Cosmetic repair: how to increase the value of a home in 1,5-2 times?

03.04.2011 20:30
Articles about the construction | Cosmetic repair: how to increase the value of a home in 1,5-2 times? In connection with the sale of plots without a contract all the more recently added "Shanghai" with a variety of buildings - from the unpretentious houses from the ordinary bar to pretentious stone chambers. Box three-storey houses interspersed with a low timbered houses sometimes look like a group of clowns in the circus ring. Some in gray shorts and white T-shirts, others in blue trousers and red shirts. In short, if anyone is in that much. True, last year there was also a lot of companies and groups of ordinary "shabashniks" ready to correct the situation and give any home a decent look.

Retyuning or rebilding?

Me and myself had to deal with this kind of business. The hut was built 16 years ago out of logs and pretty prokonopachennaya ordinary tow, no longer "look", when there began to appear neat houses, finished siding with gay balconies and loggias, turrets and a built-in roof windows. And we also wanted something unusual. We turned to a small company, whose experts were ready to make any shack "home-sweet."

"So, what do you want, boss?" - Examined the house from all sides, said "goldfish", I mean Uncle forty years old, introduced himself as the architect of the company. I told him that the logs are too sad to look at the background of trees growing on the site, and would be nice to decorate the house siding or clapboard, and change the trim on the windows. "It will be retyuning", - stated the uncle and gave quite a reasonable sum for the work. I had no idea what retyuning, and continued his fantasy: "And yet I would like to shorten the large room on the second floor and the release of a place to organize a bright loggia, make a nice porch, put the roof a couple of remote windows and extended porch. "And this is rebilding!" - A pencil scratching his head, said architect and doubled is still a reasonable amount. We slapped on the hands, and already the next day at the site date back four "gold fish" with saws and axes. Honestly, the rebildinge I also heard for the first time, but trust the architect and engineers. Because the cost of works and materials suited me perfectly.

On new concepts in the construction industry I have tried inquired of knowledgeable people. Igor Zaugolnikov, director of marketing communications RODEX Group, tried to explain foreign phrases in three phrases: "Rebildingom called either full or partial peredekorirovanie front of the house. For example, someone thinks that the frame "box" has a rather pale appearance, and organically in the area would look a stone or wooden house. But the demolition of the old and build new neither the time nor the money. In this case, you can do as they say, "little blood", and experienced professionals simply process the facades, the architects and add some decorative elements and extensions, which will decorate the building. "

"Tuning" is now how I managed to find out more brick houses built in the mid-90's that had to be called "monsters." It was a time when the three-story rectangular boxes built up suburbs, where the most popular holiday areas. Earth is now under those houses went up excessively, but themselves the structure, we can say and do not cost a dime. "But with the help rebildinga, in extreme cases retyuninga - told me Domnikov Alexander, manager of the holding Komrock, - the cost of home ownership could increase by almost 2-fold, and it again goes into the category of purchased and liquidity."

Retyuningom, incidentally, used, and the city authorities have betrayed the careful finish standard five-storey "Khrushchev and Brezhnev's nine-panel, for example, in the Sokolniki and Transfiguration areas.

Work no end

To give a decent view of the structure and the corresponding value, often subjected to rebildingu frame houses. Lack of funds has forced many fans of country living to buy a house, and trying to increase its attractiveness, they turn to companies that are engaged in rebildingom.

In fact, many skeletal draft lacks personality. And then the frame "Plywood" decorative stone, facing brick, oak and even mahogany, good construction markets drywall, plastic and other materials, carried out under a tree or a stone, the choice is vast. Of course, the rich client can afford and facing a real marble or decorative bricks, but such cases are rare.

The second category of people who were forced to use rebildingom - investors who are 2-3 years ago, "Zatar" unpretentious countryside buildings, rubbing his hands together and looking forward to a time when they will rise in price and they can be profitable to sell.

But the crisis has confused all the cards: the goods for a year joined in the category of illiquid, and its owners fled en masse to the architects, begging to raise "good" and the quality of their buildings (after which of them could be quickly and profitably get rid of). Incidentally, the first external decoration were not "monsters" 90's, namely the house in the projects of the lower segment of the economy.

Those who dared to retyuning with rebildingom, it has paid off. The practice finishes showed that with proper design the project and the use of high-quality decorative materials home price increases to 50%. "The rising cost depends on the object and the personality of the project - says Sergey information Migunov, Head of Marketing and Development group of companies Konti. - In the simplest rebildinge average figure experts has already taken. That's $ 100-120 per square. m. And cost only pereoblitsovannogo buildings could rise by 10 percent and sometimes more. "

The average cost of rebilding model home area of ??120-150 square meters. m cost of 250-300 rubles. Only on the finish (retyuning), when the new material sheathed exterior walls and roof refashioned, enough for 200,000, including materials. Besides, if the hiring team, which will only finish, you can save even the order of 25-50 thousand rubles.: Services of an architect for this option is most often not required. Experienced workers know perfectly well how to line the walls, in which material screw the screws and to what extent are driven nails.

Of course, we must understand that given our numbers are approximate - it all depends on the severity and extent of alterations, the quality of materials used, the contractor's reputation and even how "ottyuningovannoe" structure blend in with the surrounding landscape.

Presumably, interest rebildingu will only increase. After all, many Muscovites barely enough money to buy land without a contract. So, to build homes on their country sites and on lands of cottage communities they will save. As a result - only the bare walls with windows, a simple roof da bath, stick in a corner plot. But it will take time, and homeowners want something sort of ...

However, today the load on the professionals involved and rebildingom retyuningom, excessively increased. "Compared with last year - showed me the secret of Alexander Domnikov - the current number of orders for rebilding in our company increased by 9 times. This summer, in spite of the unprecedented heat, we did one of its architects even leave is not granted. "


Ten days later, my two-story building with total area of ??90 "squares" were not to know. There were carved porch and balcony with arched windows, roof clouds reflect two convex glass, grayed logs with "thawed" gray tow closed smooth lining, painted translucent green enamel. Foundation of the veranda and first floor of the second well-finished with yellow accents around the perimeter of the house.

Family "sweetie" like it. And the price for such a sweetness was perfectly acceptable. On the facade, including materials, took 35 thousand rubles. Even a dozen - for porch, 15 - for the loggia, and 6 were treated windows on the roof. Total of 72 thousand rubles. Two years ago, when the crisis has not started yet, I have my house and could not sell for 500 rubles. And now offered 1.2 million and then only because a small portion. A total of 6 hectare. Would be more, could take two, even three "lemon". But selling a home we are not going to.
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