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06.01.2011 15:45
Articles about the construction | Christmas decoration On the eve of the upcoming winter holidays - Christmas and New Year - probably everyone thinks how to transform the usual interior living rooms. Want to give the room not only comfort but also some fabulous, meet in an atmosphere of holiday magic. But one is a burning Christmas tree lights creates a Christmas atmosphere in the house? Maybe there are other possible design options for the room - no less interesting and original? This question can be answered unequivocally: yes, possible - and a lot of them! Only need to creatively look at things around us and transform them a little imagination and effort. Let's talk about it.

If the room is not enough space for big trees, but you really want to feel the smell of fresh pine needles, make a bunch of fir branches with the addition of fresh flowers, Christmas decorations, fancy ribbons and other accessories. It can be installed either on a festive table and on the bedside table or shelf - anywhere it will look great.

Another striking decoration for horizontal surfaces - softwood composition of candles. Its creation should be placed in a ceramic container wet sponge "piaflor" and paste it neatly clipped twigs eaten. In the center of often set a big, beautiful candle or two candles of different heights. Next track is decorated with sequins "rain", small toys, ribbons, etc. Thus it is desirable to stick to one color, for example, golden-red, or silver-blue. And even better if the colors will match the total composition range of facilities.

If desired, you can create the effect of snow on the branches. You can use the special spray, and if not - improvised means: water and salt. Spruce branches, designed to track, immersed overnight in a hot, saturated brine, and in the morning is taken out of water and dried. Following this procedure on the needles formed a raid crystals resembling frost. You can do it even easier: Grate the foam and glue it to the branches of fir using hair spray - it will create the effect of large flakes of snow.

Light candles in such compositions is better for long and under supervision. First, the fire in conjunction with the needles is very dangerous, and secondly, the form of melted candle destroys the original beauty of the composition. If you want to enjoy a live flame, use waterfowl candle-pill: weird shadows on the ceiling, the reflections in the faces of a crystal vase, a mysterious tremor Flametongue - all this creates an atmosphere of magic, and thus will be perfectly safe.

If you live in a private home or on the ground floor flats, then it would be nice to take care of decorating the windows, making them elegant and fabulous, not only inside but also outside. With the help of the stencil can be applied on New Year's glass figure, and can be glued snowflakes out of paper or plastic. Window opening can be revived or suspended angels Christmas tree glittering balls, decorate with colorful garlands. Wonderful decoration sills are fresh flowers. Traditional winter flower is considered the "Christmas Star" poinsettia with fiery red leaves. Widespread popularity have nightshade with bright berries, mistletoe white and Guzman.

If you do not want to buy a ready plant, you can grow it yourself from the bulbs. Imagine how impressed your guests will make blooming in the New Year's tulips, daffodils, hyacinths, freesia and amaryllis! To get to the flowering due time, to observe a few simple rules. Bulbs planted in the ground for 3-4 weeks before the holidays, remove the pot in a cool, semi-dark place and well watered. A couple of weeks there are germs, after which the pots will wear a bright room, decorated with moss or pebbles of the earth and wait another two weeks before the onset of flowering.

New Year's table is very revive full-blown branches - they can cut the street for twenty days before the New Year (so they had to "wake up"). Better to choose plants with pronounced kidney: apple, cherry, jasmine, viburnum, plum, lilac, poplar. In 10-15 days on the branches raspustyatsya tender leaves. But this process can be accelerated if the daily spray of water with ammonia and kidney with a needle prick.
If you have a garden growing Ilex and snowberry - can assume that you are in luck. Branches, thickly studded with red and white berries, create an amazingly beautiful and contrasting the track even without the addition of other plants.

And now let us think about decorating the walls. Very impressive look to them Christmas wreaths of pine branches. To make them, you need to take a few pieces of wire, bend them a ring and tie them long branches of fir. Even easier to buy a flower shop special circular base of a rigid foam, which is easily fixed stems of any plant. Next wreath decorated to your taste: miniature toys, ribbons, pine cones, ribbons, dried fruit, cinnamon sticks and vanilla. They can be tied to the branches very fine wire-Bulyonkov, and can be planted on the glue or staples to fix.
Because the needles are very showered in hot and dry conditions, you need to spruce branches at first "otpoit" during the day (pre-cutting the sharp knife), then close up slices with melted wax.

Do not forget about decorating the ceiling. The chandelier, a wall shelf, a curtain or on the side mirrors can be hung Christmas balls, collected together in a cluster of grapes, and fastened a bright bow. You can disassemble one "raindrops" long sequins and glue them to the ceiling in one thread - little groups or uniformly to the entire area. Of course, it takes a long time, but the effect will be achieved amazing.
You can create single-part decoration: hanging a fantastic ball from the sponge "piaflor", decorated with pine legs, sprigs of rose hips, mountain ash, and clusters of tiny Christmas decorations on a wire "stem". It can be hung to a ceiling chandelier - but at a distance from the bulbs, or the needles may be ignited.

As you see, besides the traditional options for home decorating, there are many interesting ways to make it elegant and celebratory - is wanted: a minimum of effort and not to impede the flight of his imagination.
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