Conference: «Ecology of suburban real estate: myths and reality»

Conferences on real estate, construction in Kiev, Ukraine, the world.
March 14 at 14.00 in the press center "Ukrainian House"
a round table will be held on the topic:

"Ecology of suburban real estate: myths and reality"

Take part in:

Radzikhovsky Anatoly Pavlovich - professor, doctor of medical sciences, honored worker of science and technology of Ukraine, academician.

Malitsky Alexander Vladimirovich-director of the company "SPANA"

Akimenko Vladimir Yakovlevich - Doctor of Medical Sciences

Kartavtsev Oleg Nikolaevich - environmental auditor (certificate No. 006)

Nesterenko Svetlana Viktorovna - environmental engineer, deputy director of SPANA

Matoshko Andrey Vasilievich - doctor of geological and mineralogical sciences, environmental auditor, director of the company "Geoexpert", senior researcher at the Institute of Geography of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine

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