wireless sensors for smoke and gas leak, hourly, daily and annual timers, etc.) have become so high-quality and reliable, that the chance of long-term operation practically without a single failure, that is completely offline. Asthis was made possible and cost-effective implementation, as well as a full-fledged safe operation of such systems in the domestic sector. In addition, advances in communications digital networks and their integration with computers have reached a level of quality and reliability that the device appeared fully automate the tracking and warning systems have become cheap enough to sell them in the niche value of the middle class. An important factor for creating systems of "smart home" has become almost ubiquitous smooth operation of private telecom operators, Internet service providers. Summarizing the above, one can imagine the possibilities of this class of systems as follows.

There is the possibility of switching on and off all electrical equipment in such ways:

by voice command;
on command, transmitted by any means (Internet, telephone, mobile, directional beam of light, laser, radio, etc.);
to commit or not commit any events (like opening the front door, unauthorized entry, an alarm, failure of any domestic appliances, etc.).

For the homeowner the opportunity to remotely monitor in real time for any objects inside the house, including the direct viewing of digital parameters of any technical systems. In addition, you can implement any possible warning system about any changes in the system (or only those who will be chosen by owner). This may be an SMS to a cell phone holder, an automatic message on his e-mail, answering the call to any phone number, city, radio signal of a certain frequency, as well as any light or audible alarm.

Especially important is the use of technical capabilities of security systems smart home - triggering "alarm" button to certain voice signals, switch the system of smoke and gasremoval, a complete power failure in the event of flooding the premises, an autonomous work of the emergency lighting system simulating the activation of human presence (inclusion of light in random order, any movement of curtains, barking dogs and the voices of residents), etc.

Separately, you can note the control of external systems, intelligent building. Typically implemented the following features. Automatic on / off watering the lawn or garden at a given time, depending, for example, the degree of soil moisture, as well as sauna equipment and external lighting at home or cottage. Remote control opening / closing doors, gates, alignment of the garage premises, cellar doors, exterior window blinds and shutters. It is possible to automate the processes of heating systems, floor open veranda, porch, roofing, water in the backyard pool.

Ability to operate and turn off all the above systems, and how their work can be programmed in a rather complex algorithms with multi-criteria conditions, since the whole system usually operates a full-fledged computer system. Expand and increase its CPU capabilities can be fairly wide limits up to the application server group (this is, for example, in the case of business-centers). Thus, future potential and prospects of technology and smart home systems are very attractive to use modern engineering staff in the relevant commercial market niche of high-quality housing.

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