70% of the wooden houses built in cottage settlements

19.06.2012 00:00
Articles about the construction | 70% of the wooden houses built in cottage settlements 70% of the buyers of their wooden houses built in the cottage, and not on an individual site, the press service of the company Rovaniemi.

Forest and solitude gave way to common sense - home buyers choose not to own land, and land in an organized cottage, where there is not only gas, water, and socio-cultural life, safety and operating service.

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The company Rovaniemi found an interesting pattern: if two years ago about 50% of customers ordered the Finnish wooden houses to put in a secluded area away from neighbors, from the work in 2012, it is obvious that the trend turned in the opposite direction is now 70 % of customers prefer to land in the cottage just because there is a proper environment and infrastructure.

"We have noticed that recently the majority of buyers prefer to buy homes of Finnish sites in cottage settlements. A couple of years ago, these clients were 20% less "- says Dan Topada, head of Rovaniemi in Moscow.

This is due to the fact that even 2-3 years ago, the number of proposals in the organized settlements with all communications, and without requiring a contract was much less than now. Now the client has, from which to choose.

In addition, customers are very important security that is provided round the clock security in the village, which is not on a detached plot. Most often, the settlement serves the professional operating company that takes care of the garbage disposal, clean-up, maintenance, communications, performs routine repairs and much more. People are willing to pay for the comfort and pleasure, all these concerns be passed on to the management company.

"In the current work of the management company in the settlement not only allows the client to make life very carefree, but also to save finances, a person spends on servicing and maintenance of the house when he does it himself. We optimize and costs and schedules, and prevention - so that it can not do it the layman ", - said Sergey Semeniuk, commercial director of the Civil FACILICOM.
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