Brick House: Symbol of success

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Articles about the construction | Brick House: Symbol of success Examining various options for building a country house, the magazine, naturally, could not ignore the brick. Changing fashion trends and building on the market there are new materials and technologies - but the Russian consumer "remains faithful" is the brick buildings. What is the reason for this constancy?

Symbol of success

Of course, the brick has a completely objective advantages - for example, longevity or good heat. Just below we will examine them in detail, but for now let's talk about another matter - prestige. Well-known saying that "labor is not righteous nazhivesh stone chambers" at least ambiguous. On the one hand, she condemns the people who have achieved wealth through unjust. On the other - it has obviously heard the envy of those who are still able to "amass". And in any case significant that it became a symbol of success of the "house of stone", ie brick. From another stone (for example, natural) in our area was not built specifically ...

"Your own house, and it was a brick - a symbol of success for the Russian people, - said Boris Tsyrkin, chairman of the board of directors Kaskad Family. - This trend stretches from very ancient times. We have long become accustomed to technology, but if you have already got used to them - that for centuries ".

It is noteworthy that wealthy people sometimes do to their traditions are not happy. One of our consultants told about the director of a large corporation, who built himself a five-story brick mansion. At heart, this man has always dreamed of a small wooden house, but (noblesse oblige!) Was just forced to live in these mansions. Right or wrong, he entered - a separate issue, but note that his high social status, he proceeded to prove it was the brick house - no other!

Reliability, durability, eco-friendly ...

We now return from the field of psychology in an objective reality and see what good brick. First in a series of its merits consultants magazine unanimously named durability. Her examples can be found everywhere - the Moscow Kremlin, say ... "This material is known for not one thousand years" - sums up Sergey Pankov, deputy director for construction company "Summer Project". Another expert called the high resistance of brick to the adverse weather conditions (rain, snow, strong wind) and biological factors (decay, insects, fungi, bacteria) - but it's essentially just variations on the theme of the same longevity.

Another obvious advantage is incombustibility. Of course, the brick house is not safe from fire: a house always have something to burn and beyond the walls. However, the spread of fire, as well as to the loss, which will cause a fire, the structure of the brick on the head and shoulders above the same timber - even if the latter impregnation vaunted modern flame retardants.

The next item - environmentally friendly. The people on this subject say that the material "breathes", ie It creates a favorable climate for humans. This also abuts and quality, which reminds Julia Severinenko, CEO ZemAktiv "- the ability to hold heat well. Being well warmed, a massive brick house cools down very slowly: even in the winter frosts, he loses all of one degree per day. A very useful quality for a country building!

Do not forget about such as how small investments in the operation. Unlike many other materials are brick does not require regular painting, impregnation, etc. And also - for good sound insulation brick house.

From a purely construction point of view, this material is also quite convenient. It allows you to build structures of virtually any configuration. In addition, the building of brick is quite simple - it does not require special equipment.

Hard, cold, wet "

Unfortunately, nothing in this world is not free of flaws - so have the bricks. One of the most important - a large mass. It leads to the fact that the transport of material to the construction site is not cheap. But the main thing is not even that. "Brick House heavy, and for him to make a very strong foundation," - explains Peter Kirillov, Marketing Director Velich »,« Lipki Park. Which, of course, leads to a sharp rise in the cost of construction: it is estimated that at the foundation of the houses made of bricks have a third of the total value.

The second most serious drawback - brick not tolerate frost. The trouble is not so much that winter in our area is very cold, and that the weather is very uneven: the transition through zero "occurs repeatedly, sometimes several times within one day. Located inside the walls of water that freezes, then thaws - which, of course, absolutely does not benefit the "health" brick. So this story can be recommended for building a cottage for permanent residence, which is heated in winter. But the country house, used only in summer and the winter being left unattended, will collapse rather quickly.

The next negative - high thermal conductivity. To be more understandable to the layman, this means that the brick retains heat poorly. In the calculation of the specialized press, according to which the normal insulation walls must be thick ... 2,5 - 3 m, which clearly is beyond reasonable. In practice, of course, the problem is solved differently: as noted by Anton Kopylov, CEO development group Integra, in houses made of bricks made additional warming. What - are we adding on his own - creates a new difficulty: a heater should not be released in the air any chemical nastiness. Otherwise listed in the previous chapter, among the advantages of environmentally friendly bricks will go to pieces.

And the construction of a brick house is a long time, and still used "wet" processes - respectively, the construction can not be conducted during the cold season. Theoretically, of course, you can make a "sarcophagus", which provide zero temperature even in winter. But that construction costs will increase further.

And finally, the brick house needs interior finishing. If, for example, logs are themselves part of the interior, and there are many who want to live right among the log walls, the bricks with a focus does not take place. Inside the house will definitely need to plaster, paint, wallpaper, etc.

Since pores are large and colorful

Brick - a very old technology. On the one hand, that's fine: "quality, time-tested", etc. On the other - in our being upgraded everything. And described our construction materials is no exception.

"There is a brick with the addition of wood shavings, which burned after the construction and leaves inside the pores of the material, - says Evgeny Shevchenko, Director of Sales MULTIGROUP Development. - Thus, the material becomes easier and gets more heat-saving properties. Also there is a lightweight slotted brick, with a cavity inside, brick with grooves, which provide a more convenient stacking. Other species - is firebrick, protected against fire and temperature changes, as well as decorative brick. "

Sergei Vazhenin, building an expert system of cottage settlements of the Moscow-river, "adds that there are numerous chemical additives that improve the frost resistance of products.

Julia Severinenko (ZemAktiv ") notes that today, manufacturers began to produce bricks with larger dimensions - in addition to single (250h120h65 mm) there is one and a half brick, double and custom. This makes it possible to reduce the number of seams, and thus reduces the cost and time for the construction of wall structures. In addition to long-existing white and red brick manufacturers have mastered the other colors, there are many varieties and textures of cladding material.

Art choice

When you purchase anything (and the brick here is no exception) always want to make sure that you get a quality product. Therefore, we asked our consultants, how to choose.

Julia Severinenko (ZemAktiv ") recommended the first to pay attention to the labeling. The figure that comes after the letter M, says the strength of a brick - the more the strength of the above. And after the letter F - the number of cycles of freezing and thawing, in other words, frost.

But only the marking (ie, what about your product reported by the manufacturers) to trust, of course, impossible. "Much of the material - continues to Julia Severinenko - will tell you the color. If the brick is not dozhgli, it will be pale pink, absorb water, dirty hands at impact to issue hollow sound, it can be a lot of small cracks or more deep. If the bricks burned with all the rules, then it is red, small absorbs water upon impact produces clean sound on the fracture has a uniform structure, there are no voids, lime and pebbles. This building material is hard and durable. Another way to check on the quality of bricks - to drop it from a height of 1,5 - 1,8 meters on a solid stone foundation. In that case, if the brick shattered into many small pieces, then it has low quality. If a brick falling from a given height crashed 2-3 large pieces, then it of good quality. "

Truly universal advice - pay attention to price - gives Anna Shishkina, Director of Strategic Development LLC Absolute Management. "Producers of the competition are forced to economize on the components and simplify the technology - she notes. The result is a brick, does not meet the requirements: the price does not meet the quality, a lot of "battle." A good brick can not be cheap! ".

Prices: There is room for maneuver
Consumers, of course, of interest rates. The question of which has caused among our experts are certain disagreements. Thus, Sergey Vazhenin (Moskva River ") believes that 1 square. m in a half-brick masonry costs about 2,5 thousand rubles. (1000 material, delivery, 1500 - work). And Sergey Pankov ("Summer Project") believes that the minimum is 5,5 - 6 thousand rubles.

Pyotr Kirillov (Velich »,« Lipki Park ") proposes to measure several other units - not an area of ??the walls, and square meters of finished buildings. By his estimation, the cost of the box will be $ 500 - 700 per sqm. m. And Anton Kopylov ("Integra") believes that the price here is $ 1 - 1.1 thousand for the quarter. m

Only build out of brick - it is quite expensive. So, like Anna Shishkina ("Absolute Management"), are now actively using various combinations versions: with silicate or aerated concrete blocks, polystyrene, etc.

Summary of the magazine

Earlier in this article called disadvantages of brick - and this is very serious shortcomings. But - pay attention - most of them about money. Expensive to bring a long time to build, you need to insulate - all these problems, which completely resolved over a certain amount. The only really significant flaw - a brick house not tolerate the winter, if not heated. But this argument totally do not care about the wealthy - those who build house for permanent residence. In short, if you have enough money and you are going to live at his country house year-round, brick - by far the best solution.

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