7 bugs in the repair of apartments

14.11.2010 16:12
Mistake number 1. In practice, it often happens that between the cheap and not very good quality, and expensive and the quality thing is not much difference in price. This rule applies mostly to the plumbing, laminate flooring and appliances. Cheap - does not mean low quality.<br /><br />Mistake number 2. Put a good plastic windows if the windows in your apartment is not perfect. Do not try to save on the windows!<br /><br />Mistake number 3. Line the walls with great care, taking care that the angle was always set to 90 degrees! So you protect yourself from many problems. And pay particular attention to the corners and the places where the doors will be installed. After all, the curves of the walls with difficulty cometh door frames, cupboards and hanging shelves. Agree, hardly anyone will fit your furniture in the rough wall.<br /><br />Mistake number 4. Decide in advance with the material for the floor - where it will be linoleum, where the tile, and where the parquet. If you align all the floors in the apartment, making a total tie, then it will have to redo it. As for the flooring needs to be done below the tie, and tile - above. And because of the uneven ties when laying floors and then the seams can distend.<br /><br />Mistake number 5. Autumn and spring, when the apartment is not included or are already disconnected heating, the floor gets cold. To avoid this, put in the kitchen, hallway and bathroom underfloor heating. Do not skimp on this important component of your home. If you save now, then later regret it when you're cold.<br /><br />Mistake number 6. Pay particular attention to the choice of laminate. Buy a laminate with a wax-impregnated. He is usually wrong side of the green. If you're on a cover accidentally spill boiling water, it will do without special effects and damage to the floor.<br /><br />Mistake number 7. Many causes difficulty in the question of how pokleit wallpaper that the seams were not visible. Remember, if the wallpaper is no clearly defined pattern, it does not mean that they do not need to dock. The offset provides a clear agreement between the edges of the wallpaper, and its size is always specified on the package.<br /><br />Seem to be truisms, but they somehow just and often do not pay attention. The result is poor quality repairs, or have to redo everything twice, which certainly does not benefit your wallet. So, we read the article and do the repair without any errors!<br /><a href="https://www.zagorodna.com">www.zagorodna.com</a><br /><br />
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