Construction of wooden houses under the key: select the type of house

06.09.2010 01:30
Articles about the construction | Construction of wooden houses under the key: select the type of house For some spectacular luxury and prestige, for someone just a desire to take care of their health - houses made of wood have become part of modern life of every person. And it is not surprising, since the benefits of wooden houses, compared with reinforced concrete or brick, are clear: clean up the material, durability, visual appeal and more. If your plans - to buy or build houses out of wood under the key, ask for help from specialists. The list of companies is here. Their experience and knowledge of all subtleties of this complex case will ensure you will certainly enjoy the results obtained. But before you build, let us define what type of house out of wood you would like to see in your area.

There are several varieties of wooden houses. They are distinguished, depending on design features, which include the method of erection of walls and the material used for construction. Let us briefly consider them.

Prefab homes. Their difference - a framework of timber, lined with some material (this mogzhet be siding, paneling, plasterboard) with an internal heater. Typically, this type of house out of wood is the cheapest, because there are synthetic materials that prevent the natural moisture - and the air exchange.

Houses of laminated beams.
They are not completely wooden in the traditional meaning of this word, glued timber - is not itself a log, is an artificial material, the basis of which - the tree. And it should be noted, the material is reliable and high quality.

House of logs. In Europe, this type of house made of wood are the most prestigious and most beautiful. The peculiarity of its construction is entering the construction site is not blanks, and the finished parts - quality dried and processed timber.

Houses  of beams.
Building a house of wood turnkey order expensive than the previous. And although the board itself relatively inexpensive, it should be warm, which is rather difficult and therefore requires a significant investment. Nevertheless, the house from a bar - one of the most popular wooden houses.

Houses of wood hand-cutting. The name speaks for itself. Manual work is always valued highly, as a result - is the most expensive type of house out of wood under the key. The main advantage - high stability and durability.

Whatever type of house out of wood you choose, developers guarantee you a quality construction, impeccable visual design and a record of all your wishes. Construction of wooden houses turnkey private pleasure of comfort and warmth.
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