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24.11.2011 00:30
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Currently, the market of wooden house-building in Russia before it was not the best way. Most buyers still prefer traditional materials such as bricks, together with the proportion of people who are interested in wooden houses, is gradually increasing. This is due both to improve and perfect the technology, the formation of a "European" flavor of the population and the increased influence of environmental factors. Nevertheless, the slovamVladimira Grigoriev, Deputy General Director of LLC "mass" (includes Peresvet Group ")," Country Construction is well developed only in Moscow and Leningrad regions. Elsewhere it's mostly rambling building. Wooden houses are summer houses rather than a full house in which to live comfortably all year round. "

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Indeed, today the consumer tastes have changed so far not enough to take the wooden house a full-fledged alternative to the stone construction. According to some realtors, wooden cottage now buy those customers who already have a suburban housing. They see it as a place for the holiday season, where you can come, for example, over the weekend. Especially convenient in the winter, because in order to protopit deepfrozen wooden house, one must spend two to three hours, whereas in the brick house, it would take more than a day. So, the wooden parts make "long problem," located at a considerable distance from Moscow.

Ekaterina Orlova, Marketing Director of Ain Develpoment believes that most of the summer wooden country towns and villages of wooden format Economy Class located at the southern and southwestern areas - from Simferopol to Kiev highway - a distance of 50 to 100 km from Moscow. "The reason for the popularity of wooden houses in this case - a combination of low construction cost, good quality modern technologies of construction of wooden houses, their ecology, as well as traditional notions of country house" - said the expert.

Types of wooden houses and technology features

According to Ekaterina Orlova, there are several basic types of wooden houses: a house of logs - and the usual round of timber - shaped and glued, and framed, panel and frame-panel houses. According to experts, the most common and most in demand house made of logs, as well as from a bar. "Round logs is one of the most profitable materials, because thanks to an absolutely smooth and the same logs to ensure the high quality of construction (as compared with the traditional log), but the price remains very competitive. Log houses possess the best characteristics of all types - require no shrinkage, are unmatched for heat-insulating properties, is very environmentally friendly and do not require interior thanks to the excellent appearance. Their main drawback - high value ", - the expert concludes.

Advantages and disadvantages of each type

According to the company "SOLID", each kind of wooden houses have the following advantages and disadvantages:

Glued laminated timber. Advantages: easy construction, environmental friendliness, low thermal conductivity, high strength, fine finish, high speed construction.

Disadvantages: a long contraction, the high cost.

In houses from glued beams is very difficult to make a clean finish for long-term shrinkage. According to Finnish technology within the walls of the house put special mechanisms, which hosts over three years, according to govern the manufacturer's recommendations.

The massive wooden walls, MHM. Advantages: environmentally friendly, sound insulation, nonsusceptibility strain, low thermal conductivity, high speed assembly (50-80 square meters per day), no shrinkage. Disadvantages:

Not a cheap price. It's more of an average price segment.

Frame houses.
Advantages: High speed construction, low stoimost.Nedostatki: low wood content (4-8%), low environmental friendliness, limited in the choice of planning, the high cost of production space.

Round logs and timber blocking.
Advantages: easy construction, environmental friendliness, low cost otdelku.Nedostatki: long-term shrinkage, rotting, low speed of construction.

Price situation
Ekaterina Orlova thinks that the most common wooden villages with a segment of the economy class, in this segment of all kinds of wooden houses occupy a leading position at home made of logs. According to the expert, "the value of these homes, if we consider the complete set of turnkey, lower than in other materials such as brick, an average of 30-50%. In this case, according to their characteristics, they are comparable with the brick houses - have low noise and thermal conductivity, high frost resistance and strength, low fire hazard (provided special treatment, which often included). This house is from 3 to 9 million rubles on average.

If we consider the settlements in business class and the elite class, they are built primarily of laminated veneer lumber. Glued laminated timber at the moment is one of the highest quality, but expensive materials. Ekaterina Orlova said that "at a price of some homes can cost more expensive, but even with the desire for the lowest possible price, which is due to savings in the decoration, the house will be cheaper for a maximum of 10-15%. In the elite settlement house from glued beam is in the range of 15 to 35 million in business class - from 12 to 25 million, mostly to the price depends on the location of the village. "

Agrees with his colleague Vladimir Grigoriev: "In a cottage village of the Moscow region, over 30 km from Moscow, the houses mostly built of logs, this is economy class. Glued laminated timber is more expensive material, and similar business-class cabins are already in the Middle suburbs, such as village Istra Country Club, which combines several cottage settlements (a total area of approximately 200 ha) Novorizhskoe highway. The area of each poselkaot 5 to 40 hectares, housing density from 30 to 100 homes.

In the market of low-rise construction, according to experts, the share of wooden houses now account for slightly more than 20%, but this trend quite well developed. By 2015 the projected increase in the proportion to 30%. At the present time, more than half of individual houses erected of bricks.

Timur Saifutdinov, Managing Director for real estate at Blackwood said that the cost of a home depends on the material stroitelstva.Materialy house construction expert offers divided into several price segments.

In the luxury segment, according to the expert, featured products, especially foreign manufacturers. This group gets almost all of the proposed range. Also in this category are proposals for domestic producers chopped manually log, glued logs and elite laminated veneer lumber large sections (vertical-glued). Cost of 1 sq. km. m of such houses from the manufacturer than 1 000 USD / sq. m

"In the business segment consists mainly of domestic products: laminated board small and standard cross sections, large diameter round logs and forced drying, as well as some of the proposals for houses of frame technology. Cost of 1 sq. m of buildings from the producer to vary from 600 to 1 000 USD / sq.m.

In the economy segment represented by the rest of the products: round logs of natural humidity, an array of beams, frame and panel technology. Cost of 1 sq. km. m of such houses from the producer to vary from 400 to 700 USD / sq. m ", - said Timur Saifutdinov.

Fire safety
Many buyers from purchasing wooden cottage stops the prevailing view that such houses is extremely flammable. We asked the experts if this really is.

Ekaterina Orlova said that "modern wooden house no more flammable than brick, as handled by a special fire protection. Another important feature - when burning wood construction for a very long time remains robust, this is due to the fact that the top layer of char and impedes the penetration of light deep into the wood. "

Vladimir Grigoriev, in turn, believes that "It all depends on the quality of construction, namely, how well builders insulated electrical wiring. Also not unimportant and the elementary rules of living. In case of fire due to wiring, or negligence on the part of tenants to quickly burn wood and brick houses. "

Vladimir Yakhontov, Managing Partner, MIEL Residential Real Estate says that in terms of fire safety, as a rule, all the country houses of today are certified. "Houses in cottage settlements are examined fire services. Also, the village passes certification and environmentalists, "- said the expert.

Portrait of a buyer
As already mentioned, in the eyes of the buyer wooden country house today is not an alternative to stone, and are often purchased as an extra - holiday. Environmental factors play a role, many people like that in the house a special atmosphere, it is "alive and breathing." Nevertheless, to say that there is a segment of buyers who would have "fanatical" interest in ecology, too, is impossible.

Who today is a buyer of wooden houses? According to Ekaterina Orlova, it couples from 35 to 50 years with the children. "Choose a wooden house, often based on the optimum combination of low price and high quality construction, are also important aspects of the ecology of the tree, attractive exterior and interiors of wooden houses, traditional notions of country house - said the expert.

Vladimir Grigoriev said that a very significant advantage of wooden houses is the low cost of construction, they need only a fine finish. "Brick walls need putty and plaster, with the price of one work, on average reaches $ 20 per sqm The walls of the foam block should be covered with facing bricks, and inside the run putty and plaster work, "- said the expert.

Vladimir Yakhontov told that there is still a certain category of people - 10-20% who prefer wooden house brick or monolithic. "Of course, the wooden house-building hi-tech, and has a high degree of readiness in terms of finishing. Glued laminated timber yields little brick house, but buyers have their own stereotypes. Therefore, when for the same price offered brick and wooden homes, buyers often choose a brick. There are, of course, a certain category of customers who prefer just the tree, but it is - a small amount. Another thing is that in the near suburbs, both in business class and deluxe units such villages. In general, the complexes are being built as a wooden chalet, at a considerable distance from Moscow, or are at home you can search on the regular market, "- said the expert.

In conclusion, we note again that, although the format of a wooden country house is gaining popularity in Russia, the spread, he received only in the suburbs of major cities: Moscow and St. Petersburg. The Russian consumer is accustomed to that are the wooden cottages and force him to part with such a stereotype is very difficult. Nevertheless, marketers are building companies that is building wooden houses, do not stop work on the formation of public opinion, and we can assume that with the further Europeanization of the country similar to the format of suburban housing will gradually become more widespread.

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