Apartment «with handwriting: how to express themselves through the interior

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Articles about the construction | Apartment «with handwriting: how to express themselves through the interior Apartments with copyright repair - a rare and relatively new format in the market of urban real estate. However, the demand for such housing is growing, which proves the interest of customers. In an apartment rooms are equipped with kitchen furniture and the latest plumbing and appliances, in the hall already have a wardrobe in the rooms - designer curtains and lighting. Novosel is just to buy furniture and champagne for a housewarming.

Not new and not forgotten old

Time takes its toll and more and more Russians prefer to borrow foreign experience. And there's a lot to learn. Indeed, in most civilized countries flats offered for sale with only interior finishing, and in some cases and with the author's design. It is fair to all the same to say that the western decoration of apartments of a class of any refinements and exclusivity is no different. Made all the same brush, with the only difference is that when painting walls, floors and doors can be used only three colors - dark, light and neutral.

But there, in the West and overseas, anything! And we have until that time, virtually every home buyer discovers his own decorating talents and created a dream apartment in the home and facilities. In Soviet times, the appearance of apartments with design repairs prevented the dominant ideology, aimed at erasing any manifestation of individuality. Everyone had to think alike, dress alike and live equally. As a result, the apartments were like one another, but all the signs of design repair equipment ended arches or punch opening in the wall to install the door to an extra room. With the collapse of the Soviet Union, these guides have lost relevance, and began a period of active development of the new format - with a designer apartment repairs.

According to Alexander Zima, Director of Sales real estate company Penny Lane Realty, the first apartments with design renovation began to appear on the market in the mid 1990's. Even today, call this format a rare mistake. According to the company hits the market elite "secondary housing" 90% "completed" apartments with design repairs. 75% of apartments with designer delights - in the housing segment of the business class. Another thing is that someone from the buyers may not like it, but someone on the contrary, it is necessary to taste. And if it is good to try, you can find accommodation with the author's design and in economy class. Although even the most primitive "freaks" in a low-price segment is not always welcome, or simply not affordable to the buyer. And most likely, "the author of Design" will be the former owner, not an eminent graphic designer.

Even so, I'm sure Catherine Gurieva, director of sales department of urban real estate IntermarkSavills, and today apartments with the true author's design and finish on the primary market of Moscow real estate is very small. A rare deals already with a ready design repair is usually only offered in the secondary housing market, experts said.

Irina Mogilatova, CEO TWEED, recalls that the author's design does not end with the choice of paint for the ceiling, wall to wall, tile and parquet flooring, with what could easily handle himself settler. Designing and decorating carried out high-flying professionals. In the design project is not only a plan for furniture arrangement, selection of matching colors for walls and floors, and engineering equipment, organization of office space, installation of electrical and television cables, engagement sockets to the right places. It is also a timely fashion style. After all, yesterday was popular in the interior of the Art Deco style, five years ago - high-tech in the late 90's - tough English classics. But today welcomed the classic American, and every other buyer luxury homes would be ready to move into an apartment with this particular design. Explains everything is simple: our compatriots managed to travel around the world, see a lot of beautiful interiors and realize that today's honor and how to live. Fashionable and modern solutions, and they now require from designers.

Pros and cons

The main and the main advantages of an apartment under renovation design is considered an individual approach to the equipment of living space. For example, said Aleksander Zima of concrete box area of ??100 square meters. m can be made and stylish studio for a bachelor, and a comfortable 4-room apartment for a happy large family.

The merit of the designer and is it based on his calculations, and fantasies can anticipate and plan for the necessary of a family of number of rooms, size and configuration of common areas - living room, dining room, corridors and kitchens. With the help of designer delights you can adapt the living space under the lifestyle and hobby of a family or individual to take into account individual needs illumination. Often happens when the buyer of housing plans in the apartment put a small winter garden for plants that need more lighting. But for someone on the contrary: if the home library is stored valuable ancient books, bright light for them fatal. Design renovation take into account any technically feasible customer requests: heated floors, fireplace, spa-area, etc.

In addition to the emotional Plus, there is a design of repair and technical merit. So, to translate ideas into practice will not only architects, designers, decorators, but also highly construction team. The agency entrusted with the repair will take care of the legitimacy of the approval of any re-planning, that of a single individual could take a lot of time. Finally, design and repair teams are working with reliable suppliers, which ultimately affect the discounts when purchasing materials.

But the author's design and not without drawbacks. And the first, so to speak, a purely monetary. It should be understood that the individual will never repair can cost as much as usual, typical. Moreover, the more the customer's wishes put into the project, the more expensive it will be implemented. In practice, there are cases when the cost of repairs exceeded the design value of the apartment.

Another shortcoming - the duration of works. Unique architectural improvements, in contrast to the standard of, say, a new building panel, fast is never done. The more individual items, the longer it takes for their execution. Even in the flat business class, not to mention the luxury sector, the work can drag on and on year and by two.

Finally, a third less will be felt when the owner decides to sell its nest. Practice has shown that any individual repair significantly reduces the number of potential buyers. For example, explains Alexander Zima, if you are equipped with three small rooms, because you have to have three children of different ages, then the buyer may be only the same family. No one will dare to buy an apartment is certainly inappropriate to then again to pay for the dismantling and transfer of interior partitions, move the functional zones, etc.

Opportunities are limited to a quick sale, not only individually designed and chosen style interior. For example, a minimalist never buy an apartment with a "palace interiors, and a lover of the classics - a studio-style loft. "And yet - sums up the pros and cons Irina Mogilatova - flat, which worked on a professional, can be seen immediately. The main thing is that when it was observed selling price / quality ratio and the level of the design project must meet the level of the house. No rich and elaborate design of the Khrushchev "kopeck piece" does not improve its quality, while its sales will take a long time. "

Price author of fantasy

The average cost of development of the design project is $ 100 per square. m. But this is the case of a professional approach. Design Bureau should, in addition to imaging, to provide technical documentation, scanning the walls, engineering, drawings, parts on order, etc. For this work the whole team, each specialist makes his scope of work.

You can reduce the cost of repairs and, inviting the architect or designer only to they have helped pick up the necessary and the combined materials, furniture. Then the rates for the "square" could fall by 2-3 times. But in this version is better to be on the alert: many young and cunning architects working with managers of specialized furniture and hardware stores, and for each client receive considerable interest. In order not to fall for this bait, it is necessary to run through other outlets, compare prices for the same materials and as a result of understanding, you are bred or not.

The cost of repair design may be very different. In economy class on the forces to meet the $ 400-500 per square. m, and in the elite segment and $ 5 thousand may not be enough. "The minimum cost of repairs in the segment of the business class starts at $ 1200 per sqm. m - calculated Oksana Diveevo, director of residential sales at Blackwood. - During the repair will be built in kitchen furniture, necessary appliances, plumbing. But more than a thousand - no limit. And everything will depend on the preferences and wishes of the client in the materials, equipment, furniture and other home furnishings.

Many companies engage in the sale of apartments with a ready design repair the key. In these cases, the apartment might like, and may not match the taste of the buyer. But undoubtedly, these apartments will be sold anyway, because there were many people from those who are not used to save on repairs and is ready to trust the professionals.

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