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This keynote of the Conference "The housing market-2008", held during the exhibition "Housing-2008” on 8 October. Organizer – company RealEkspo.  Brief of some speeches.


  Vice President of the Association "Land Union of Ukraine” Anatoly Vovk:
-As you know, legal and regulatory framework of land relations has undergone fundamental changes, which include mandatory auctions to buy land in the primary market, the new act on the procedure for obtaining land ownership or use of land, it is possible (if signing President of the Parliament recently adopted Law on Amendments to Some Laws of Ukraine to promote the construction of) a new procedure for allotment of land for construction, and others. Additional, so to speak, the aggravating factor is the overheating market, growing administrative burdens on landowners and land users, and increasing rental rates for land in state and municipal property.
Another question remains painful and unlock the market of agricultural land, soil protection, restoration of their fertility and many other areas of farmland. Given the current situation in the country, you can almost say with absolute certainty that all these issues are not resolved either in this or next year. This causes us great concern, not only as professional planner, but also as citizens of our country.
New legal conditions forming new rules of conduct for all subjects of land relations and land owners are forced to use them with greater efficiency and rationality. Increasingly important factor is the correct legal registration of land, owned in the lease or use of enterprises of different ownerships. Neglecting the documentary component can lead not only to loss of land, but the loss of control over the enterprise. Unfortunately, such examples are not isolated, and increasingly we hear raider capture not only businesses but also land.
Today's event aims to introduce participants of the rules of registration and use of land of various land use, possible consequences of insufficient attention to legal aspects of land relations, and ways to prevent and combat unfair business acquisitions of land (anyone can join).

Vera Starychenko Director General of OOO "Ay Engineering":
- "Neither is no secret - have to make sure chuvstvovat themselves and prynymat decision, you need ponymat proyshodyaschee.
Therefore s question "What to do?" - Извечный and мудрый, you need to always asked myself, in lyubuyu weather, seasons and at pomyatuyu implement the mechtanyy on business profitability.
What leads to the same voznyknovenyyu - "What to do?"
Always remember, that we should invest money in something that znaesh, get answer to questions "And what I получу? And as получу? ", Know that Money and brains - that's what makes a profit in every business.
Exit is always there, just the cost of mistakes will be corrected varying.

Natalia Lyhenko, director of "Poryad.Ok. Management and operation of real estate "
One of the defining competitive advantages of developers is the availability of reliable and competent partner at all stages of the project. In partnership with the general contractor, realtor and the bank is managing the building equally. How to choose a manager in our market? What will it give the developer, the tenants? What is the general property management and residential apartment complex?
We - professionals in their field and understand the need to consolidate forces and market development management.
Major major problems created by the Association of Real Estate Managers - Develop and monitor standards, rules of the game on the market, the exchange of experience, working with specialized state bodies, creation and development of financial institutions - Bank of housing finance and insurance companies that offer a wide range of services is in the management estate - loans for reconstruction and capital repairs, liability insurance of the Criminal Code, etc.

Consumer preferences of buyers
With this theme was made director of consulting company "Kansas" Zoya Nesterenko at the conference "The housing market-2008", held October 8-10 in the specialized exhibition "Housing-2008".
Zoya Nesterenko believes that the reasons impeding the construction are insufficient funding from the state budget, the high cost of building materials; opaque legislation, the high cost of land. Only with the support of the state in the construction industry has a future.
"The greatest influence on the residential real estate market have access to mortgage lending and forecasts in the media, and the smallest-world trends and the political situation in the country", - considers Zoya Nikolaevna.
A survey during the exhibition "Housing-2008" indicates that 34% of the population is planning to buy an apartment in the near future and 37% postponed temporarily purchase. 70% of buyers willing to buy ready-made shelter in the new building. Now consumers give preference to secondary housing. Poll shows that the price of new buildings in the near future will change. 49% of the respondents in need of loan funds to buy an apartment for a period of 15-20 years.
Zoya Nesterenko believes that protect against the risks can only mechanism for insuring the risks of investment and this should be dealt with by the customer or developer.

A knowledge of these shared at the conference "The housing market-2008", held October 8-10 in the specialized exhibition "Housing-2008" the managing partner of consulting company "Dialogue-Classic" Artem Novikov.
During the construction of housing is about 10 risks, including: financial, marketing, technological, political, legal, environmental, and other credit.
According to Mr. Novikov, there is now a substantial reduction in housing demand, high inflation, the growth rates for all types of loans, problems with credit and liquidity in the banking sector, the hryvnia exchange rate instability, rising construction costs, political instability.
In real estate projects Artem Novikov allocated its own peculiarities. This and the high complexity of predicting the timing of the project and budget costs; uncertainty about the procedures for processing the project permits; negative impact of risks on the actual financial results; variability of prices for materials and work, the difficulty of forecasting investment.
Mr. Novikov believes that the most risky in the whole scheme of construction is the acquisition of land (10-30%), creation of conception, development and approval of design estimates (3-10%), construction (45-75%), contingency costs (10-35%).
Company "Dialogue-Classic" offered tools to reduce risks in times of crisis: public financing, the SMI program; merger; sale of assets, the management cost, hire purchase, etc.

MARKET Residential Real Estate: analysis and condition

Was the topic by the director of the consulting company «Realty Consult» Igor Oriole at the conference "The housing market-2008", held October 8-10 in the second specialized exhibition "Zhytlo-2008".
The history of suburban real estate market began in 1993 from the garden and dacha cooperatives as a prototype of the professional cottage settlements, which grew in the 1996-2005 years in professional cottage villages in Obukhovskii, Zhitomir and Boryspil directions.
In 2005 entered the market, large-scale cottage settlements of class "economy" and "economy +".
In 2008, the Committee on the suburban real estate at ASNU was created classification cottage communities in order to streamline the market.
CORU Oriole in his speech called the causes of this downturn in the market of cottage settlements: the deterioration of world and Ukrainian macroeconomic situation, raising interest rates on mortgages and tightening of mortgage; higher prices for land and building materials, errors in development of cottage settlements.
As for predictions, they are the words of Igor Oriole following: the concentration of demand in cottage settlements of class "de luxe" and the classes of "economy" and "economy +"; stronger competition in the classes of "business" and "premium"; development projects, ensure financing; separation projects in demand and untapped market, reducing the financial results of projects in 1,5-2 times depending on the class.

Viktor Kovalenko, Director of "RealEkspo»


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