Participants of the contest «Cottage Town - 2010»

Competitions for residential and suburban real estate in 2010/2011 in Ukraine.

Cottage town "Belgravia"

Company Ekolend plans in the territory of 5 hectares to build a cottage premium 'Belgravia', 7 km from Kiev with. Dmitrovka Kiev Sviatoshynsky area.

In the pine forest plans to build 36 houses in a contemporary style with well-developed infrastructure. There are several projects ranging from 170 to 300 sq ft on plots of 5 to 12 hectare.
Cost of 1 sq m cottage -1000 cu
Developer built a town known for the elite class "Autumn" in. Parking Kiev Sviatoshynsky area.
In the town of all homes will be painted a beige color, which will resemble the famous district "Belgravia, London. Hour security, infrastructure and engineering services and maintenance services will be attractive to future tenants.

Built towns

Cottage town "Desnyanskiy"
In s.Troeschina at the intersection of ul. Lenin and Tolstoy, next to the river Desenka in ecologically clean area in which no industrial enterprises and transport the load is being built cottage "Desnyanskiy.

184 cottages of different layouts are located in the territory of 31 hectares with its own lake and a centralized city communications. You have the opportunity to order the house area from 93 to 737 sq ft with an adjacent plot of 10 hectare. Cost of 1 sq ft ranges from 1000 to 2400 USD per sq.m.

Life in "Desnyanskiy" make every day a holiday mood.

Cottage town "Our Town"

"Our Town" - an array of modern cottage, situated in a. Tarasivka Kiev Sviatoshynsky district, Kiev region.
At 10 km from Odessa area on a plot of 5.52 hectares is under construction 50-storey detached houses ranging from 165 to 220 sq.m with surrounding areas from 8 to 10 hectare.
Cost of 1 sq ft ranges from 900-970 dollars.
Today in the town operate all communications, construction of the first and second stage: 27 houses. The third phase of construction is planned for 2011.

Cottage community Green Hills

Cottage community Green Hills - a North American style of country living, presented by the international investment fund Dragon - Ukrainian Properties & Development Plc. (DUPD), which has already funded $ 250 million in the Ukrainian real estate.
Only 6 km from Kiev with. Vita Postal Kiev Sviatoshynsky area on a plot area of 31 hectares is planned to build 222 homes ranging from 133 to 380 sq.m with surrounding areas from 6 to 12 hectare.
Cost of 1 sq ft ranges from 1000-1500 USD / sqm
Despite the crisis, the project develops. In 2011 approved a plan for an investment of $ 5 million. for the construction of the American medical center, kindergarten, central sewerage and water treatment. Campus operates a professional management company.
The town uses advanced technology construction.

Cottage town Riviera Villas

Riviera Villas - an exclusive club town, being built 20 km from Kiev near s.Lebedivka Vyshgorodskiy region. It offers the residence in colonial style, ranging from 253 to 820 sq ft with adjacent areas from 13 to 30 acres, located on the canal bank of the Dnieper - a place which is famous for its beauty, fresh air and white sand beaches.
In an area of 24 hectares will be built 100 residences. Cost of 1 sq ft is 2500-3500 dollars.
Draft Town Club Riviera Villas minarodnomu owned investment fund Dragon-Ukrainian Properties & Development PLC (DUPD).

Residential neighborhood of low buildings "New City "

Ltd. "Newbuilding" builds townhouses in a new residential complex of low buildings "New City", located on the outskirts of Lugansk. At 26 hectares is planned to build 25 two-, three-storey townhouses on 178 apartments ranging from 76 to 165 sq.m. with small plots of land. Currently commissioned six townhouses.
Location of the complex in the city, developed infrastructure and competitive price -750 $ per sq ft, buyers.

Built towns

Cottage town "Solar Valley"

"Here begins the real life ..." This motto of the town elite class "Sun Valley", located in sec. Romankiv Obukhov district.

On the territory of 45 hectares was built 129 cottages ranging from 217 to 730 sq ft on adjacent plots equipped from 12 to 42 hectare.
Cost of 1 sq ft ranges from 1700 to 2700 dollars.
On campus has its own lake area of 2.5 ha, the park is 2.0 hectares and proper forest area of 14 hectares. All this creates osobennyyy climate for living.
Now fully built and implemented a queue of 65 cottages, made in West European style.

Unique landscape, a good transport interchange, the availability of necessary infrastructure, combined with close proximity to the Kyiv created a new lifestyle that sets a new rhythm, modern form for people with new thinking.

Cottage town "Cherry Mistechko"
The Cherry Mistechko "-residential area farmsteads.

The village is located 9 km from the city limits in sec. Cherry Borispol district. Built-up area -20 ha.
The village is fully commissioned. 1952 brick house 3 types of 360.430 square meters and 600 located at sites from 25 to 85 hectare. Is on sale and 12 townhouses ranging from 160 sq. m. Lakeshore Zoloche, gulf the Dnepr, park. The village is different abundance of infrastructure, which were put into operation. CCTV, clock security, all telecommunications, engineering services, self service operation. Cost of 1 sq. m-950 U.S. dollars (the cost of land included in the price).

Complex semi-detached cottages "Family"

The complex of townhouses "Family" is located on the street. Rachmaninoff Svyatoshynskyi district of Kiev, 10 min. walk from the station. M "Academic".

The complex consists of 7 three-level semi-detached cottages. The total area of each cottage is 165 sq. m.

Cost of 1 sq ft is 1400 dollars.

Advantageous location gives a chance to use urban development with the benefit.

Cottage village "Pine Beach"

Summer camp "Pine Beach" is located on the shores of the Gulf of Odessa, a place where you really understand that life is a creation of nature.
Multi-level terraces, spacious quays, panoramic area, beach with own beach and deep forest, create a unique landscape of this town.
In an area of 54 hectares is planned to construct 50 villas ranging from 520 to 600 sq.m. with surrounding areas of 10 hectare to 1 hectare.
Cost of 1 sq. km. m of the building is $ 1500, and the cost weave ground - from 23 to 50 thousand dollars.
Choosing a home in the Pine Bank, you will discover a different life and would never want to go back to the past ..

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