Austere design, or how to repair flats cheap

11.01.2011 09:30
Articles about the construction | Austere design, or how to repair flats cheap Now increasingly in the interiors of dwellings present the principle of minimalism. Austere design can be done, as having spent a very large sum, and reducing costs to a minimum. And if a few years ago such a design would not cause enthusiasm, it is now at the height of fashion. Standard - the interiors of apartments of the Soviet period 60-70 th. That includes an ascetic interior allows you to make repairs cheaper apartments?

First and foremost, is to use paint to cover the walls. Dyes are used to commit any - glue, synthetic enamel. It should be noted that instead of painting the walls Wallpapering is not only an opportunity to make repairs cheaper but more environmentally friendly in your home. For decoration, as well as for design baths and kitchens, using tiles - in a fashion as ceramic tiles of various colors, and fiberboard, covered with water-insoluble compounds.

For the flooring in the ascetic interior use linoleum. He, contrary to the opinion of many adherents of modern materials, not left in the distant past, and experiencing a rebirth. Linoleum is now available on the market in a range that allows us to simulate the performance of any of the material. You can make repairs flats cheaply if we replace the costs of expensive flooring for the purchase of linoleum, which by the way, and put presents no difficulty.

All of these materials, unlike the modern plastic and synthetic novelties, much more environmentally friendly. Therefore, it is worth considering whether to invest huge money in repairs, or you can do at minimum cost.
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