Program of the Forum «Investments in real estate and construction-2008»

May 27-28,  ACCO International, Kyiv, Prospekt Pobedy, 40b
May 27 Public policy in the field of construction, investments, real estate

9.30-10.00  Welcome to participants – opening ceremony
Committee on Construction, Urban Development, Housing and Regional Policy ASE - VV Rybak, Chairman
Ministry of Regional Development and Construction of Ukraine - Berkut A., Deputy Minister
National Agency of Ukraine for the preparation and holding in Ukraine of Euro-2012 "- Chervonenko EA,
10.00-11.30 Block 1. Investment climate and "Euro-2012
1. Investment climate in Ukraine, change the investment policy of the new government. Stepankova Tatyana Vice-President of Ukrainian Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs
2. Investment and the economy - the state today. Panteleyenko Viktor. Deputy Minister of Economy
3. Changing investment strategies in the global financial downturn. Igor noise, Executive Director of the Bank.
4. Foreign investment in Ukraine in the regional breakdown. Igor Nikolaiko, Director of the Ukrainian Center for Foreign Investment.
5. Investment in the Regions of Ukraine: Realities and prospects. Leo Partshaladze, Chairman of the IC «XXI century".
11.30-12.00 Coffee break
12.00-13.00 Block 2. Tools of financing.
6. Finance using FFS, FON, IIS and other financial instruments. Sergei Moskvin, Deputy Head of the State Agency for Investments and Innovations
7. Ratings of bonds issued by the Ukrainian developers. Stanislav Dubko, director of the agency "Credit Rating".
8. Investing in Ukraine - the view of foreign investors. Paul Niland, Managing Director of Strategic Investment Advisory Group Full Service Property Consultancy NAI Pickard
9. Investment process in the regions. His features. Dmitry angle. "Makrokap Development" Kharkiv
10. Barriers to investing in real estate. Adrian Opaits. Price Waterhouse Coopers.
11. Legal basis of deductions "for infrastructure development. What can require developer? Oleg Kononenko, partner "Shmarov and partners.
12. Some significant aspects of commercial real estate development projects. Tumasov Alexander, Director of Global Solutions
13. Benefits for insurance with a broker for the developer and construction risks "Habidulin IA, Director of" Insurance broker "Daedalus"
14.20 -15.00 LUNCH
15.00 -18.00 Blok4.Presentations of  projects and companies.
May 28 Commercial real estate and investment aspects of the process
10.00 Welcome to participants
President, Association of Realtors of Ukraine Oleksandr Bondarenko
Executive Director, UBA Sergey Grabar
10.15-11.40 Block 1. Financing Risks and minimizing them
1. Project finance - as it really is. Alexander Okhrimenko. Adviser to the President of the "UGB"
2. Management of investment risk. Daria Veretenko "Technologies of Spider Ukraine"
3. Information and support model for investment decisions. Natalia Dolgova. Director of First Capital (Real Estate Consulting)
4. Insurance objects construction. Irina Okayanyuk. Chairman of the UK "Spectrum"
5. Leasing commercial real estate. Andrew Zilina. JSC Capital Leasing
11.40-12.00 Coffee break
12.00-15.30 Block 2. Segments of the commercial real estate
6. Innovative approaches in commercial real estate DEVELOPMENT. Artem Novikov, investment consultant, partner consulting company "Dialog Classic, Stanislav Demin, a leading architect of the" TAM M. Demin "
7. Investment in commercial real estate: a comparative analysis of market segments (office, retail, warehouse property). Valery Kyrylko, managing partner of Concorde
8. Status and prospects of office real estate A and B grades. Yaroslav Chapko Knight Frank
9. Trends in development of commercial real estate in Ukraine: Tatiana Kudyelova major projects, of commercial real estate consultant, DTZ
10. Ways to improve the profitability of development projects. Julia Stefanishyna, Ilya Suharnikov ERNST & YOUNG (Moscow)
13.30 -14.10 LUNCH
11. 3-star hotels ClubHouse hotel real estate market of Ukraine. Balenko Igor, a network of "Cocktail"
12. Analysis of logistics real estate market: trends and prospects, Stanislaw Herman, director of the department of industrial and warehouse real estate company Knight Frank
13. The attractiveness of warehouse real estate investor, Oksana Elmanova, CEO of FIM Group
14. Aspects of marketing development of commercial real estate within the individual complexes and cottage villages. Sergei Yelysyeyev, a member of the Supervisory Board of SC "Europa" ( "Olympic Park")
15. Multifunctional complex - short term trend or the future of the entire market. Duker Yerushalmi, Professor II, Ltd. "Kharkov-Moscow"
15.30 -18.00 Block 3. Land plots matters
Allotment of land - the theory and practice. Conduct auctions. Nicholas Kalyuzhny, President of the Association "Land Union of Ukraine". Land Auction. Executive - Andrew purse, President of the "Land of the Union of Ukraine"
The cost-equivalent. 300 euros per person. For members of the UCA, UBA, Chamber Building, discount -50%.

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