5 top color trends for spring / summer 2014

27.04.2014 00:15
Articles about the construction | 5 top color trends for spring / summer 2014 Talking about fashion trends in interior design in the first place, we pay attention to color palette because it primarily affects the perception of the overall picture and style in the interior. And that is good , the colors in the interior in 2014 are beautiful names , and looks fresh, young, " tasty " and cheerful, but at the same time caressing glance some haze . Season spring - summer 2014 is already open, and we offer the hit parade of the most fashionable and relevant for today shades in the interior!


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This beautiful shade named after the flower, which is actually a variety of colors, including this almost canary yellow , but a little more restrained . Perfectly with contrasting shades like black , grass green , turquoise , blue and rapidly elevates mood and vitality.

Radiant Orchid

Perfect shade for emphasizing parts and accessories in the interior. Try it in an interesting tandem with olive or ocher- green , pale yellow, or azure , and if you do not feel like a tide courage Otten subtlety of his character more classic shades like beige , gray- brown or blue-gray .

Dazzling Blue

This season, if the blue , it is precisely this - and brave , and discreet, and dynamic, and deep , giving him a fine property as compatibility with bright and contrasting palettes , and with quite a calm and neutral. Its advantage is in the fact that he is able to revive the amazing space , but you never get tired of its liveliness. If you - a supporter of a more neutral shades , feel free to use it in the decor and textiles.


- This incredibly soft green shade is combined with other color palettes and can certainly be used as a base color in the interior , and - in a more saturated version - as the accent color scheme . A wall painted in this gentle noble color , the room will give peace and quiet.


Pretty daring, but not too bright, with the desire to salmon , it - exceptional color for placement of accents in the interior. Add to it a certain severity , combining with lighter shades and calm , and you get up to date in this year's color palette for the interior.
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