As it is not necessary to decorate an apartment for New Year

20.12.2015 00:15
Articles about the construction | As it is not necessary to decorate an apartment for New Year Christmas and New Year just around the corner, it's time to take care of a festive mood in your home. Alas, often in the process of interior decoration for the holidays we allow common mistakes and use bereft of relevant techniques. It is important to remember that the decor is to choose according to the type of property and the style of the interior. Art director of "winning design" Stepan told Bugaev what mistakes we often commit to you, and that you should avoid any clichÉs, decorating a house for the New Year.

Cliche №1: «When decorating, the whole apartment"

The main rule of harmonious Christmas decoration - moderation in all things. It is not necessary to decorate the "spontaneously" from the once all known variants of the decor. You do not want to turn the apartment into a workshop of Santa Claus? If the area of ​​your apartment less than 50 square meters, try not to overload the space of large, bulky structures (for example, Christmas tree to the ceiling) and the set of attributes of Christmas (snowflakes, garlands, toys, candles). Remember the sense of proportion!

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Cliche №2: «Decor - separately, the interior - separately"

Oddly enough, we'll often forget that Christmas decorations should be in harmony with the interior. Decide what style and way of dressing of your closest and best for your home. If the apartment is decorated in a minimalist style, traditional ornate Christmas tree may look out of place in it. The best solution is to opt for a sculpture in the form of a tree or installation made of Christmas balls.

Cliche №3: «Red must be many"
Making Interior for the New Year, we should define the colors decor sustain the so-called general line. If the registration of a single color of the apartment you decide to choose a traditional red, be careful: this color is very easy to overdo it. Try to keep the decor not "argue" with the interior, but do not merge with it. If in doubt about choosing colors, the perfect solution - silver or gold. But based on the colors of the interior and personal preference, you can choose any other color.

Cliche №4: «The more the decor, the better"

Chaotic hung tinsel and randomly arranged festive accessories unlikely to add charm to your interior. Take care of the composition. Select the central key element of decor. Traditionally, it is a Christmas tree. However, if you want to get away from the classics, the center may be, for example, a fireplace in the living room or the dining table in the dining room.

Cliche №5: «Let the decor is a little, but at least something"

A situation where the decor is simply lost in the interior, too uncommon. Small snowflakes on a bare wall, a rare tinsel, balls spread out around the apartment. Making apartment for the New Year, it is necessary to build on its size and conditions, ceiling height and existing decor. If the apartment is a lot of space, and the space for the imagination more. Avoid small objects against the background of space.

Cliche №6: «Tinsel - is everything"
Apartment uveshenny tinsel and "rain" is very difficult to call a cozy and tastefully decorated. Find a worthy replacement for this hackneyed cliches: use paper garlands, beads, streamers.

Cliche №7: «The Imitation Game"
Artificial snow, LED simulation candles, plastic eating unnatural flowers, candles with strong, sharp, unnatural flavors - all these elements do not add comfort to your home. If you are unable or unwilling to purchase natural spruce, try to choose as close to natural imitation. Use candles with soft unobtrusive odor, or do without it. Give preference to natural materials and colors, all the more so now in a natural trend.

Cliche №8: «decorate any cost"

In the process of interior decoration for the New Year and Christmas, we often forget about the practical side of the issue. You should not hang a mirror tinsel, Christmas tree to put on the aisle and place holiday installations where all of them will stumble. Make sure that the decor was safe. Think about all the possible risks: Do not place candles near the paper garlands, set decor beating out of reach of children and pets. And remember that after the holidays, Christmas decorations have to clean or replace the more urgent. But some elements such as sticky snowflakes risk to remain on your screen until the next New Year, or even ruin your favorite wallpaper. A tree on a metal or plastic base can leave an indelible mark on the soul of your parquet.

Cliche №9: «Decor for decoration"

Another common mistake - faceless Christmas decorations, do not carry a special meaning. However, for the sake of decoration decor it has long been left in the past: the most valuable in the modern interior decoration - it is his personality. Use in the decoration of family photos, beat hobbies of family members. Involve all households (especially the little ones!) To create a New Year's decoration with their hands. There is nothing pleasant moments of family entertainment in anticipation of the holidays.

Cliche №10: «Savings above all else"
Alas, often in an effort to save an unforgivable mistake we make Porto a stylish interior decor with purchased low. Poor tinsel, garlands, Chinese balls and smelly plastic ... there are as many as two options to avoid this without huge losses for the budget. First - do minimalist, but worthy accessories. Second - to do something with their hands, to buy at fairs and flea markets to dig "in my grandmother's trunk."

Bonus: 5 tips on how to decorate the interior now
1. Decoration of windows and window sills: Treat yourself and bring Christmas mood all who look to your windows. 2. Front door: Christmas wreath on the front door will create an atmosphere of celebration from the very threshold. 3. New Textiles: even a couple of covers on pillows and a blanket can transform your living room beyond recognition! 4. Festive table setting: make a New Year's dinner really atmospheric. The main thing - that the decor was not too bulky and interfered comfortable communicating at the table. 5. Light: You can use candles, lanterns, Christmas lamps, LED garlands choose different shapes and colors. Try different lighting scenarios to create a special atmosphere of warmth and comfort.
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