Press conference «Ecology of suburban real estate»

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In discussion participate:
1.Kovalenko Viktor Ivanovich - the organizer of the exhibition "ЗАМІСЬКА НЕРУХОМІСТЬ-2007", Second All-Ukrainian Competition "cottage містечко-2007", editor in chief of Real Estate Ukraine.
2.Radzihovsky Anatoly Pavlovich, academician, professor, doctor of medical sciences.
3.Akimenko Vladimir Yakovlevich - Professor, Doctor of Medical Sciences, Head of Laboratory of noise, housing and civic buildings of the Institute of Hygiene and Medical Ecology. AN Marzeeva.
4.Pavlenko Tatiana - PhD, Head of the Laboratory of Hygiene of natural radiation sources in the Institute of Hygiene and Medical Ecology. AN Marzeeva
5.Matoshko Andrei V. - doctor of geological-mineralogical sciences, director of GEOEKSPERT.
6.Kartavtsev Oleg - Environmental Auditor.
7.Malitsky Alexander - Director of Spano.
8.Nesterenko Svetlana - deputy. Director of "Spano".
9.Predstaviteli developers, investors and developers suburban real estate.

In recent years there has been a steady increase in demand for suburban housing. One of the main reasons for this phenomenon is the desire of citizens to receive the benefits inherent in the life of the city, namely, favorable environment. The estimate of the most important indicator is produced mainly in the emotional-psychological, personal perception of the object. Lack of objective, scientifically-based information causes people to limit the collection of surface information, such as: the availability of forest and water, the absence of nearby industrial plants, highways, power lines, etc.
The purchaser of real estate because of low awareness of environmental risks stemming from the correct application (execution) statutory rules and regulations relating to all key stages of construction, namely:
- Building site selection;
- Design;
- Directly to construction work, including furnishing;
- Landscaping and landscaping.

Research company experts "Spano" show that started the construction of suburban real estate developers do not have documents such as:
• the conclusion of sanitary-epidemiological examination of surface and groundwater by chemical and hydrobiological indicators;
• the conclusion of sanitary-epidemiological examination of the main source of water supply;
• the conclusion of radiation-hygienic survey of land for construction;
• the conclusion of sanitary-epidemiological examination of the soil plot construction (replacing the natural soil imported - an expert opinion of imported soil).
In addition to these documents is recommended, as a rule, have information about:
-state ambient air.
hydrogeological situation of the site;
- The presence in the area or its environs local treatment facilities agricultural facilities, settlements, existing and abandoned graves of various types (landfills and solid waste (up to age 150 years), burial grounds, cemeteries, etc.), stocks or graves of agricultural chemicals.
Studies have also shown that in most projects, there is no section on the evaluation of environmental impact assessment (EIA) or environmental protection (EP). According to the GOS A.2.2-1, this section should include an assessment of the environment at the start of construction and the possible negative consequences of the construction and operation of facilities in the future. EIA developed on the basis of geological engineering, sanitation, engineering surveys and studies based on modern techniques and technology.
The introduction of architectural and engineering decisions on planning and landscaping without considering its natural conditions can lead to irreversible negative changes in the environment. For example, the neglect of the hydrogeological characteristics leads to the fact that in areas with shallow groundwater is often observed basement flooding and water logging adjacent to the buildings of the territory. The reason for this is that in laying the foundation has not been taken on the challenge of water, and construction of the foundation was to act as an impermeable barrier to the movement of groundwater. By increasing the moisture content of soil and building materials creates favorable conditions for development of microorganisms and insects.
Activities to change the relief area, geometric dimensions of the open water bodies, creation of new ponds, etc. require very careful assessment of the environmental impact of their implementation. Unfortunately, the decision of setting up the construction of artificial terraces or transforming the river into the lake developers are guided only by considerations of aesthetic beauty, displaying blatant ignorance of environmental issues. By the probable consequences of capricious changes in the natural landscape may include, for example, subsidence and collapse of terraces and alluvial shores, overgrowing and "algal blooms" of the artificial lake, destroying the foundations of buildings.

There is another option, not less important, and that developers and buyers rarely take to attention. It is about the environmental safety of construction and finishing materials used in construction of real estate. Substances harmful to health are many and in construction and finishing materials. Part of the problem can be solved if we use only those materials whose safety is confirmed by certificates of quality and consistency.
Certification of materials is carried out to determine their harmfulness or harmlessness to human health, and to mark the application of this material. Nevertheless, certified materials are not always really safe. It should be emphasized that the certificates of quality and hygienic safety of radiation-related to a particular party or group of parties of the material, ie a certificate of the party or the sample is not suitable for the other parties of the same material not mentioned in the certificate. Rate the quality of construction and decorative materials you can carefully examine the certificate of its authenticity and the authenticity of the data in it. Conduct recommended at the stage of the decision to purchase the material. In the case when the material has already been applied in the construction or finish other than certificates are encouraged to explore a number of pilot studies of construction and finishing materials and the environment in which they are used and exploited for the presence of hazardous components.
And finally, landscaping and landscape works, under which you can often meet with the crude use of trees and shrubs, flowers and lawns, the combination of which can give the allocation of hazardous chemical and biological components.
Thus, the availability of a comprehensive objective information about situational environmental situation of the object will help the purchaser of real estate not only to avoid buying low-quality goods, but in some cases to prevent damage to the health of people living at this facility.
The growing consumer culture of the population can speak confidently about the demand for services of an independent environmental impact assessment, as the existing state system of monitoring the ecological condition of housing and utilities sector is not able to provide the proper level of public awareness.
Availability of real estate buyers of such information would influence the liquidity facility, which in turn would reduce the attractiveness of investment projects. Green marketing, green branding - the concept of long and firmly settled in civilized markets. In today's world often ceteris paribus decisive in the choice of goods is its environmental component. Manufacturers of environmentally friendly food products, cosmetics, cars, leaving far behind the competitors who failed to reorganize in a timely manner. In the statement, the qualitative characteristics of the goods are confirmed by independent experts, working within the law, on the audited and approved methodologies and work carried out by qualified personnel with the help of modern analytical equipment. Environmental quality of the object really is expressed by numerical estimates. Declared in the annual contest "cottage містечко - 2007" Ecological competition will help the conclusion of consumer properties of real estate to a new qualitative level.

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