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Ventilation of a country house: designing with the mind
Clean fresh air in the house is a dream that can become a reality thanks to the mechanical ventilation. The system itself is quite simple, the main thing - the correct calculation.
Is there radon in drinking water?
In many countries, radon is the second leading cause of lung cancer after smoking.
7 architectural styles for a private house
Moving out of town is fraught with many pluses and one of them is the opportunity to choose the look of your house.
Scientists have created eco-friendly bricks from human waste
Australian scientists from the Royal Melbourne University of Technology (RMIT) have developed eco-friendly baked clay bricks that include biosolides. This writes ScienceAlert.
Patchwork as a way to bring comfort and warmth of home
If we take unwanted clothes, tucked fabric, thread and imagination, you can get a nice and cozy blanket! "The owner is" studying patchwork to create a homey feel.
Frame house: all the pros and cons
Frame houses have high energy efficiency and a relatively low price, and the question of durability directly depends on the quality of the material and the performance of work.
Renovation: learning from others' mistakes
Error repair may lead to re-redoing the work performed. Much easier to take into account all the nuances in preparation for it.
To demolish or reconstruct: building a new house instead of the old
Build a house, even on a free site, it's not the easiest. Even more complicated if the land holdings are buildings that you no longer need, and in their place you want to build a new cottage or a townhouse.
Popular back room in standard flats
Previously, when the range of housing was not nearly as wide as it is today, and have the choice of waiting there was virtually no apartments with pantries and "Teschin" rooms were valued most highly. Nowadays, even the typical apartments, including "odnushki" often have an area that allows to equip the storeroom for various applications.
Drilling for water - the best solution for arranging supply of country houses
The most appropriate way to provide water to a country cottage can be considered as an autonomous system of water supply. True country house water system must be sufficiently protected from freezing in winter. As a source of drinking water wells are often used for water or wells.
7 signs of modern life
Technical progress and change of habits made our today's life incomprehensible to a Soviet man from the early seventies. Some 35-40 years ago, having described your present life, you would at best be known for the grandson of Jules Verne, and at worst would be in a psychiatric hospital.
How to avoid greenhouse
It is hard to imagine a country inhabited area without at least a small greenhouse.
Five pieces of furniture that you should never have in your apartment
Grandma's carpet, a vase "under China" and a four-poster bed. We talk about the five pieces of furniture that are best never to have in the apartment.
7 garden decoration ideas
Eco-friendly lifestyle is gradually becoming more and more fashionable - plastic bags are being replaced by reusable bags and shopping bags, and separate garbage collection is being introduced at the state level. And of course many townspeople prefer the green expanses of the countryside to the stuffy urban jungle.
You need to know about Geology, to build a house
Since the 1990s, low-rise cottage buildings erected without relevant geological engineering survey. What caused it, we see quite clearly: in many cottages today sagged, gave a crack, and their cellars are flooded groundwater..
Types of heating for a private house
Life in a private country house from a technical point of view primarily means the absence of the usual central heating. So there is a need to choose the method of heating a country house - and it is desirable to determine this at the design stage of the cottage.
Halloween: how to quickly and correctly to decorate the house?
Popular in the western world holiday masquerade Halloween (October 31), of course, Ukraine is celebrated not so big. But we have a lot of his fans, who advance to prepare for it.
Landscape at a minimum: where to start?
There is a spring holiday season is about to begin and be tempted to call the nursery or supermarket to buy the next ephedra, or a garden sculpture.
Tips in anticipation of frost
Sometimes even experienced owners, having a house for seasonal residing, make mistakes when shutdown it in winter. And if the home owner purchased it in the spring, and this is his first winter, prepare for it, he must carefully Nansen to drift on the ship «FRAM» through the centre of the Arctic.
How to make an apartment safer using smart gadgets
At home, you want to feel safe and comfortable, but nobody is immune from troubles and extraordinary incidents. In this case, come to the aid of modern gadgets for the house. Experts told about the most popular devices for the house, which will protect both the property and the life of the household.
Choose wisely pool
In today's world everyone is a problem. But the suburban area of the pool can boast of a few. However, with the onset of hot summer days everyone wants to swim. And if the financial and structural barriers can still get adults to give up the idea that taking care of children staying still oblige many to seek opportunities for personal device pool.
House with intelligence
American author Ray Bradbury in 1950 in all the details painted a concept of "smart home" in his story "Will gentle rain", and now the idea of ​​science fiction became reality.
Complex roof requires knowledge
For the construction of the complex roof require expertise and highly skilled designers and builders.
As to build a log house?
Modern wooden houses made of logs are nothing like the old Russian hut. Variety of designs of log houses allows you to create in them a variety of style interiors. But the background of natural wood still requires, and largely determines the interior and decor for the home.
Preparing the dacha for the winter
There is no particular difference if you come to your country house on weekends in winter or do not go to the cottage at all while there is snow on the street, anyway, before the onset of frosts, the house and the plot should be prepared for wintering.
Secrets of luxury boxes
Vіkna in Perche Cerga, povinnі conceded puskati Light and not cold, but not Tse zovsіm zavazhaє їm Buti Stylish Elements іnter'єru. W CIM zavdannyam vporaєtsya not Til'ky designer, ale i ve sami.
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