At what altitude will live inhabitants of megacities, escaping from the water after 200 years

08.10.2011 00:30
Articles about the construction | At what altitude will live inhabitants of megacities, escaping from the water after 200 years New York architects to reflect on how mega-cities of the world will look in a couple of hundred years, given the forecasts of rising sea levels.

The project, entitled "Akvalta" developed Futurological sketches of New York and Tokyo. According to the authors of the concept of the studio Lindfors, harbor, and the system overhead channels will replace the existing transport system. The general objective of the project - to predict how populations adapt to changing conditions of the natural and urban environment, write "

The architects suggest that the inhabitants of cities due to substantially raise the water level will be living and traveling several meters higher than it is today. Vegetables and fruits are likely to be grown on the roofs of flooded homes, paths for walking will be held there.

Name of the project comes from the Acqua Alta - the so-called "high tide" for centuries raising the water level in Venice. And the authors of the project believe that the future residents of cities will be able to without too much trouble to adapt to such a "Venetian" conditions of life and be able to get into a harmonious system of new Ecopolis.

Earlier, the same French architect Vincent Kallebo imbued with forecasts environmentalists about global warming and rising sea levels, offered an option for those who do not want to live in flooded towns. He drafted a "floating Ecopolis for climate refugees" under the name of Lilypad. capacity of 50 thousand inhabitants, those "immigrants" that will run off from global warming to the mainland.

The Intergovernmental Panel Climate Evolution in the disaster zone may be up to 25 million inhabitants of the earth. If in the twentieth century, the general rise in global sea level was only ten centimeters, at this age may have a whole fifty.
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