Ventilation of a country house: designing with the mind

02.11.2012 00:45
Articles about the construction |  Ventilation of a country house: designing with the mind Clean fresh air in the house is a dream that can become a reality thanks to the mechanical ventilation. The system itself is quite simple, the main thing - the correct calculation.
Natural ventilation of a country house is not able to effectively implement ventilation, while keeping warm in the freezing cold or cool in the heat.


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Natural ventilation systems have one significant drawback - their performance depends on the random factors (wind speed, air temperature). Exhaust fans, which are sometimes set in the kitchen and in the bathroom, do not solve the problem, because the air in the required amount does not come inside.

Another thing - supply ventilation. The simplest consists of the window of the valve through which air enters a building, or supply air fan that is mounted in a window or a hole in the exterior wall. However, such system has a serious disadvantage - winter outside will penetrate the icy air, causing draught and остужающий room, which may lead to diseases of people, отклеиванию Wallpaper, cracks furniture. The air, which penetrates inside the house, must be supplied with a temperature of not less than 16 degrees, that is, when the cold in 26 degrees it will have to be heated to 40 degrees, that without a heater, it is impossible to do.

An ideal system of ventilation is when in each room exactly as much air and such parameters, which are necessary «here and now» regardless of external weather conditions.

One of the most simple and accessible way to give the house the fresh clean air of the required amount - block supply-and-exhaust installation, all components of which are collected in one шумоизолированном housing (моноблоке). This is, for example, the system ВЕНТС tag Mini, fully ready to vent the unit, providing filtering, heating, fresh air in the room and destruction of contaminated. The filter allows you to clear the air of dust, fluff, insects, leaves. In the winter and the transitional period of the supply air is heated with the help of the air heater (electric or water). To reduce costs for heating the supply air in the block system uses the heat exchanger, through which warm exhaust air heats the air. It is necessary to consider, that in the supply-and-exhaust units with heat recovery (without heater or water-heater) with capacity from 200 to 600 cubic m/h electricity consumption is from 116 to 390 Watts, with an electric heater and cooler - 1600 - 4500 Watt.

Built-in all-in-one automation allows you to adjust the performance of the fan (3 speeds), to establish the supply air temperature, to control the state (degree of pollution) filter, connect and manage additional exhaust equipment and electric drives air dampers. In addition, automation allows to maintain the maximum permissible levels of carbon dioxide, the system will not work «idle» in the absence of a room of people.

Installation is mounted on the floor, suspended to the ceiling using the mounting bracket or mounted on a wall using the mounting brackets. Installation can be done as in the auxiliary rooms (balcony, closet, basement, attic and etc.), so, in the main, by placing the installation of the ceiling, niche or by the open way.

On the calculation of the
The design of the ventilation system of a country house begins with the calculation of the required performance by air or the «flow», measured in cubic metres per hour. This is the floor plan of premises with the inscription, which contain the name (designation) of each of the room and its area. In the normative documents for each of the residential premises is defined minimum fold air exchange with idle (mainly 0.2) and operating modes (up to 1, and in the kitchens - 1 + 100 cubic m/h at a gas stove).

So, at the cottage with the area of about 150 square meters with a ceiling height of 2.5 m need a combined extract-and-input ventilation capacity of around 375 cubic meters/hour, at the height of ceilings 3 meters - about 450 cubic meters/hour. However, a more precise calculation, in which will take into account a number of the people, the nature of their operations (what they do - look calmly TV or exercise at the gym), the availability of Windows and other parameters should produce specialists for ventilation.
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