As to build a log house?

10.01.2015 00:30
Articles about the construction | As to build a log house? Modern wooden houses made of logs are nothing like the old Russian hut. Variety of designs of log houses allows you to create in them a variety of style interiors. But the background of natural wood still requires, and largely determines the interior and decor for the home. Design Studio offers of Barbara Zelenetskaya stay at the style of Provence, which allows you to effectively enhance the beauty of a wooden house, to make it comfortable and cozy.

Natural color of the wood can not be called dark, but as in a log cabin he everywhere, designers recommend in interior decoration prefer light colors. All large items of furniture is better to choose white and beige shades.

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Also in white or other light colors should be painted frames, window sills, baseboards and moldings. They are like "cuff" make the interior brighter and fresher.

Wooden house at the present time are classified as eco-housing. To finish their designers recommend to use only natural materials: wood, stone, ceramics.

The same advice applies to textiles in the interior. Choosing curtains, bedspreads and other decorative elements of fabrics, prefer wild silk, flax and cotton natural, noble colors.

In the interior of the log home will fit perfectly into floral motifs. Floral prints in textiles and arrangement of flowers on the walls will be a bright, playful element of the decor.

Advantageously and effectively on a background of wood always looks metal. So feel free to complement the interior wrought iron furnishings and decor.

Warmth of wood well accentuate the soft light small table lamps, wall lamps and floor lamps. A large number of light scenes make the interior cozy and a little magical.

Aesthetics of a country house in the style of Provence will help support an abundance of accessories: vases, candlesticks, figurines, soft pillows and plush toys.
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