14 latest trends in interior design in 2014

22.12.2013 00:45
Articles about the construction |  14 latest trends in interior design in 2014 I want to follow the latest trends not only in clothes and accessories, but also in the interior of the house. This is especially important for those who want to do next year renovation of his apartment. Revision "RBC Estate" interviewed designers, what trends in interior design will be popular in 2014. Blue. In 2014 the color palette . very relevant to blue , says the head of the studio " Cozy apartment " Natalia Transfiguration . Calm, cool , soothing blue mood for meditation or concentrated work. But if you want to give the room light and airy , to create an atmosphere of coolness and purity , the ideal option would be a combination of blue with light gray or white .

. Another fashionable color 2014. - Purple. Elegant and noble purple color will fit well in a variety of styles, such as Art Deco , Rococo , eclecticism . It creates a soft bliss where nothing should detract from the pleasant thoughts .

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Natural materials will remain in the trend in the next year , I'm sure Natalia Legotina decorator . They are used in the manufacture of furniture and interior decoration . Today, designers are increasingly using them in combination with non- high-tech modern materials. Technologies allow to paint even natural materials in different colors, to give them any form .

Head of Studio Zi-Design Victoria Zolina believes that most will enjoy great popularity stone, metal and wood.

Geometric patterns and floral prints . In textiles preference or monotonous textured fabrics or textiles with abstracts or geometric pattern , although the trend is planned in the design of fabrics and wall coverings - floral prints on a white background .

Exclusive things . Next year will be more clearly observe a transition to a very exclusive author's design , individually developed for each client , where everything, including furniture, textiles , accessories, created in a single copy tailored to fit individual customer. Things mass production of furniture and well-known brands are losing their relevance. " Already put a sofa or chair from Fendi or Cavalli is considered bad form in the future, this trend will only grow : the design is fully copyrighted , and remain only in the interior of exclusive custom-made things. They help to create a space in which to live comfortably , "- says Natalya Legotina .

" Worn " chic. Shabby chic ( shabby , shabby chic ) will prevail in the interior next year. Shabbiness can be achieved by natural or imitation aging . Furniture , decoration decorated so as to create the impression of antiques , " with a touch of time." Basically, this furniture is made of Indonesian, Chinese , Malaysian manufacturers , which are widely represented in the Ukrainian market . By the way, this furniture is quite democratic price. However, its quality may leave something to be desired .

Gold, silver and modern paint. The interior will be used precious metals , mainly silver, less gold, as well as paints and varnishes , designers predict . Today, many modern masters are trying to restore vintage materials processing technologies , recipes, varnishes, enamels , glazes , etc. Recently, experts recreated the manufacturing technology of Japanese lacquer.

Plenty of room in the kitchen. Very fashionable now not hang kitchen cabinets and leave space above the work surface free. Unfortunately, not everyone can afford such a luxury.

Functional furniture . Furniture makers give priority in the new season sleek and ergonomic shapes. Consumers also prefer furniture forms smoothed with a minimum of decorative trim. More and more attention is paid to interior functionality .

Environmentally friendly . Gaining tremendous momentum ecodesign - consumers prefer natural materials and fabrics will enjoy great popularity vertical gardening and homemade mini gardens .

Hendmeyd decor . Knitted and embroidered decor - a definite trend in 2014 . Especially large knitting blankets , colored knitted ottomans and baskets .

Scandinavian style . Interiors are visually simpler and easier. Glamor and luxury of losing out . One of the dominant styles becomes Scandinavian . It gives a sense of air and freedom. Especially its owners love modest " odnushek " and " dvushek ."

Minimalism . Minimalism leaves a lot of space in the interior, without cluttering it with unnecessary things. It remains only to all the most necessary and most favorite . A furniture - the most simple and funktsonalnaya .

Fusion style . Today, this style turns into a rapidly gaining popularity design direction . The English word fusion translates as " fusion " or " fusion" . It allows you to combine multiple traditions in one interior design , combine old and new : insert modern interior in antique apartment to combine different materials and textures .
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