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May 27 Public policy in the field of construction, investments, real estate

 Section 1. Investment climate and "Euro-2012

Investment climate in Ukraine, change the investment policy of the new government

Tatiana Stepankova, Vice President, Ukrainian Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs

USPP in 2004 was started by a permanent round table "Investment climate in Ukraine. Direct speech "that initiated the discussion of such problems as: mechanisms of inflow of foreign investments to Ukraine banking laws and adapting practices to EU standards, assessment of the facts re-privatization of enterprises in the context of the formation of the investment image of the country, the restoration of efficient functioning of special economic zones, technology parks and технополісів . About ten round tables were held with representatives BIZPRO in Ukraine within the framework of international technical assistance for the promotion of the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID). We talked about the formation of investment policy with the participation of foreign partners, international technical assistance.

The "creation of transport-trading network DOOR-TO-DOOR» USPP implemented together with "Transpolis. The total investment is 2.5 billion dollars. The first phase of the project involves the construction of the terminal, initially working as an independent object, development of transport, trade, service infrastructure (wholesale and franchising network, restaurants, cafes, hotels, driveways and local roads); manufacturing of rolling stock. Then begins full operation marshrutu.Prohrama covers all regions of Ukraine to revive the transport, commercial and industrial areas to master current international standards. The combination of transport and trade component provides a fast turnover of capital. The program is implemented using the latest scientific developments in the transport sector and specifically designed USPP financial and investment tools.

As developed by the initiative USPP municipal investment programs apply the best European technologies and experience of UN programs. During the years 2005-2007 the Union and the Center for Municipal Management "Habitat" carefully processed all the necessary regulatory framework and possible sources of funding.

Currently implemented a pilot project in the Volyn region (based on agreement from 04.2007 between USPP and Volyn City Council). USPP and MunicipalManagementCenter with support from the State Agency for Investments and Innovations organized training project management teams to enhance the work of attracting investment in the first quarter of 2008.

Working with donor organizations, USPP also initiate technical assistance to developing areas. Thus, when the Donetsk regional department Union launched the project of modernization of mini-CHP with energy-efficient technology. The volume of assistance would exceed five million dollars.

Contact: President: Anatoliy Kinakh 278-30-69, Vice-President: Stepankova Tatyana 270-68-36, Executive Director: Dmitry dead 536-96-37, 536-96-41, ua

Investment and the economy - the present state

Panteleyenko Victor M., Deputy Minister of Economy of Ukraine

Ph.D. in economics nauk.Volodiye Ukrainian, Russian - fluent English - reading and translating with a dictionary. In the past - CFO, Board Member, Vice Chairman of the Open Joint Stock Company "smelters" Steel Works, Mariupol, Donetsk region. Vice-President of the Consortium "Industrial Group", Kyiv, on 02/02/2008 - Deputy Minister of Economy of Ukraine.

Providing a favorable investment climate in Ukraine remains a matter of strategic importance, from the sale of which depend on the dynamics of socio-economic development and subsequent modernization of national economy.

Contact: Ministry of Economy of Ukraine. Reception tel 044 226 24 31 and 226 74 54

Head of investment policy Maxim Ivanov, tel.: 287 76 01

Director of Investments and innovations Hvesyk Julia M., tel 253-2184

Present-day macro economical  conditions for investing

Shumylo Igor Anatol executive director of Economic Affairs, member of the National Bank of Ukraine.

Works in National Bank of Ukraine from October 2003. C 1993 to 2003 biennium. worked in the Ministry of Economy of Ukraine. S 1997 served as Deputy Minister of Economy. In the period from 1973 to 1993 worked in Yssledovatelskom институте under the Ministry of Economy.

Contact: 01601, Mr. Kiev street. Institutskaya 9 Tel.: (38 044) 253-41-98 Fax: 253-0341


Foreign investment in Ukraine regional breakdown

Igor Nikolaiko, Director of the UkrainianCenter for Foreign Investment.

InvestUkraine - organization established by the Government of Ukraine. Our goal is to practice the policy of attracting foreign direct investment (FDI) in Ukraine. Ukraine certainly has significant advantages for investment: the wealth of natural and human resources, strategic geographical location, large domestic consumer market. An important component of the prosperity and welfare of the citizens is to create new jobs, the use of new technologies, the introduction of experience leading companies in the world, and we are proud that through FDI, we can facilitate this process. The main objective of our institutions is to increase the infusion is strategically important export-oriented foreign investment in our krayiny.Vazhlyvyy element of our strategy - cpryyaty annual inflow of foreign investment in Ukrainian economy so that it could almost feel every Ukrainian. Direct foreign investments to our country - a sustainable economic development, reform of industry and agriculture, introduction of modern technologies, improvement of management standards, and so on. Attracting foreign investment greatly facilitate the accession of Ukraine to the WTO and speed up the integration into the European Community.

Contacts: Kyiv, 01042 st. Rayevsky 36, tel: 380 44 537 7313 Fax: 380 44 537 7311


Realization of investment projects: the legal way to overcome obstacles 

Natalia Torobi str, lawyer of Legal advice Brothers Kovalenko, Doctor of Law

Legal advice Brothers Kovalenko is a team of specialists that work successfully in the market of legal services for its clients.

We create first-class practices in all areas of corporate, investment, economic, financial and administrative activities.

We are able to combine tradition and innovation to find and implement the best solutions.

Legal advice Kovalenko Brothers "was founded late in 2006 through acquisitions law firm Kravchenko and Kovalenko, who has worked with in 1992.

Legal advice Kovalenko Brothers "is a collective member of the Union of Lawyers of Ukraine.

President of the company Anatoly Kovalenko, Vice Chairman of Union of Lawyers of Ukraine. Anatoliy Kovalenko also heads the arbitration court of Ukraine to the Union of Lawyers of Ukraine.

• Private and public law;

• trial enforcement;

• Corporate Law creating enterprises, M &A;


• Construction, real estate, land law;

• investment, Privatization


Contact: LLC "Legal advice Kovalenko Brothers":

01133, Kyiv, str. Mechnikov, 2, BC "Parus", 18 floor

Tel: 38 (044) 390-54-00, 01, 02, 03, 04 Fax: 38 (044) 390-54-05

Internet address: E-mail: Newsroom:

Experience of the Lviv regional administration  to attract  investors

Oleksiuk Anna V., Head of investment policy and spatial development of the main urban planning, architecture and spatial development of the Lviv regional state administration

Oleksiuk Anna -, Ph.D., an expert on investment projects, the calculation of business plans for investment, working on aspects of investment attractiveness and investment issues.

Working with investors under the existing legislation of Ukraine to attract investment, support investment projects require active support at the level of local authorities and local governments. One of the aspects of the investment attractiveness of the region is the cooperation of the relevant services on the ground with investors in matters of conciliation and licensing procedures. In this direction there is no single effective approach to operational problems of investors.

Investors should be protected from bureaucracy. Investment should come under the regional development strategy. In regions to find effective mechanisms to work with investors, one of which in the Lviv region, "the only investment window"

Contacts: 79008, Lviv. Vinnichenko, 18 Tel.: 38 (032) 2-999-189, fax: 261-01-39


Section 2. Financing Tools and Instruments


Financing projects by using FFS, FON, IIS and other financial instruments.

Sergei Moskvin, Deputy Head of the State Agency for Investments and Innovations

Ph.D. in Economics (1984). Has Certificate Securities Institute of London (ICMQ «International capital markets), certified specialist in asset management.

Fluent in Ukrainian, Russian and English.

On January 30, 2008 - Deputy Chairman of State Agency of Ukraine for Investments and Innovations. State employee I rank.

Member of the Coordination Council expert SEC. President of the Ukrainian Society of Financial Analysts.

Author of 60 scientific articles, the author of textbooks "Project Analysis" and "Depository activity." Develop first regulations that regulate depository activities in Ukraine. Develop legislation on collective investment institutions.

He was awarded the medal "For Labor Prowess", Diploma of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine.

The Agency is a central executive body established under the Decree of President of Ukraine from 24.11.2005 № 1648/2005 to improve the investment climate in Ukraine, to attract investment in the state's economy, protecting the rights of foreign and domestic investors.

In order to protect the rights of investors in the market of building housing and other real estate, and given that the currently valid regulations are not resolved several issues in housing, the Agency had offered specific proposals for settlement of issues, including :

- Introduction of standard form contract between the manager and builder. The contract is subject to registration in the manner prescribed by the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine, and contain information about the developer and project details of construction, which should be necessarily made public in the media and (or) through the Internet;

- The introduction of quarterly reporting builder;

- The introduction of state registration of the construction;

- The introduction of state registration of the agreements reached between the manager and builder;

- On the responsibility of the developer to the manager / principal, in the case of false information regarding the developer design and construction of the Declaration;

- To provide a guarantee, bail or collateral obligations of the issuer (developer) on the bonds, which are assets of collective investment institutions, information that is necessary props prospectus of the bonds;

- Settlement of investment building projects through joint investment institutions (ISI) through the involvement of investors - individuals;

- Installation requirements for production and distribution of the target and the discount bonds, which can be purchased by investors to share in an apartment built homes;

- Introduction and publication of lists of building projects;

- Introduction of state registration of investment contracts for housing (for example keeping the register of real estate).

The Agency has proposed:

1) with the state mortgage agency scheme of financing the construction of a public enterprise "Energoatom housing for employees of nuclear power plants due to mortgage that refinansuvatymetsya state mortgage agency;

2) together with USAID scheme creation of the State Financial Institutions Community Development, aimed at the borrowing in the capital market by issuing bonds to provide loans to local governments to improve infrastructure, particularly for the tasks the state target economic program "Euro-2012 the lowest market interest rates;

3) creation of corporate venture capital investment funds with state funding for innovative development and implementation of state target economic program "Euro-2012, including building infrastructure for the European Football Championships.

Contacts: Kyiv, str. V., 11. Tel.: (044) 270-63-06/12


Investing in Ukraine: point of view of foreign  investor

Naylend Paul (Paul Niland), director of strategic инвестициям Konsaltynhovoy company is full cycle of real estate NAI Pickard (Managing Director of Strategic Investment Advisory Group Full Service Property Consultancy NAI Pickard)

All commercial real estate sector remain very привлекательными for foreign investors, because even in Compared with neighboring Poland and other countries, which were chastyu the European East-Block, Ukraine strongly otstaet in the cycle of development, as well as a number of squares and среднее, yzmeryaemoe in square meters 1000 population, Extraordinary low in Ukraine. Ukraine will have to continue to build these square, yet will not reach the level, existing in other countries.

Contact: Kiev, tel.: 044 581 24 05


Public-Municipal Partnership as effective tool for positioning of region

Dmitry Kutovoi, Director of Development Makrokap Ukraine

OOO Makrokap Development Ukraine - one of the first private company to large investments in Kharkov in the construction of a qualitatively new and modern residential real estate. Dmitry Kutovoi - Director Makrokap Development since its inception. In 1997 I graduated from the MoscowMedicalAcademy named Sechenov and Kharkov Academy of Engineering and Architecture.

OOO Makrokap Development Ukraine is the largest in the region, a developer of residential and commercial real estate. Construction is on contemporary individual projects using the latest technologies, providing a new level of quality that ensures a steady demand for the proposed property.

The company has a good reputation and won trust and respect of local investors. To date, partners are more than 700 private investors. The main objective grounds "Makrokap Development Ukraine" was the creation of the Kharkov company's market a new type of practicing large-scale investment projects in construction at all stages - from preparation of land relations and design to construction and implementation of real estate with the use of financial schemes to attract co-investment and the equity participation of interested individuals and entities. On the basis of the company created the first in Kharkov private entities in the real estate management.

Contact: 61058, Ukraine, Kharkov, ul. Danilevskii 30. Tel / Fax: + 38 057 7157 -734; 7157-739; 7157-862

Barriers in the process of investing in real estate

Opaits Adrian, Department of tax and legal services, Pricewaterhouse Coopers in Ukraine

Adrian more than 7 years engaged in legal support of transactions to acquire companies and real estate in Ukraine, advising foreign and Ukrainian companies on land rights and construction. Pricewaterhouse Coopers provides auditing services, services in business consulting, taxation and law firms of different industries. Pricewaterhouse Coopers efforts aim to increase business value customers, as well as its value to society as a whole.

The demand for quality real estate remains high. However, development companies may not be timely to raise volumes of proposals. New players, especially foreign companies, have major problems with access to the market. Ultimately, the delay of the real estate market limits the development of the entire Ukrainian economy. Among the many factors that hamper the development of the real estate market, especially worth highlight one group - the risks of legal and regulatory barriers.

The whole process of development, starting with obtaining the right to land and to enter the completed facility in operation, highly "regulated" by law. At the same time, legislation on real estate are often contradictory, and some important relations in general are outside the scope of legal regulation. Provide regulatory risks in a specific project - the direct responsibility of each developer.

Contact: Tel.: +380 44 490 6777 E-mail: adrian.opaits @

Legal basis of deductions "for infrastructure development. What can require developer?
Oleg Kononenko, lawyer, partner of law firm Shmarov and Partners
In different regions, there are many approaches to determining the requirements for equity investors. In most, the payment of contributions (equity) on the development of engineering and transport and social infrastructure is considered stakeholders as "inevitable" significant cash expenditures that in the follow-they reflect the cost of construction. Pay a one-time fee is a prerequisite for receiving the construction permit. Notwithstanding the provisions of the norms of current legislation of Ukraine, any equity (in terms of investment) involves getting material gains at the conclusion of its provisions, is acquiring certain assets. As for "get" the investors due to the "execution" of such orders the right ...?
Legal company Shmarov and Partners, Pr. Moscow, 8, Block 1. , Kyiv 04073, Ukraine Tel / Fax.: (044) 2077205, 4906387,


May 28 Commercial real estate and investment aspects of the process

Section 1. Financing Risks

Project finance - as it is on practice

Alexander Okhrimenko, Advisor to the Chairman of the Board of Ukrgasbank, Ph.D.

Financing of commercial projects is a complex and multifaceted task. Not to be confused with a typical project finance loans where the borrower the security of a particular property receives a loan and investing it in your business. During construction there is no object of pledge, as the object itself is still under construction and does not exist as a material value. In this situation, investors want to be clear safeguards to protect their interests, otherwise, they will not invest in the most profitable commercial project. To solve these problems using certain financial instruments: venture funds, funds of financing the construction, corporate shares, corporate bonds, certificates of the fund for financing the construction. There is no ideal solutions and ideal financial instruments. Each dubbed financial instruments has its advantages and disadvantages.

We can not for you to choose the right tool for financing, but we know how to do it.

Contact: 04120 Kiev, st. Heroes of Stalingrad 8 Building 8 Tel / fax. (044) 581-24-05b


Risk management in investment projects

Darin spindle, Deputy General Director of consulting company Management Technologies Spider Ukraine ", the consultant

- Tools to minimize risks in investment projects.

- System management of investment projects.

- Analysis of the effectiveness of investment projects.

| Contact: 04107 Kiev, st. Baggovutovskaya, 17/21, 4 th Floor. Tel / Fax: (044) 537-74-18


How to improve the effectiveness of a development project

Julia Stefanyshyn, Eleonora Melnik Ernst & Young

1. The main strategy of the investor

2. The three main issues to be resolved before work on the project

3. Determination of feasibility of investment and increased profitability:

- Analysis of the best and most efficient use (H & BU)

- Feasibility

- Evaluation of human

- Due diligence (real estate, tax, legal)

- Project management

4. Integral Project performance indicators

Contact: Ernst & Young (CIS) B.V. branch in Moscow, Sadovnicheskaya Nab. 77, bld. 1 | 115035 Moscow | Russia Phone: +7 (495) 755 9700 ext 4994 | Fax: +7 (495) 755 9701, / cis

Leasing Commercial Property

Andrej ZHilinskij. Chairman of the Board of JSC "Capital Lease"

JSC «Kapital Leasing - leading leasing company with a portfolio of 144, 2 million UAH.

With a team of professionals who are working in Ukraine, Kapital Leasing, provides a wide range of financial services in particular:

• Vehicles

• Equipment

• Real

Methods of financing Kapital Leasing

• Operating Lease

• Financial leasing

• leaseback

• Vendorny Leasing

Contact: 03150, Kyiv, vul. Анрі Barbusse, 16, tel. 569 92 42, fax. 569 92 43,


Insurance of construction works and operators

Irina Okayanyuk, Chairman of the Supervisory Board of JSC "Insurance Company" SPECTRUM "

She graduated from the Kiev Civil Engineering Institute (1983), Department of Industrial and civil construction; Kiev Institute of Economics, management, banking and insurance (1999), specialty "Finances and credit, banking and insurance, bachelor.

Worked in the union "Ukrgiprenergo" in trust "Ukrspetssvyazstroy", JV "Kontraktinveststroy" in 2005-2007. - JSC "Ukrainian security and insurance company," Chairman of the Board, with the November 17, 2006 - Chairman of the Supervisory Board of JSC "Insurance Company" SPECTRUM ".

Mission - Ukraine opened for investments.

Initiated the creation (with the support of President Alexander LIOU Filonyuk) created and led the Committee on Insurance of construction risks (within LIOU).


Section  2. Segment of commercial real

Innovative approaches in the development of concepts of commercial real estate: retail, office and hotel property

Artem Novikov, investment consultant, consulting partner "Dialogue-Classic", Stanislav Demin, the chief architect of "THERE Demin"

Participants of the project.

1. The main stage of the project.

2. Strategy of the project.

3. Choice seats.

4. The concept of the project:

• Retail properties.

• Office property.

• Hotel real estate.

• Multipurpose facility.

5. A few words about positioning and promotion.

Contact: "Dialogue-Classic Str. Spassky, 6A, board, 13 Kyiv, 04071, Ukraine

Tel. Fax (044) 417-4117 (044) 360-4147


Comparative analysis of commercial real estate on the degree of investment attractiveness

Valery Kirilko, managing partner of Concorde

The main objective of the company - providing highly qualified consulting services in the real estate market of Ukraine. The spectrum of our services includes:

• Analysis of land / projects for investment


• creation of original and unique concepts of real estate projects;

• creation of business plans and attract funding;

• support for the project during the design and construction and installation works;

• Brokerage Services (rent, sale);

The company's team is fully implemented more than 20 real estate projects and has participated in more than 70 real estate projects throughout the territory of Ukraine

The most attractive, in our view, investment is the market of office real estate.

• this type of real estate will remain stable demand in the next five years

• This type of property is less prone fashion trends such as trade


• this type of real estate investment payback period is unlikely to be significantly increased in

next few years.

Contact: Concorde. Tel.: +38 (044) 545-81-00,,


Investment and developing the attractiveness of the office real estate

Anna Antonova, Head of Commercial Real Estate Knight Frank

In 2007, the office property segment, demand continues to dominate the supply, further inflating the deficit.

The largest share of the total absorption of office space accounts for international companies.

Continued strong growth in rental rates for professional office space at a low level of vacant office space.

Due to the acute shortage of land in the central city office premises are increasingly being built in nearby and distant from the city center areas.

High demand for quality office space contributes to the emergence of large-scale projects - business parks and mixed-use complex with a dominant component of the office, which develop near major road junctions and on the outskirts of the city.

The high investment activity in this sector was observed mainly in the first half of 2007. Number of committed transactions during the year shows an increase of investment attractiveness of office real estate market.

The global scope of Knight Frank opens access to the best international practice. Together with knowledge of the specifics of local markets, it allows us to provide effective solutions in real estate in each region. Together with Newmark, Knight Frank has 140 offices in 30 countries and has over 4500 professionals in real estate.

Contacts: Ukraine 04071 Kiev, st. Horeb, 39-41, office 80 Tel: +380 (44) 545 6122


Trends in commercial real estate in


Tatiana Kudelova, deputy director and head of retail real estate, DTZ, Ukraine

1. Major trends in the commercial real estate market

2. The main chain of shopping centers and paniruemye TC

3. TC in the regions and the new operators

4. Terms & Conditions and the typical rental rates

Contact: Kiev, ul. B. Khmelnitsky, 52 Tel / fax. (044) 590-30-60/61

Trends in commercial real estate in Ukraine

Tatiana Kudelova, deputy director and head of retail real estate, DTZ, Ukraine

1. Major trends in the commercial real estate market

2. The main chain of shopping centers and paniruemye TC

3. TC in the regions and the new operators

4. Terms & Conditions and the typical rental rates

Contact: Kiev, ul. B. Khmelnitsky, 52 Tel / fax. (044) 590-30-60/61



The attractiveness of logistics real estate for investors

Elmanova Oksana, Director of FIM Group of Companies

Oksana is headed by a group of companies FIM since 2003. The main objectives are to develop and monitor the implementation of the strategy development group of companies, establishment of mutually beneficial partnerships with potential investors, representation of companies in international forums and conferences.

Ukrainian market of logistics has a high potential. Logistic component in the cost of manufactured goods in Ukraine reaches 30-35%. The demand for professional systems is growing. To the civilized development of the logistics market in Ukraine is necessary to establish constructive dialogue between the developer and logistics companies. Therefore prefers to work on the FIM pattern build-to-suite. The attractiveness of logistics real estate development due to logistical needs of the logistics market, lower payback periods of objects, compared with Western countries. However, there are negative factors - the land issue and the lack of legislative base.

Ukraine, 01034 Kiev, st. Lysenko, 2-A. Tel.: (+380 44) 585-15-25 tel. / fax.: (+380 44) 585-05-45


Some aspects of development of commercial real estate 

Serhiy Tumasov, Director of Global Solutions

Global Solutions - investment and development company whose main activity of which is the investment and development projects in housing, office and retail property.

Part of the company's projects funded through its own funds. Some projects are being implemented in partnership with other investors, as well as borrowing. Global Solutions provides Pre-project selection plots, is assessing the feasibility of the project, draw up the necessary permits and coordination, coordinating design and construction work.

Until 2009, the company plans to build and put into operation several offices of Class "B" adjacent to the central districts of Kiev, cottage village on the outskirts of Kiev, housing complexes within the city limits.

Contact: 01054, Ukraine, Kiev, ul.Vorovskogo, 40/13b

Tel: + 38 044 492 7668 Fax: +38 044 492 7669


Marketing aspects of development of commercial real estate in the individual complexes and areas of complex building

Sergey Eliseev, a member of the Supervisory Board DK "Europe"

Building large residential complexes and, moreover, new residential areas requires another stage of development of the concept of the object to explore their infrastructure software. This is especially true today, when the availability of social infrastructure is a primary factor in the liquidity of residential facility. However, until recently, these objects are seen by developers as forced charges, reducing the overall profitability of the project.

Is this true?

How to achieve a healthy symbiosis between objects of different functional purpose?

Part 1. Infrastructure in cottage towns and residential areas: from forced encumbrance to profitable business. How to make money on commercial buildings in large housing estates. The practice of Ukraine and Russia.

Part 2. Commercial real estate as a "crystallization point" for residential development. Formation of large residential facilities around the hotel and recreational and office and shopping areas.

Contacts: Kiev, ul.Ilinskaya, 8, BC "Ilinskij" Tel / fax. (044) 391-37-90/91

Section 3. Land plots development – theory and  practice

Problems of allocation of land plots for commercial real estate

Andrew Koshil, President of the Association "Land Union of Ukraine"

The process of land allotment for construction of commercial real estate involves the need to perform a number of procedures. Today, there are two ways to purchase the land for commercial construction - on the primary or secondary market. In accordance with recent changes in land legislation, obtaining land for lease or ownership of the land public or communal property is possible only through the auction. Competitive sale of land may lead to a significant increase in the cost area. However, the benefits of purchase of land at the auction is clear - land acquired through the auction, has the right purpose and not having to go through a complicated procedure of approvals.

Purchase of land on the secondary market may seem less expensive, but the new owner will have to go through the whole chain of approvals process and not the fact that the purchase of a site he will be able to realize a planned project.

Contact: Kiev, ul. O. Teligy, 8, of. 61 Tel / fax. (044) 251-17-6,


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