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Articles about the construction | Bring to a condition All buildings have a constant air exchange with the external environment - depending on the area it could be plus or minus. However, in the room with plastic windows are air flow only from the vent, and then you can often hear complaints of stuffiness, lack of oxygen. " And that's just the problem of air conditioning - while balancing the different characteristics of the environment: air temperature, its humidity, cleanliness, the distribution of flows.

Conditioning devices referred to as household appliances, which should establish and maintain specialized firms. And for owners of housing remains the choice of equipment. Today, customers are guided primarily by the manufacturer's warranty and a certificate. Advising clients sprofessionaly turning their attention to the latest features of air-conditioners (for example, automatically adjust the air flow direction not only vertically but also horizontally), to help choose energy-efficient equipment.

What they are

First of all, air-conditioners are divided into domestic, semi-industrial and industrial. In residential homes often install appliances - designed to cool the space of less than 100 square meters. m

By design features distinguish monoblock air conditioners, that is, consisting of one unit (window, mobile), and split-system, which includes several blocks.
By mounting isolated cell, window, split and multi-system (channel, tape, overhead, console, column).

Variously called and technology, which uses various methods of air inflow. Air conditioner working on the outdoor air, called the ram, the internal - recirculation, a mixture of outdoor and indoor air - conditioned with recycling.

Best options

If you want to install the air conditioner quickly, you should choose a window or a mobile. Until now this technique at home, in America, the most widely used window unit. Pros: Low price ($ 200-250), a remote control, a possible influx of fresh air from outside, heating mode (depending on model). In addition, it is very easy to set - in a window, the window or thin wall. However, there are downsides - such conditioning is very noisy and are not intended for installation in new windows, they do not have programming modes, and the biggest drawback - they reduce the area of ??the window.

Mobile (outdoor) air conditioner - a godsend for those who do not want anything to mount. Appliance on wheels can be transported from room to room or take to the cottage. Set it near the window as the window will display a flexible corrugated duct lengths up to 1,5 m, a lead excess heat. If it's cold, you can switch the device on heating. Such mobility, portability and versatility - a definite plus. True, while the device is pretty much buzz, but its price is comparable to the cost of a split system - to $ 1,5 thousand Disadvantages include the fact that the air conditioner does not bring fresh air, but simply cools already available. Because of this, the room may appear somewhat artificial scent.

The most common

The first in the world in popularity - a split-system containing two parts: the compressor is passed on to the street, and the indoor unit in the room (out of it and enters the cooled air). Indoor units are wall mounted, ducted, cassette, ceiling, etc. Split system has obvious advantages: first, the internal unit can be placed anywhere, secondly, the air conditioner is quiet because the compressor passed on the street. The downside is that if you want to install air conditioning in several rooms on the facade of the building will have to endure the same amount of external power.

Cassette and ducted split systems used at present in the apartment ceilings. Their main advantages are the possibilities dash fresh air from the street and abruptly change the temperature in the room. In the apartments, where a suspended ceiling is provided, you can set floor or ceiling unit. In the air-conditioning duct, if desired additionally install humidifier and filter cleaning, which is mounted not in the remote unit, but directly into the duct (technology EcoQuest).

Those who do not want to disrupt the appearance of the facade at home, 'Multi-fit system that allows you to connect to one external compressor several internal blocks that are not related to each other. Each of them is easily replaced in case of breakage. However, if the compressor breaks down, then stop working and all domestic air conditioners. Each indoor unit usually has its own remote control.

On special assignment

Air conditioning is most often accompanied by its purification and dehumidification. However, there are models created to meet special customer requirements.

Silence. Japanese factories (Mitsubishi, Daikin, Toshiba, Panasonic) were the first to produce silent air conditioners, which are now widespread. The lower threshold of noise is 21 dB - it can be compared with the clock ticking!

Anti-bacterial filter.
Various filters and coatings trap and inactivate viruses and bacteria, prevent the proliferation of fungal infection. Very efficient in this sense, for example, the device Samsung Bio. And the air conditioning companies Panasonic, CHOFU (both with catechin filter), Daikin (mould-proof filter), General FUJITSU (two filters, treated with an extract of wasabi) get in the way of infectious diseases spreading through the air.

Purification of pollen and tobacco smoke. Special filters can capture pollen (important for allergy sufferers), tobacco smoke, dust, tiny particles down to 0.01 microns. Similar systems are equipped with products from many leading manufacturers: General FUJITSU, Panasonic, LG Electronics (System PLASMA), Daikin.

Other requests. Ozonizing effect and ionization automatically adjust the air flow direction not only vertically but also horizontally (Mitsubishi heavy, Panasonic); tested for optimal concentration of oxygen and bring it back to normal (Midea Elite Star). Motion Sensor Intelligent eye (Daikin) in the absence of people in the room puts the system into power saving mode (savings - up to 20%).


Maintenance of air conditioners should be carried out once or twice a year. Services include diagnosis and prevention equipment, if necessary - freon refill. Cleaning, dressing and decontamination carried out by chemical means, so employees specialized companies must have appropriate licenses, equipment and experience.

Normal levels of air in the apartment

• About 21% of oxygen
• Not more than 0,3% of carbon dioxide
• Relative humidity - 50-60%
• The mobility of the air mass - 0,1-0,15 m / s
• The temperature of 22-24 ° C
• Cleared by mineral and organic dust
• deodorize

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